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Readers Respond: Diagnosed With a Viral Infection?

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Updated September 07, 2010


Virtigo, sinus drainage,sore throat, upset stomach
—Guest Steve

is it truely a viral infection?

Severely painful throat, agonizing to even swallow, high temperature,every limb aching, headache, vomiting, unable to eat or sleep properly. been to the doctor's twice now, with no improvement.
—Guest bimbo

my daughter died of it

My daughter 5 days and healthy. next morning she passed on. the postmortem came out saying the cause of death is viral infection, still confused.
—Guest angel


Been sick and just really tired for about a week and a half, drinking plenty of fluids and eating but sick to my stomach constantly! Had blood work done to make sure my blood level was ok and found out I had a viral infection of the stomach and intestines!
—Guest kristina

viral infection?

Have had a bad cough for 3 weeks. Started out mild but has progressively gotten worse. I now have constant headaches (especially around the eyes), body aching all over, cold, sweating in my sleep, coughing up loads of phlegm, fatigue and lack of sleep due to the pain keeping me awake. Saw doctor twice and was recommended rest and take paracetemol.
—Guest jahangir


I have flu like conditions. A body rash and loss of appertite . permanent tiredness
—Guest Ray


Bad headache,achey and tingly,spaced out jus don't feel myself.
—Guest Wils


chesty dryness feel weak slight cough now and again not sleeping to well. eating alright no sore throat.my main symtoms are the chest and stomach areas
—Guest robert osborne

viral infection

fever on and off for about 3 months rash on the abdomen on and off and low wbc and high monocyte percentage
—Guest viral infection

rash on legs

my son has like a pin prick like rash all on his legs and his tounge is pinky grayie colour
—Guest anne

Do I have a Viral Infection?

Pain in arms, fingers and up to elbow. Burning throbbing pain. Limited use of right hand
—Guest Cat Henry


Swollen lymph nodes on the right side of my neck, throat redness, sore throat/neck.
—Guest Yesigotit


2 types of red bumps 1 with whiteheads other 1 red and prekly and hives itchy


swollen lymh nodes in right side of neck burping pains in chest ribs
—Guest jim

I got it to!

Every limb aching, headache, sore throat, swollen glands and basically just feel like you've been hit by a bus!
—Guest birty77

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Diagnosed With a Viral Infection?

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