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Readers Respond: How Do You Deal With Sick Coworkers?

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Updated September 09, 2010

What do you do when you are surrounded by sick coworkers? The last thing you want to do at work is get sick, so how do you deal with coworkers when they come in sick? Share your thoughts and strategies for dealing with the germs around the office and the people who bring them in. Share Your Tips

idiot coworkers

Monday, coworker has a sore throat but doesn't know himself enough to know he has a cold. Guess where we're going for the rest of the week? Oh a seven hour car ride down south and then field work all week. Tuesday morning and he sounds like shit, guess it was more than a sore throat. The trip could have waited. Instead he was paid to be sick and I'm now going to be sick on my weekend. STAY HOME. Tell them to go home or you go home for prevention. I'm so sick of being in a so-called professional workplace with people who clearly aren't. In this day and age if you're sick and still feel a need to work, do it from home.
—Guest james

Stay home!!

Do your coworkers a favor and stay home! I'm currently fighting a cold spread by my coworkers who was hacking away all week. I'm staying home, like my coworkers SHOULD have
—Guest divinestsense

We all do

Well my coworker gave me the worst cold ever and I have a young child and wife at home. But I figure I might have done the same as her and came in sick. We have a shorthanded dept But I'm still kinda mad though
—Guest Scott


Please do not infect us with whatever you have! There is no cure for virus. Dont be selfish and have that mentality "if im sick, you better all be sick" ughh i have this coworker whod been coughing as if she was choking.. walking back and forth near my cubicle. Now I am sick too. Just great! Makes me wanna just sneeze on her face!
—Guest lizzie

Stay Home!!

My coworker just gave me the worst cold I've had in years! I'm staying home like my coworker should have.
—Guest Devon

Jazmin's a joke

Wow...Fire them, really? Strange person. I find the easiest thing to do (especially since I travel a lot) is to wear an anti-viral face mask. They are easy and cheap and very effective. They are marketed in the US under the Curad brand, available at most pharmacies. You might feel a bit foolish wearing it, but it's better than feeling sick.
—Guest David

Hmm a difficult subject

I recently asked my co-worker to go home as she had come to work with a running cold; she said that she had already had her 'allowance' of days off and that she couldn't risk another week. It is now 2 weeks later, I now have the same cold and tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I just think that one employee who needs 5 days off is far better than the many subsequent employees who subsequently get sick! I wish employers could see this!
—Guest dunter

Ummmm no

I think you should just fire them. You never know if some workers have some Desise when they can get really sick. I don't but I know alot of ppl whom can be put in the hospital. Unfortuneatly they work with me.
—Guest Jazmin

Go home.

I was just dx'd with post-flu pneumonia. Interesting the pushback you get from coworkers regardless of which path you choose: go home and get better vs. hang tough and stay at work. I have never been more sick, and I am staying at home for 5 days. My thought is that, in the long run, 5 days now may be fewer sick days than trying to fight a losing battle against lingering illness. Also, I think it is reasonable to hope that coworkers would rather spread out the extra workload than risk exposure to potentially significant illness. Seems absurd that coworkers and supervisors/employers would begrudge someone time off for serious illness, but some do.
—Guest jjddg

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How Do You Deal With Sick Coworkers?

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