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Readers Respond: Did You Get the Flu While You Were Pregnant?

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Updated July 25, 2011

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  • The flu is a very serious illness that can be even more serious during pregnancy. If you got the flu during your pregnancy, what were your symptoms? How did you feel? Share your story. Share Your Story


    So I'm 31 weeks pregnant and i got diagnosed with the flu a couple days ago.. and it is not the business. people please take care of yourself.. the sickness has left me feeling weak and without wanting to eat.. plus i got this unbearable cough and its horrible. i hope the baby and i make it through this flu season without having to go back to the hospital. pregnant women out there do your best to stay healthy. i really dislike the idea og having to take any type of medicine throughout my pregnancy. everyone please be safe and cautious .. may God bless u all
    —Guest mary

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    Did You Get the Flu While You Were Pregnant?

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