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Readers Respond: Has Your Baby Had the Flu?

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Updated August 12, 2011

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  • If your baby has had the flu, you know how scary it is. Share your experience with others so they know what to expect. Tell us your child's symptoms, how you reacted and what happened when your baby was sick. Share Your Story

    flu symptom

    Our 6 year old daughter has had a flu that is nothing I've ever experienced before. She has been sick now for three days, and her ordeal has been as follows 7:00 am in the morning she wakes up fine no sign of being sick. By 2:00 pm she starts feeling like she has a sore stomach. By the evening she is vomiting and sick all over again. This like I mentioned has been the routine for the past three days.
    —Guest jack

    Thanks for the gud advices.

    I have encountered that problem before,my baby is now 7 months,she was getting flu now and then but now she is fine because I am following the doctor's order by keeping her under a clean enviroment.

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    Has Your Baby Had the Flu?

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