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Readers Respond: Your Flu Symptom Experiences

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Updated January 15, 2013

I feel like Ive been hit by a train!

Last night, in one of my classes, I suddenly found that my throat was super sore. I ignored it, but by the time I left class 2 and a half hours later, I felt so incredibly dizzy. I almost fell down in the elevator! I went to bed as soon as I got home, hoping I just needed some rest. I had the worst night of sleep ever! I kept waking up, couldn't get back to sleep, would pass out for a little while only to wake up 10 minutes later. I was burning up, too! I woke up this morning feeling worse. My throat aches, I'm coughing, it's hard to breathe, I'm still incredibly dizzy, and I have a fever of 103. College students really are walking germs.
—Guest Alexis B

Terrible Flu Strain

So, as a 22 year old college student who has had fever and chills/hot flashes before, I thought that was as serious as flu symptoms could get, but I was very wrong. For 4 full days I had such severe pain in my lower back, legs, and shoulders that walking, and even breathing was almost unbearable. I thought I had a more serious illness, but it ended up just being a terrible strain of the flu that caused extremely severe muscle pain, almost like being beaten with a baseball bat in your entire body. If you are one of those people on the fence about flu shots, I will now be a lifetime subscriber to them, and you should be as well! To anyone who has had these muscle pains, I can definitely sympathize with you, just drink a ton of water and make sure to have an inexhaustible supply of Advil or Motrin and NyQuil cold and flu to alternate with! You will get better, but it may seem hard to tough it out!
—Guest Discouraged College Student

Just got back from the doctor (flu)

On Sunday my roommates girlfriend made me take a shot of fireball whiskey and then they made Mamosas. I went out on the deck and puked off the balcony and then felt paralized. Went into my room and couldn't move. That night I had a really bad headache and was sweating insanely....woke up in a pool of sweat....Then I went all day Monday not getting out of bed and calling in Sick. I went to the doctor last night and it showed up that I have influenza A. If you go to the doctor and catch the flu within 2 days of catching it they can give you Tamiflu and then tell you to alternate between Advil and Tylenol for pain and fever. Also, same with breathing...It feels like I'm breathing in Sawdust.....It's absolutely horrible feeling....I couldn't eat any food Monday until dinner time when I had chicken noodle soup....I had no cravings for food...getting my flu shot next year..that's for sure
—Guest Influenza A


I have ear, nose and chest congestion, and feel so weak. It has been 8 days now, and I am still so weak!! How long is this suppose to last???
—Guest Linda

Why me?!!?

started getting aches on Sunday afternoon, constant shivers and shakes in lots of physical pain, coughing etc. next 5 days completely bed ridden with flu, no chance of moving, sleeping, consciousness, also went delirious, forgot who I was for a minute only to realise I have flu and nothing matters as you're close to death. 6 day and finally able to get out of bed, very fatigued. day 9 I am back at work and I still have a very bad cough. I last about 4 hours before I could sleep for a millennium. I hate this illness I wish it would shift and I could live a normal life again. Man Flu 10x worse than any other. Why wont doctors give me tamiflu? how dare they!
—Guest DOUG


Been exposed to flu. And strep throat Don't have a soar throat I have neck pain no fever just sick hurt all over no appetite very tired. Congested harsh cough and sneezing feel like I might be getting well and then get real sick again. Been sick over a week now.


