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Readers Respond: Diagnosed With a Viral Infection?

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Updated September 07, 2010

viral go to h

I have had this viral infection fro 8 days now. Pain killers,Alka Seltzer tea an gatorade with blanket. Im still feeling sick sick
—Guest tahti

unusual symptoms

My mother,56 years old,had urine infection, now every morning 7 am she gets fever,shiverring, as if blood clogged, giddy, sleepy, burning sensation in eyes and hand and legs pain, doctors are unable to find out the couse, there ia nothing in blood and urine test reports too.
—Guest ainu

Feel terrible

I have felt terrible every morning fogged out tired and blurry, weakened and lower energy, throat has been eritated and hurting but not to bad. My ears also feel like there filled with pressure and just have to blow, my eyes also feel bruised and I don't feel like myself I feel like I'm dying. My head has been hurting and feeling a lot of pressure there. But by the middle of the day I feel alright then when I'm almost going to sleep I feel really bad again but I feel chills and get kinda hot as well but normaly don't get hot. Also this has been going on for the past month I'm supposed to go to a specialist by waiting for that and doctors suck By the way male 19 always healthy nothing ever wrong, do I have what you have?
—Guest Jj


Started vomitting 8pm threw the night feel very weak & heavy, severe tummy cramps & pain all over especially the back of my neck & legs feel nauseous
—Guest ella

Head pressure and pain

I have had on and off pressure in back of my head and neck with major headaches , chills, and dizziness. Mornings are the worst,but occurs throughout the day.
—Guest Sara


I have had a very hard time swallowing even my own saliva, ticklish throat, really bad cough on odd occasion even cough till I throw up pure phlegm but clear, temperature tired but unable to sleep unless it's day time and my neck aches alot although no loss of appetite. Went to the doctor and he said just a throat virus.
—Guest Mikeyp


4 and half weeks ago told had viritgo dizzy all the time. Given antibiotics still felt dizzy but not as bad. Then got ear ache and lost feeling in hands and arms. Then diagnosed with viral infection told to rest take paracetamol and drink plenty water. Now dizzy more then ever arms and chest feel like I've been hit by a car and do heavy that even brushing my hair is a task. Burning wrists and arms too think im allergic to psracetamol. Luckily I can still eat but constantly tired and not able to work. Been ongoing for over a week which doesn't include when i was originally diagnosed with vertigo if so would be about 5 weeks. Hope it goes soon so horrible x
—Guest Amanda


i was taken in on friday night told it was viral. now got bad throat sores around lips, feel sicker by the day, keep going really ho,t feel clammy and not hungry at all. never felt ill like this before.
—Guest debbie

ross river & VIRAL INFECTION

tested to ross river fever in the past has turned viral infection, every joint in my body ached for 2 weeks , now after 7 weeks, only my right hand and shoulder ache , feels like arthritis, no fun.
—Guest rod


It's horrible! On day 3 of this virus now and feel so ill, I have sore ears, banging head, conjunctivitous, blocked nose, sore throat and an aching body. Eyes are sensitive to light, and can't get out of bed, feel to dizzy and don't want to eat incase I vomit, want it to hurry up and go!
—Guest Amy

Serious viral infection and anemia

Sneezing Nonstop,coughing, 102 fever, headache, fatigue, doctor did blood test anemia worse, did flu test an was negative, X-ray show lungs clean but chest very sore. Prescribe antihistamine, zpac, an pantanese spray
—Guest Eddie

Not the flu but a bad virus

I am on day 5 of this horrible crap. It started with a sore throat and stuffy nose, no energy no matter how much I sleep. Day 2 was a little worse with body aches along with the other symptoms. Day 3 ended up in ER cause my head hurt so bad, my body hurt, and I couldn't breath. They ran a flu test and wasn't the flu but a bad virus. My head is still plugged up and my chest if full of mucus . Whatever is going around it is awful. Never a fever. Hope everyone feels better.
—Guest Sher

viral infection

started with cough,pains in my head neck then back then everywhere,no energy at all constant nausea wether i ate or not doctor says viral infection and to rest and drink plenty of fluids,now after 11 days just starting to feel bit better
—Guest trudy


Today, suddenly when I woke up, I couldn't get out of my bed. My legs where aching and I feel sick. Walking usually makes me really light headed. And I feel tired all the time. I've had a headache ever since and I'm really cold but hot.
—Guest Jodie

feeling awful

Sore throat, tired, rash on neck & legs, chest pain, lightheaded, dizziness, cold chills, hot flashes, sore legs, no energy at all, can't work, it's a bad thing to get.
—Guest sandra d

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Diagnosed With a Viral Infection?

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