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Readers Respond: Diagnosed With a Viral Infection?

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Updated September 07, 2010


I have had virus and left with ear problems water in canal and sinus problems
—Guest Wendy


Nausea ,strange headaches ,extremely tired ,cough
—Guest Hazel Russell

Feeling sick

Feeling Hot and cold often, really bad headaches that come and go, stuffy nose, earache on the left ear that would hurt, very sleepy even though I slept all night and all day, stomach ache, my throat was sore a couple days ago but with no cough. Neck Stiffness and Not all hungry but I do crave some foods. I have been feeling like this for a couple of days wish it would just go all away, being sick makes me feel depressed.
—Guest Heather

please help

I feel like I have the flu minus the sore throat/cough, I have zero energy and I have been running a fever off and on, and I get the chills what is wrong with me I dont feel like myself oh I have really bad body aches that put me in tears please help
—Guest cfrejo

About cold and flu

Sore thoart headaces whole body acing swollen behind ear and shoulders shivering then hot flushes
—Guest Helen

Viral infection

Started off just pain all over, couldn't sleep well at all felt nauseous. The next day my throat was killing and was all swollen, couldn't eat and it hurt it swallow. Went to doctor and diagnosed with a viral infection, just to have painkillers and get lots of rest. Just felt bad all over and it took a huge amount of energy just to get out of bed.
—Guest Bianca


For 3 weeks I have experienced intermittent hot & cold shivering bouts, Antibiotics have made no difference, I have been house bound and mostly in bed for this period.

viral infection

I had a cold, sweating and feeling warm, I had a pain down my left arm, confusion and light headed, then I collapsed and was rushed to hospital with these symptoms as well as having trouble with the light when diagnosed by doctors they told me that I had a viral infection
—Guest g-man

flu like symptoms had flu shot week ago

stuffy nose, stiff neck, head ache, chills, tired body aches
—Guest Debiy

symptons of a viral

red throat weak feeling hungery at times then not hungery tierd light in head at times blocked ears
—Guest helena gage

my symptoms

Sore throat brown yellowish mucus hot flashed hurt to inhale nausea
—Guest akita

Felling bad

Runny nose hot panes cold shives leg shake headache
—Guest July

eugeni swanepoel

cold fever,high fever, stiff joints, headache,stiff neck, difficult breathing,tired, skin sensetivity, red eyes
—Guest geani

Gland back left ear swellon & head left

Swellon behind left ear, and two places left on back of head sore area.
—Guest Ka

it just pop up at of no where

headaches bad ones, always wanted to drink, not hungry but crave certain things, want to lay down in bed and sleep all day, nose running, body aches , always feeling sleepy when up, hungry at unusually times mainly at night cause i wasnt hungry earlier, eyes feel like shutting close, start doing work and things around the house slower then usual, starts to daydream more because of tiredness and not wanting to fall asleep, ears ringing and clog up and unclog(which hurts) by itself and more.its been 3 days now and things isn't getting better i feel like im on fire then i feel like im below zero degrees..
—Guest jess

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Diagnosed With a Viral Infection?

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