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Readers Respond: What are Your Allergy Symptoms?

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Updated May 22, 2011

From the article: Allergies or a Cold?
Millions of people suffer from seasonal and environmental allergies. If you have allergies, what are your allergy symptoms? Share your allergy symptoms and see what symptoms affect other people.

never had a problem with allergies

Clear runny nose, dry cough, burning, itching, watery eyes, headache, tickle in my throat
—Guest sabrina


My nephew has constantly got a terrible barking cough and runny nose and is contact with horses a lot.
—Guest mmk

Body itching

I feel itching within the shoulders, buttocks and almost every part of the body.
—Guest Japheth lonyang

My allergy symptoms

I have got allergy symptoms for more than 15 years.I am always sneezing,with the clear runny nose and itching eyes almost all round the year.It's really excruciating.I had two experiences to try to cure it by injecting allergy antibody,but failed.
—Guest Elaine


unclear runny nose and headache and sinus problems and sneezing
—Guest mary

Allergy or cold

Runny nose itchy face sever congestion snezzing nose buring
—Guest Addison

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