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Check Your Symptoms

When you aren't sure what is causing your symptoms, you can follow our easy guide. Check your symptoms and figure out what the cause of your illness may be, when you need to see a doctor and possible treatment options.

Check Your Symptoms - What to do for a Fever
Got a fever? Check your symptoms. Find out what you should do for your fever, when to see a doctor and how to treat it.

Check Your Symptoms - What to do About Your Congestion
Evaluate your congestion and see what could be causing that runny nose and stuffy head feeling.

Check Your Symptoms - What to do About a Cough
Check your cough - find out what to do for it, what could be causing it and how to treat it.

Check Your Symptoms - Evaluate Your Itch
Find out what could be causing your itching and what you can do about it.

What Is a Fever?
Get the basics about fever. When you should be concerned and when you shouldn't.

Evaluate Your Vomiting
Not many things make you feel worse than vomiting. It can come on suddenly and you don't know why. Figure out what is causing your vomiting and what you can do about it in this step by step guide.

Check Your Symptoms - Evaluate Your Sore Throat
Use our step by step tool to find out what could be causing your sore throat, whether or not you should be concerned about it and what you can do to get some relief.

Check Your Cold and Flu Symptoms
Cold and flu symptoms leave most of us feeling miserable. When a runny nose and cough start bothering you, what do you do? Our guide can help you figure out what is causing and what to do about your cold and flu symptoms.

Check Your Symptoms - Headache
Find out what could be causing your headache and how to treat it.

Common Cold and Flu Complications
These common complications of the cold and flu can leave you feeling pretty miserable. Here, we look at some of the most common cold and flu complications.

How to Discuss Health Issues With Your Doctor
A majority of Americans have problems understanding their own health issues when talking to their doctors. Find out what you can do to understand your own health issues when talking with your doctor.

What Causes an Itchy Face?
An itchy face can be annoying and difficult to control. Find out what may be causing an itchy face and what you can do about it.

Vomiting Treatments
What are the best vomiting treatments available when you are sick? Find out what your options are so you can feel better as quickly as possible.

What Causes Itchy Skin?
Itchy skin is more than just a minor annoyance for many people. It can get so bad that it interferes with daily life and makes it difficult to function. Depending on the cause, the itchy skin may be difficult to treat and control. Find out more about the causes of itchy skin.

Itching - How Has Itching Affected You
Millions of people suffer from allergies and pretty much everyone gets a cold at some time in their lives. Both of these can cause itching in various places. Allergies can cause your face, eyes, nose, throat and skin to itch. Which itch bothers you the most?

Itchy Throat
Wondering what is causing that itchy throat? Learn about causes of itchy throats.

Treating Your Congestion - What Do You Do to Treat Your Congestion
Congestion is one of the most common symptoms of the cold and flu. It occurs with many other respiratory infections as well. What do you do when you get congested? Share your tips for treating your congestion.

Itchy Eye Treatments
Learn what your treatment options are for itchy eyes.

Comparing Symptoms of the Cold, Flu and H1N1 Swine Flu
Comparing the symptoms of the common cold, seasonal flu and H1N1 swine flu. Learn the symptoms of all three of these illnesses and figure out if you could have a cold, the seasonal flu or H1N1 swine flu.

Itchy Eyes
Some common causes of itchy eyes and what you can do for them.

Itchy Eyes - How Have Itchy Eyes Affected You
Do you have allergies or frequently itchy eyes? How have itchy eyes affected your life? Share your experiences, whether your itchy eyes are from allergies, a cold or something else.

Itching Nose
Do you have any itchy nose? Find out what is causing that irritating itch in your nose.

Find a Doctor
A great tool from U Compare Healthcare to help you find a doctor for any problem.

5 Ways to Combat Congestion
Find out how you can get relief from your nasal congestion.

How to Cope With a Cough
Get ideas for relieving your cough caused by a cold, the flu or other illness.

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