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Learn About the Symptoms and Diagnosis of the Common Cold and Flu


Everything you need to know about the symptoms of the cold, flu and other common illnesses. Also learn how your health-care provider will diagnose your illness, and how you can determine whether you are suffering from a common cold, the flu or another illness.
  1. What Is Cold/Flu/Common Illnesses?
  2. Symptoms of Cold/Flu/Common Illnesses
  3. Check Your Symptoms
  4. When to See Your Healthcare Provider
  5. When You Get Sick

What Is Cold/Flu/Common Illnesses?

Not sure what the difference is between a cold and the flu? Want to know more about other common illnesses such as sinusitis, strep throat and pneumonia? This is the place to find out just what these illnesses are, plus everything else you need to know if you or someone you know has one of these conditions.

Symptoms of Cold/Flu/Common Illnesses

Not sure if that runny nose could be a cold, the flu or something else? Find out the symptoms of these illnesses and get help figuring out what could be causing your symptoms.

Check Your Symptoms

Doctor and child

Not sure what is ailing you? Evaluate your symptoms and see what the possibilities may be.

When to See Your Healthcare Provider

Health Issues

Not sure if you need to see your healthcare provider? There are times when you are better off staying home and other times when you definitely should not.

When You Get Sick

Find out what to expect if you or someone you care about gets sick with a cold, the flu or other common illness. This guide will help you figure out what to do and how you can prevent the illness from occurring in the future.

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