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Readers Respond: Your Flu Symptom Experiences

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Updated January 15, 2013


Head ache. Feel like vomiting. Eyes feel like they have a headache. Dizzy. Sweating; feel very hot.
—Guest brit

Unknown sickness

I'm 16 years and a female. Last night I couldn't fall asleep, or even when I did I woke up about an hour later. I was freezing cold and shivering like crazy, I didn't want to wake my parents up because they havent been sleeping good. I am still freezing and my stomach is killing me I feel like I'm going to throw up and my throat is sore, I'm cyber schooled so I'm just at my grandmothers house while my moms does errands.. I'm not exactly sure what to do because I feel so cold and sick and for some reason all morning my eyes have been tearing up for no reason and they won't stop I just am like excessively crying.. Can anyone help me to figure what's wrong.
—Guest Karissa


I felt so sore on Saturday. I thought it was just the pain from my rotator cuff tears I am working o healing..but my hip hurt too. That statred a couple I f days before. By evening I want sure what was wrong. I took my vitamin c and went to bed. Sunday . ..Easter Sunday. .... so bummed that I am missing a holiday.. woke up still sure. Took more vitamin c as well as an antihistamine and tylenol. I think iI took the tylenol last night too. Still not doing well. I think it is a flu but no sure throat fever or vomiting. Maybe because of all the water and vitamin c. I hope this lifts in a day or two. :(
—Guest bethinbed

spring break sickness

During the weekend before the start of springbreak I felt fine then monday night I threw up 6 times then could not go back to sleep and then tuesday morning I was misrable I had a head ace stomach felt like it was turning and I constantly threw up. I was at my grandmas monday and tuesday while I got sick so springbreak was crappy but I still have no idea what happend do any of you know what this was?
—Guest alysa


I have coughed all night for the past five nights. Very dry cough, but since last night I'm achy and and coughing constantly every five minuets. Low grade fever and chest hurts so so so bad and throat too. Dry dry cough. That's about everything. Thank you, Georgette
—Guest Georgette

Is this the flu

Last night my throat hurt a little then this morning I woke up with a bad soar throat and my hands and body was freezing all day. but in between I feel my face go on fire my nose is nunny and keep on sneezing. my body is sore a bit. I drink water an dtea but I feel so thirsty like dry mouth.
—Guest Laura


I have been sick on and off alot the last 3months its bad I feel like throwing up all the time I have 3 time in the last 4days now my body hurts I have a fever but the cold sweets too I'm so tired I can barely get myself out of bed. I did take a pregnancy test and it was negative, I'm kinda a hypochondriac so not sure what's going on. Should I go to doctor or tuff it out a couple weeks?
—Guest kiki

ugh just ugh

I have chills I feel like ill throw up at just the thought of food. I'm freezing out of a blanket but I'm on fire in one. My head is in so much pain even a simple movemen triggers the pain my body feels like I just got jumped and I could probably handle the other symptoms its the chills I can't handle. I am curious as to what I'm sick with because I have no runny nose or caugh so what is this?
—Guest damien


I've had a head ache frist of all that has now turned into flu, I feel rough one minute I feel cool then I'm boiling I've got pain all over my head, my back aches, pain behind my ear I can't cope with being ill I'm feeling achy and I've got a little boy to look after any medcines that will help?
—Guest alana

april's flu 2014

I started with the flu the first weekend in march. Had the usual flu symotoms. Went to my dr and got put on antibiotic.. augmentin because of severe wheezing and cough. But that was not the most alarming. I have been the most fatigued that i have ever been in my life after an illness. I feel halfway decent in the morning but by lunch i feel like i have the flu again...chills.. body aches. .and feel like i could collspse......still today
—Guest april

My symptoms

Ive had so many headaches and aches coughin congestion fevers chills. I'm also not eating as much as normal like today at school I took like 3 bites of my food and was full so I gave my friend the rest. I haven't had my flu shot neither so that doesn't help my case at all.
—Guest Alyssa

Bad Flu

My bf had the flu last week. He got a runny nose Sunday, then Tuesday night his symptoms worsened with runny nose, burning itchy nose and sore throat. The next day Wed, he didnt go to work. His runny nose, burning itchy nose was making him constanly sneeze which was making his eyes water, and he still had his sore throat and he just felt crappy. He came good by friday. Now its the next week, and ive caught his flu (since we live together). Like him I had the runny nose Monday, along with sneezing, Tuesday night my symptoms were identicaal to my bf's, so yest(wed) and today (thurs) im staying home. Ive woken up and my nose is itchy and burning, im sneezing and my eyes are watering. It hasnt affected my appetite, but I have to say overall, I feel like death warmed up, its hell.

Flu is spreading here

On Monday, I went to lunch with some ladies I knew. One was coughing but covering her mouth. I still left as soon as I finished eating and could politely extract myself. Too late! On Friday, it poleaxed me. Around 4PM I suddenly was achy all over, had a headache and was soooo tired I could hardly move. I went to bed for 2 days (lost 5 lbs - no appetite). Then I got up on Sunday, I felt better and thought I was over it. Then on Monday ACT II. Coughing, sinus drip, etc....just like a regular cold except cough sounds like I am coughing my lungs out. I am now on day 2 of the cold so I don't know how long it will last. I am canceling all engagements for now in hope that I will not be spreading it to others. When I described my symptoms to friends, they all knew someone who had had this although some reported nausea also.
—Guest Donna

flu / cold

it started with a sore throat, then a headache. cold stuffy nose then hot face and eyes. wen i try to sleep my nasal passage gets dry. waking up in middle of night and coughing. cold sweats
—Guest Ken

do i have the flu

i may have the flu. i have horrible body aches, headaches, dizziness, sore throat
—Guest niggah fromthe hill

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