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Readers Respond: Diagnosed With a Viral Infection?

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Updated September 07, 2010


Felt weak for about 5 days. Thoght I was anemic. Couldn't shake it. Continued to feel worse. Now, 2 weeks into this Fatigue, I have swollen glands, sore jaw bones, low grade fever and loss of appetite. Went to dr and he did blood test and we will see what they say. All I know is, it seems never ending and I'm ready to feel normal again! I have no energy!!
—Guest beth

viral infection

first day felt cold and shivery even though it was awarm day then it went in a three way cycle first cold shivery followed by sick felling in stomach then very hot and sweaty this carries on though the day two or three times a day feet are alway cold even in bed this as carried on for six day been to doctors twice prescribed plenty of water and paracetamol cant face food when i force toast feel like bringing it back up i try fruit but that taste awful sleep is terrible you lie their for hours when you do drop of it alway brings terrible nightmares can t wait for it to end

viral Infection,

It began with a sore throat 2 weeks ago then delveloped into blocked runny nose,sore neck and face, a persistent cough, every part of your aches, no energy but can't sleep, developed conjuctivitus in both eyes, no appetite, mouth ulcers and inflamation in mouth, constantly spitting up phlegm, first gp I saw prescribed penicillin for a throat infection, no improvement, second gp prescribed amoxicillan for a viral infection and oraldene mouthwash, I think it will take some time to recover from this as I have never felt so unwell.
—Guest sally, ayrshire

Viral infection

Tired, Sort throat, losing voice, aching, snotty, coughing so much throwing up, the runs too, high temp even though feel cold, and this is all for my 3 year old daughter and all doc says is calpol, dont i feel useless
—Guest AJ1976

Had it before

Had this before and could'nt get a docstors appointment so diagnosed myself! Started with swollen glands and very sore throat on the left side, then the right. Runny ears and stinging/hot eyes. Became difficult to swallow and very tired. Slight hot flushes and very hot at night. A couple of headaches, swollen gland under the arm, blocked nose, cough which caused aching ribs, aching back, another headache, persistent cough, coughing up green phlegm and now starting to feel like I'm a little better one week later.
—Guest Lins

viral infection

I have been feeling ill for tha last week and a half. Sore throat headaches pain in my neck and feel very sleepy,when I sleep at night I wake up in floods of sweat. I have bern given penacillin hope it works.
—Guest Scott

viral infection

tight chest, violant cold shakes,high temperature, cant eat much,feeling sick but nothing happening, also as guest cathy was taken into hospital over night ,never felt so ill in all my life. after loads of tests,x-ray/ultra sound was discharged & told its a viral infection. Nothing said how to treat the problem. Came out still have minor problem but not so severe ?


Hot head flushes & sleeping frequently with no apparent cause.
—Guest Vic Holland


shivers,hot/cold sore throat, every bone acheing, stiff neck, lose of appettite, sweating profusley,only able to swallow fluids. two doctors said it was viral infection
—Guest angela


head feels heavy, ears stopped up and hurts when I swallow. coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, night sweats and cold chills, weak..
—Guest Dolly


Fever, chills, sweats, fatigue for the past seven days. Im so ready for it to be over!
—Guest Eric


bad cough for 3weeks, headaches due to cough, plus very heavy cold
—Guest Que


Thumping headache stabbing pain in chest with every breath shoulders & arms aching legs & arms shaking doctor says it's a viral infection
—Guest Tony Lewis


headache,block nose, every single one of my joints ache,i ve bin sick, i ve got the trots ,sore throat .at night i wake up wet through with sweat ,i am week .been to the doctors he said i have a viral infection.i have never felt so ill in my life.i do not want another one
—Guest manchester mark

Viral infection

Sore throat for 10days.Now voice has gone. Very bad cough and phlem. Feel weak and spaced out. Slight fever. No sign of a cold. Practice nurse says it is viral infection.
—Guest Mo

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