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Readers Respond: Diagnosed With a Viral Infection?

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Updated September 07, 2010

tired of feeling unwell

a week ago was fine, then came home and all I wanted to do was sleep..... went to bed and woke with horrendous headache, whole head, shoulders, back, arms and legs every joint ached. didnt want to eat SO NOT LIKE ME and just wanted water and more water. Hot and cold sweats shivering, slept and slept for 3 days then got doctor to come on home visit... diagnosed viral infection and am due to have blood tests early next week. scary and painful... be glad to be back to being ME

Viral Symptoms 3 weeks

i have a bad immune system but have been really fit & healthy for 5 months. (Summer) Start of Sept 2013 I began using treadmill a week later my lymph node in neck was sore and I had a sore throat but no other symptoms. They both passed and then I was extremely tired couldn't get enough sleep. That passed and then I got nasal congestion, bad headaches, on and off nausea, feeling of being blocked in ears, had sore left swollen ear (slight ear infection which has now passed) still have whistling and tinnittus in ear(s) A general feeling of being un well. It waxes and wanes and is slowly getting better like 2 steps forward one back kind of thing. Not able to work much (I work from home thank Goodness)
—Guest Liz

Chronic sore throat - virus infection

Severe pain in throat, right ear, headache. Can't swallow, pain in throat and ear right up there with labour and childbirth! Diagnosis, viral infection. Prescribed - painkillers (can cross over paracetemol and ibuprofen), drink fluids to keep hydrated - it's torturous swallowing! Can't sleep at nights, haven't eaten since last Sunday. Second visit to Dr yesterday as couldnt take tge pain. Got antiBiotics, taking them plus painkillers, gargling with warm salt water, Diffilum throat spray and just went out and got Diffilum mouth wash as tongue and insude mouth feels sore too. Sure makes you value the 'simple ' things you do involuntarily and without thinking ( like swallowing!) when you can't. Today felt a little better as less pain, hopefully things are on the mend...
—Guest Tanya

trying to find out whats wrong with me

i have a headache a upset stomach my body hurts along with a fever and chills but i dont have a cold
—Guest janice


The worst sore throat I think I've ever had. Nothing I've done has eased it. I've gargled with hot salt water and also with Listerine. Cough drops and peppermint. No fever yet. Just horrible sore throat and nasal or sinus drainage.
—Guest Robert Daley

cough mucus brown nagging cough

cough mucus brown nagging cough just plan ache no vomit headache
—Guest michelle godoy


Had headaces for week, with little nose running and body pains just felt sick like getting the flu. Got meds at gp gotten worse admiitted me in hospital viral infection 4 days gave fisio back and neck in spasm and sended e home still walking with back neck stiffniss and bad head aces is this normal
—Guest anna

Viral Infection

Began as basic cold and flu like symptoms, developing with a sore throat. Gradually over a couple of days the throat got unbearable along with hot/cold spells, plus aching of the muscles and skin felt sensitive. Went to the doctors with a bad throat and a minor headache and they diagnosed a viral infection. Continuing home and had constant spells of photosensitivity, dizziness and fatigue, not to mention a queasy stomach. Eventually this all built up to chronic feeling of being sick and leading to actually vomiting, several times.then returned to basic state of; now even worse throat, sensitive tummy, sinus problems and consistent feeling of weak and lifeless.
—Guest AGriffith


Extreme fatigue, extremely sore throat, very painful to swallow. Headaches, no cold symptoms though, ongoing now for 4 days. Miserable.
—Guest Sarah


Started Monday morning just gone vomited felt fine went to work (I drive a mobile crane) got to site did'nt feel right felt unwell walking was an effort my arms felt like lead weights vomited for about 10minutes no appetite got took home from site went to bed slept most the day. Still felt unwell Tuesday,Wednesday had nausea heart trying to burst out my chest! Dr said it was viral have'nt felt well today neither fever and chills,earache,headache just hope it clears up.By the way dr told me to take paracetamol
—Guest Jimbo

so sick...

bone chilling cold, pouring sweat, aching all over, sharp severe pain on right side of abdomen, feel weak.
—Guest Linda

dont know

Feel cold and like im sick, trouble eating and i love to eat, my right hand when i put it at my side gets numb from my finger tips to the end of my palm, and when i swallow it feels like im swallowing razors
—Guest jackie chronister


Started with a sore throat lost my voice then non stop coughing an now a runny nose feeling congested sneezing and tired.
—Guest Denipowwow

viral infection

Light headed, passing out and afterwards a severe burning sensation in the back of my neck, slight stomach ache,
—Guest sarahc

thought it was strep throat ... nope ...

Viral infection ... chills ... hot flashes .... body aches ... SOOOO tired!!!!!! Throat is awful got white patches in back of my throat .....glands are swelled to the size of golf bags .... I'm told to rest but Thats hard when I work 55hrs a wk. =\ I feel awful
—Guest misty

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Diagnosed With a Viral Infection?

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