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When Should You Take Your Child to the Doctor?

Young girl at pediatrician's office

Even experienced parents may have difficulty deciding when their child is sick enough to need to go to the doctor and when it's okay to stay home. Get the help you need to make a decision here.

When Kids Get Sick
Cold & Flu Spotlight10

Why Do We Get Diarrhea?

Find out why we all have to deal with diarrhea from time to time. Learn about the most common causes and why our bodies react the way they do.

Diarrhea Treatments: Make It Stop!

If you are dealing with diarrhea, you probably just want to know how to make it stop. We have all of your diarrhea treatment options here.

6 Ways To Stop a Cough

Are you looking for relief from that irritating, bothersome cough? Get our top 6 tricks for stopping your cough.

What Is the Chikungunya Virus?

Find out what the chikungunya virus is and what it might mean for you and your family. This mosquito-borne illness is spreading - know what to watch for.

Why Do We Cough?

Why do we cough when we get sick? Learn more about how the cough reflex works and why it may be better for you than you think.

Can I Get a Flu Shot If...?

Lots of people have questions about whether or not they should get flu shots. Find out if you can get one now or in the future with this guide to getting flu vaccines.

Are Cinnamon and Honey a Wonder-Cure?

Among the many incredible stories and articles I have seen passed around through social media recently, one that caught my attention makes the claim that a

Dealing With Diarrhea

Diarrhea, the runs, stomach flu - whatever you call it, we all have to deal with it. Find out what you can do if you get diarrhea.

Why Do We Get Fevers?

Why do we get fevers and when should we be concerned about them? Learn about how our bodies work to fight off illnesses.

Should I Take Probiotics For a Stomach Bug?

Do probiotics really help when you have a stomach bug? See what the science shows and find out if they can help you.

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