I am not sure if i have the flu but i woke up on sunday with a sore throat so i drank some water but i brung it back up i then started to get really tired and then i got a fever my throat started to get even worse and i one point i couldnt move my neck it is now tuesday and i am restless i wake up round about 3 in the morning
—Guest Anonymous

Sick 3 days, tired 2 days, hope its gone

I got sick Weds morn. work up feeling achy and crappy so stayed home from work much to the dismay of my workmates. Thurs/Fri I felt so awful. tired and bad headache. i got my period the same day i got sick, lucky me so my headache was much more fierce from my shifting hormones. . vomited a couple times. i did actual bed rest this time for 3 days straight. first time i have been bedridden in my 38 years. also don't read flu news articles. I got freaked out i was surely one of those who would die of the flu. on sat. i felt better in the morning to leave bed but as soon as i started puttering around the house fatigue set it. sunday i did a little more but still stayed in bed. Monday, i made it to work becuase i can't take any hours unpaid but i still am monitoring my energy. i don't want to fall into fatigue and relapse. sucks.
—Guest me

Think its the flu

Yes, started like 4 days ago, felt dizzy like passing out felt too full from breakfast, like not moving down the pipes, didnt eat all day, just a little water, finally like 6 pm threw up so much stuff like didnt even know where it came from food and water, went home went to bed slept all night no dinner, woke up next day felt ok, just ate very little drink some water during day, now day three food wont go down and lots of acid reflux and diariah, if I lay down to sleep I barf in my sleep so have to sleep in a chair, if this is the flu this season it sucks but not like making me weak and dehydrated.
—Guest steve

Can't Take this

It started Friday the chills, low energy now it's Sunday and I have no energy, I feel nauseous, can't concentrate, my stomach aches, body aches bad and when I stand too long I get dizzy. I have no cold which is very odd to me. I have a slight runny nose but I have that year round. This headache is unbearable and I'm about to go to ER for stronger drugs ! What kind of flu is this ?!
—Guest April Bruce

Can't Take this

It started Friday the chills, low energy now it's Sunday and I have no energy, I feel nauseous, can't concentrate, my stomach aches, body aches bad and when I stand too long I get dizzy. I have no cold which is very odd to me. I have a slight runny nose but I have that year round. This headache is unbearable and I'm about to go to ER for stronger drugs ! What kind of flu is this ?!
—Guest April Bruce

Is it Flu?

Ok idk what to do anymore, i get sick alot. for the past months ive been sick. ill be ok for like 2 days, but then ill get sick again for like a week, than ill start feeling a little better, but than it gets worse.... i have runny nose, itchy throat, hard to swallow, alot of FLEM, coughing, head aches, muscle & joint pain, back pain, abdominal pain, diarrhea. ill have these symptoms for awhile. idk if i have a bad immune system , but i cant go to a doctor cause i have no money and i dont work. what should i do? what do i have?
—Guest Juanita

cough and body hot

i get tired in night tyms i feel very hot.and from past few days i get headach and feel tired and cough from two weeks..not able to eat and not feeling angry
—Guest jyothi lakshmi.s


never been so sick in my life. All of the ubove mentioned malades times 100. I could of died, didn't care.Did the Tamiflu, real chkn soup, Vitamins, Tea, real honey couldn't, eat toilet every 15 mins to a 1/2 hr for 2 weeks.... uilt up imune system for months, never knew how I got it either, intense verocious!!!
—Guest gurty

Awful pains

Day 1: Wednesday I woke up with terrible body aches, thought it was from working out the day before, but then I also had a headache, SORE throat, stuffy nose, cold/hot, all the normal flu symptoms. Ate normally thankfully. Went to bed and woke up at 3 am not being able to move wanting to cry in pain. I took many ibuprofen and daquil/niquil. Day 2: Felt awful still, sore throat still terrible, can't breath out of my nose, awful body aches still continued, ate normally again, I took more ibuprofen, day/niquil, numbing cough drops, and a throat spray. Went to bed, woke up at midnight and couldnt go back to bed, headache was the worse thing, body didn't hurt anymore but the headache was the worse, became too hot, and very uncomfortable in bed. Day 3 Body doesn't hurt as bad, dizzy, always uncomfortable, stuffy nose, sore throat, HEADACHE, my head feels like it has rods from my shoulder to my neck, can barely move, feeling a little better but the headache is the worse. Hoping to feel better
—Guest Mclee

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