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Readers Respond: Diagnosed With a Viral Infection?

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Updated September 07, 2010


stiff neck rash tight chest dry cough aches and pains sick feeling dizziness tired
—Guest Dave h

feel like death

started out as a sore throat then the next morning i couldnt get out of bed, everything hurts from my ears to the bottoms of my feet. about 5 days into it its now my neck, elbows and knees, i either cant turn side to side, or bend my knees or elbows as i have 3 kids ages 7, 4 and a 5 month old :?
—Guest sheena


ive had bad cold and cough for 5 weeks now cant eat or sleep when lay down have to really cough now my eyes are bloodshot alot and ive got a black eye from heaving please help seen 4 docs
—Guest rebecca

Misery and co

Stuffed for a week. No energy level and not much desire for food. Feel spacy most of the time w low grade fever and night sweats
—Guest Kay

viral infection

Puking, diarrhea, temp of 102.5 and broke out in hives.....
—Guest mitch

My baby got it

Still confused doctors dont really explain. My nine month if full of rash head to toe. She crys alot im guessing she aching and she cant sleep well runny nose she seems like it itches. Just exhsusted with no sleep going on the 5 day.
—Guest Jeanette

viral fever

dry cough, running nose, fever just above 100 for more than 5 days
—Guest veena

viral infection

Coughing, fever,headache, lungs hurt, congested,tired,week
—Guest nina holmes


Tired, some nausea, aches and pains, legs feel really weak, skin on arms tingly, some black and blue marks, no energy at all. Almost 2 weeks
—Guest Sandy


4 months ago my GP diagnosed me with mono. I had(have) headaches, dizziness, extreme nausea, shallow breathing, vertigo, sinus pressure, conjestion, migranes, extreme exhaustion. She said it would heel itself. Bull. She gave me predinsone to help me breath better and I gain 20 pounds in a week, it made me crazy as hell and I'm still sick.
—Guest mara


head feels spacey, feel like been druged, heart beating fast , feeling dizy, + tierd
—Guest Nicole Deegan




Started with swollen glands, then hot flushes and cold sweats, then one eye went completely red and half shut, full flu symptoms (aches, sinus, headaches etc) then came ou in a head to toe rash - Was constantly tired throughout, no hunger and wee was like coffee !!!! Then came the sore throat from hell !!!! To help, drank loads of lite hydration energy drinks, loads of rest, solpadol (from Doc) for throat mixed with Ibuprofen and good old soup ! And more rest !!! Worst illness I have had in my life !
—Guest LUFC

I am still ill after two weeks

I still cant eat food, and when i cough i feel like i can not breathe and than i vomit whatever is on my stomach up
—Guest Shawn

felt awful!

Started with migraine like headaches and nausea. Tired all the time and fell asleep at drop of a hat. Went on holiday thinking I was ok .. but symptoms returned and came back with rash on face and neck (now turning into big red zits!!) sore throat, swollen glands, sore eyes and sensitive to touch all over .. just like flu symptoms? Any exertion and find it hard to breath. Getting bloods done.
—Guest liz

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Diagnosed With a Viral Infection?

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