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Readers Respond: Your Stomach Flu Symptoms

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Updated March 23, 2011

From the article: Stomach Flu Symptoms
Most of us have suffered from unpleasant stomach flu symptoms at some point in our lives. What stomach flu symptoms did you have? How bad were your stomach flu symptoms? Share your story and read the stories of others as well. Share Your Story


woke up nauseas , very sick to stomach, hard to throw up, cold sweats at times,otherwise cold.as of 12:00 still same from 8:00. woke up nauseas . woke him up from sleep. so nauseas can't move, scared something might happen. bp158/89 normal 117/63

My poor hubby...and he shared it!

I went out this morning, and left my hubby at home watching our child. He had said he had diarrhea several times during the night but looked ok. When I got home, he was literally crying in pain, with a 102.4 fever, visibly shaking under the covers. He had vomitted a dozen times, and had almost non-stop diarrhea. I had some promethezine, so I gave him one with a sip of water, and had him lay very still for 15 minutes. Then I gave him Tylenol and Immodium, just to stop the dehydration. About an hour later, he was able to drink a full Gatorade, and another one in the next hour. His fever came down to normal. I repeated the Tylenol/Immodium/Promethezine after 4 hours. He is more comfortable. Now, at 6 hours in, I have severe diarrhea, and have gotten very nauseous. I started the same drug regime. I care for our child, as well as his elderly bed bound mother, and his father who had a stroke recently. I cannot get sick!
—Guest Jessa

My flu experience

I through up about 17 times(mostly bile), I'm a little dizzy, lost 6 lbs since yesterday, can't eat anything without throwing up, and my fever was 100.5 this morning. My head hurts extremely bad and can't put it down forwards without it killing me and without me feeling very noutious(I think that's how you spell it.) oh an I just through up green bile.
—Guest Lindsay


absolute awful started off with sharp pains in the stomach uncontrolled diarrhoea which was embarrassing having to wear pads and given dioralyte and paracetamol for the fever which did nothing for the stomach pain which is unpleasant.
—Guest sarah


It all started yesterday after lunch with lots of bloating and nausea, so I tried to lie down to make it go away. But, by 5pm I'd thrown up, and by 7pm I'd thrown up about 6 times (and I never vomit when I'm sick). I went to my school's clinic and had fever at 102. Thankfully they gave me some anti-nausea meeds and tylenol, but it only worked until midnight, and I threw up again. I spent the night waking up and sipping water every 10 mins because I was so thirsty.
—Guest ari


My flu began with diarrhea. Then I gove severe sharp pains in my stomach and vomited several times. Later in the day had had muscle aches and chills and 101 fever feeling a lot better 24 hours later.

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Your Stomach Flu Symptoms

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