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Readers Respond: What Is the Worst Cold Symptom

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Updated June 30, 2009

From the article: Common Cold Symptoms
The cold is the most common illness in the world. We have all had one at some point in our lives. Although every cold is different and may cause different symptoms, certain symptoms bother us more than others. What do you think is the worst cold symptom?


Just started my medical internship a month ago. I started with a sinus infection then a cold, I felt great for about a week. Then boom! Sneezing, coughing, fever, aches.. the whole nine. I haven't been this sick in years!
—Guest Medical intern

Can't do it anymore

My sickness started with a nasty cough, which lead to ridiculous congestion and sneezing with nonstop watery eyes. I cannot take it anymore, I think I'm going insane. I can't even laugh anymore without going into a coughing fit or I can't even sneeze without wincing from the aches in my body due to my excessive sneezing. I NEED RELIEF!!!
—Guest Emily

Worst stuffy nose

I can't even breathe through my nose!! It's so miserable
—Guest Tiger Lilly

just me

It floods both eyes, just couldn't think what was causing it. I am quite fit but at the same time I am quite tired if that makes sense.
—Guest henry

Cold Symptoms

I think the worst part of the cold is the one sided runny nose that is often paired with the same side eye watering. It is annoying and hurts!
—Guest simplyme13


There's a guy on here with the eye thing going on. Go to the eye doctor. My eyes were fine one day and the next morning they're stuck closed with green stuff and I cant keep them open because they hurt. The eye doctor said I had infections in both eyes. He gave me these milky white eye drops that helped instantly!
—Guest Chris


My ribs hurt from coughing! My eyes started watering and I feel I want to explode. Whats worse? It is the second day of summer break! I have a headache and I have noooooo energy at all. I keep sniffling and when I burp (dont laugh at me!) My ears hurt. Now I know what my sister had to deal with!!!! I feel terrible!
—Guest Cough

Annoying tickley cough

I have recently had a cold still getting over it I have blocked nose and cannot sleep as when. I lie down I end up having not stop coughing fits i take medicines warm drinks and cough sweets but no good so I'm constantly drinking. Sometimes I cough so bad I'm sick and sometimes I cough when I breathe in or out I just wish this annoying cough would leave me alone
—Guest B3llaSw4n

What's wrong with me????

I don't know if I really have a cold, sinus problems, or allergies? I need help! My nose is runny (clear and yellow icky stuff), my eyes are dry then watery when I am about to sneeze then my nose pluggs up shortly there after. What is going on? I've never had allergies before but I'm getting older and I don't know if that is what I have. I do cough a lot now on my 3rd day and congestion is definitely there. Also my teeth hurt, my cheeks are sore, and I am tired from lack of sleeping in my bed.
—Guest Ducky

Cold and flu

I have a really bad cold my eyes are watering my nose is running and I have sore ribs I feel so lazy I just don't wanna do anything and I'm not even hungry
—Guest Boo

Snuffle sniffle

I feel foggy, itchy and tired and an overactive lymph node under the left side of my chin is swollen. Per the doctor it's just a bad cold and it will 'go away eventually'. Right now I just want to leave work and go back to my nice warm bed with a good book and some hot tea or soup. Bleach!
—Guest K


I had the worst cold of my life while I was pregnant with Dylan and I swear, I've never been so deperssed and miserable. Pregnancy just sucks in general for people with sinus issues (seems like the first clear breath I took through my nose each time around was the day after my c-section), and being sick on top of that is so awful. Bigtime sympathies from me to you, and I hope you feel better soon.

Stinkin Cold

I have the worse cold this year then I've had in years. It started with a slight sore throat and then a nose that wouldn't stop dripping. I felt like a leaking faucet. I went thru about 3 large boxes of tissues. I thought it was getting better by the third day, but all of a sudden i couldn't taste or smell anything. Yuck ! Now i'm going on day 5 and finally I made a dr appt. Hope he can give me some relief. After reading about everyone elses, sounds like we all have just about the same thing. The common cold ! Now we all have to look forward to the Early spring allergies ! Darn !
—Guest Lynne


Vaporizer plugged in, blistex tube in hand, VIX inhaler close at hand. . .can't taste a thing. Everything tastes like cardboard, can't smell anything, so need to have someone else taste food to see if it has been seasoned properly. All I want to do is sleep, but restless/ antsy as all get out. TV on but Judge Judy driving me crazy cuz I can't remember where I put the remote to change the channel. Bet it's burried under the mound of kleenex I have had to keep using cuz my nose won't stop running; can't read, cuz my eyes are hurting cuz I'm so tired from lack of sleep

Gotta Cold sniffff

I have a cold, yea, I havnet had a cold in nearly 5 or more years, so what happened? I rarely get out, I'm pretty much a homebody really, I've got COPD and been on Oxygen thearpy for over a year now.......SO WHAT HAPPENED?? I did happen to have a dentist appointment a week ago, NOW THIS,,,,,,,sneezing, coughing, can't breath, eyes watery, HELP! Hope you all feel better soon......please wish the same for me, I can't deal with this much longer.........sucks big time, doesnt it?
—Guest MissSoSick

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