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Other Common Illnesses

There are many different "common" illnesses that adults and children come down with every year. Here you will find a list of some of the most common and what to expect from them, as well as possible treatments.
  1. Ear Infections (6)
  2. Sore Throats (8)
  3. Stomach Flu (14)

Allergy Season Survival Guide
Find the allergy information you are looking for in our allergy season survival guide.

Common Viral Infections
Many illnesses can be defined as viral infections. Learn about some of the most common minor illnesses that are categorized viral infections.

What You Need to Know About Croup
Croup is an illness that affects millions of children every year. It causes a cough with a very distinct sound that is unlike other coughs. Learn more about croup and what to do if your child has it.

What Is Pertussis?
Pertussis is a bacterial infection characterized by intense coughing spells. Also known as whooping cough, pertussis is a highly contagious illness. Find out what you need to know about pertussis and how to avoid it.

Do Fevers Cause Brain Damage?
Many people are concerned that a fever will cause brain damage, especially if left untreated. Is there any truth to this claim? Find out if fevers can cause brain damage.

What Is RSV?
A common, but potentially very serious illness, RSV is something that affects many people every year. Find out the symptoms of RSV, how it is spread and how to prevent it.

Allergies or a Cold?
Find out the difference between allergies and a cold and what you can do if you think you may have seasonal allergies.

Seasonal Allergies Symptoms
Do you have seasonal allergies symptoms? Learn whether your symptoms could be caused by seasonal allergies.

A profile of chicken pox, including signs and symptoms, treatment options and information about the vaccine.

Pressure behind your eyes, headache and congestion. These are all symptoms of sinusitis. Find some great information about this common illness that often follows a cold.

What Is a Flu-Like Illness?
Many people who believe they have the flu go to the doctor to be tested only to be told they have a flu-like illness, but not influenza. So what is the difference? Learn more about the so called flu-like illness and what it means for you.

Incubation Period for Strep Throat
Find out what the incubation period for strep throat is and how long you might be contagious if you have it. From the time you are exposed to the time you show symptoms, learn about the incubation period for strep throat.

What is Parainfluenza?
Have you or your child been diagnosed with parainfluenza? Find out more about parainfluenza including what it means for you, symptoms and treatment options.

What is Valley Fever?
Valley fever is an illness that occurs mainly in people in the Southwestern U.S. Find out more about this respiratory illness including how you get it and what to expect.

What Is the Chikungunya Virus?
Learn about chikungunya virus - a mosquito-borne illness that is causing a stir around the world.

Has Your Child Had Croup?
Has your child woken up during the night with the characteristic barky cough of croup? Share your experience with this common childhood illness. What happened when your child had croup and what did you do? Share your story.

Share Your Experience With Whooping Cough
Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with whooping cough or pertussis? Share your story and let others know how whooping cough is different from other coughs.

Were You Diagnosed with a Viral Infection?
Viral infections are very common and can cause many different symptoms. Upper respiratory infections and the common cold are two of the most commonly diagnosed viral infections. If you have recently been diagnosed with a viral infection, what were your symptoms?

What are Your Allergy Symptoms?
If you have seasonal allergies, what symptoms bother you the most? Tell us about your allergy symptoms.


What Is the MERS Virus?
Learn about the MERS virus and what it could mean for your family.

The Stress of Being Sick
Even minor illnesses such as the cold and flu can bring plenty of extra stress to your life. Get tips on how to decrease the stress brought on by common illnesses.

Cold Sores and Fever Blisters - Are They Related to Colds?
Are cold sores and fever blisters caused by the common cold?

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