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Readers Respond: Why Do You Get Flu Shots?

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Updated May 31, 2010

From the article: Flu Shots 101
If you are one of the millions of people who get a flu shot each year, share your reasons for making that choice. Do you do it for yourself or those around you? Why do you get flu shots? Share Your Reason

Why I got the flu shot

I never used to get the flu shot. However, I work in a school with many small children. Last year, I contracted some form of the flu, and it left me out of work for two and a half days and generally not feeling well for a week. Since then, I decided to get it every year to protect myself, my students, and the entire school community.
—Guest Charlotte

Always get the flu shot

Never used to get the flu shot, but now considering my age, plus the fact that we travel quite a bit, I've started getting it every year. I figure it can't hurt to cover all the bases.

Why..? FEAR.

I contracted the Mother of all flu's two years ago. I was like a Zombie, or something. SO dizzy, and unable to lift my head. It seemed as though the fever never broke. It just went on and on (naturally, when I had so much work to take care of) and I was completely incapacitated. It really frightened me. I made it through last yer unscathed, (just a touch of late Summer and early fall cold/flu) but nothing too drastic. This year i had several trips and I knew I would be among the masses. Airports, hotels, travel in general..I knew if it was out there, I would catch it. So I had the Flu shot the end of October. The problem is; even though I haven't come down with the dreaded "super flu", I have been unwell since having had the Flu shot. I have had a constant and never-ending cold/flu since the end of October! I am still not feeling right, truth be told.

Flu Shot

You have CONVINCED ME :) I am self-employed with ZERO health insurance and NO family doctor. I WILL pay the $20 or whatever to get a flu shot this year. I DID get the flu for just TWO days in 2011. That was TWO 'lost days' of UNPAID WORK :( $20 or so is MUCH CHEAPER :) THANK YOU :) Sincerely from Cheryl Lynn :)
—Guest Cheryl

flu shot for me?

I got the flu shot for the first time this year. My job offers. Them for free but I have just never gotten one. However ilive with and take care of my 86yearold granny in law. As well as live with my mother in law who has health issues. Working in retail you always get the sickly coming in. Though I rarely get sick I didn't want to get it and give it to them.it didn't hurt(I have a fear of needles) and none of us have been ill. So I guess it was a good choice...
—Guest autumnash

Why I got the flu shot

I was a teacher last year and ultimately contracted H1N1 from one of my students. It turned to pnuemonia and almost killed me. So.....for me, the flu shot only made since. Its my first time getting it.
—Guest Jamice

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Why Do You Get Flu Shots?

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