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Readers Respond: Your Flu Symptom Experiences

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Updated January 15, 2013

From the article: Flu Symptoms

Flu symptoms are not the same for everyone. The same virus can affect different people in different ways. If you have ever had the flu, I want to hear from you. Share your experiences with the flu and tell us what your flu symptoms were. Tell your story and let others know that the flu is definitely not just a bad cold.

When I was 17, I got the flu on a band trip. I had a fever of 103, I was exhausted and had a bad cough. But I was determined to march in the Fiesta Bowl parade. I did, but when I got home I discovered that my flu had turned into pneumonia! It can happen to anyone. Share your flu symptom stories.

achey all over

it came on so fast. i thought i was sore. and then it just got worse and worse. my calves my thighs my hips, lower back, upper back and even what feels like under my ribs is unbearably achey. no stomach ache no vomiting, its 100 degrees outside and im in bed with a winter blanket complaining that its cold. took nyquil because i couldnt sleep woke up every hour. when is it over
—Guest this sucks

Flu, I think.

Started with unreality, next day vomiting, stomach symptoms for a few more days, now stomach OK but still fatigued and unreality. Two weeks. Normal?

is this the flu

My body is constantly shaking and I feel cold perminantly, my skin is sore to the touch so even bathing is painfull, I'm tierd and feel fatigue all day, I have a cough and a runny nose aswell.
—Guest lauren

i dont know what i have

I came home from work early but my tummy has been hurting since last night. Im really cold but sweaty my eyes are hot. And i dont know what i have. Help??
—Guest Monica

naughty flu

This web page has cheered me up thanks every body, feeling pretty low, never felt like this before. Headache, muzzy head, ache&and pains, temperature, same as everybody else,will it ever end
—Guest les


Ok so I have the cough ,headache and so tired! But seriously every muscle in my body Burns and Aches!! Microwave heat pack and icy hot patches have helped tremendously !
—Guest Kimy99

Never felt like this before

I woke up last night feeling like I needed to vomit (and I did) after that my lower back was very achey. When I pee it burns very slightly. I very rarely get the flu so I dont remember what it feels like...I hope thats all it is. Any ideas? Thanks!
—Guest Joe Miller


i havent felt good the past 2 days, and i cant eat or swallow anything, bad fevers, cold chills, tired, and i feel like im dying...

Maybe The Flu???

This is the first day and i have body aches, my head hurts, and i have a sore throat, i feel cold but my body is REALLY Hot/Warm. I took some alka seltzer at like 12:30 pm, do i need more? it's 8:35 pm now. Ugh I have student body election , i don't want to miss out because I'm sick... Please help?... :( *Btw today is saturday*
—Guest Jordan

Fever....Yay ):

Ever since yesterday I had a minor cold, throughout the day at school it morphed into a headache/cold. By the time school was out I was shivering in 90°F, my nose was running and my headache turned into a migraine. On the way home I was cold, while I was wearing heavy clothing. When I got home it I took medication(Dayquil for flu/fever), but I had hallucinations and stopped taking it. I took a nap and woke up shivering, dizzy, and the right side of my head hurt. I said “forget it" and took the pill. I didn't wake up till next morning. When I awoke I had a severe sore throat (so it hurt when I coughed and made it hard to swallow pills), worse migraine, I was sweating, and I was extremely cold when the A.C. I stayed home, but it got worse. Went to a doctor and she said take some Aleve for my migraine and some prescriptions that my mom is holding for me. I'm a bit young to get sick like this so I was scared. Go See A Doctor! P.S. My mucus tasted like my breakfast all day (Trix cereal..Ew)
—Guest Moxie

Glad I'm not alone

Went to see the gp Wednesday (day 3). Been feeling off since Monday. Voice got hoarse. Sore throat. Had headache and very tired in the evenings. I went to bed way before the kids! Voice got worse and had fever on and off. Had neck, ear pain and fever last night(day 4). No appetite. Constantly wake up with headache. Plus teeth ache! Teeth ache?! Nausea not as hectic as day 3. Tight chest and lethargic. The gp diagnosed upper respitory infection by the way. But I've had quite a few of those in the past and NEVER have I felt like this. So I'm just glad to see that I'm not alone. Some of these symptoms doesn't seem to 'add up'.
—Guest Des

so sick

It started with a sinus infection the week before with a sore throat and runny nose, and headache. A week later on a saturday, I started developing a fever, and headache, same runny nose. Then I vomited Monday the next day after I started getting more of a fever. that day I went to the doctor's and had a fever of 102. Doctor did a test and said I had the flu. Only told me to take tylenol and motrin to reduce fever and to rest and drink a lot of fluids and the body will fight it on its own. By Monday night I felt better and went to work Tuesday morning. Felt fine until halfway through the day I started losing my voice. The next two days I lost my voice completely, on and off mild fever, headache, fatigue and cough. It's 6 days after my initial headache started and I still feel fatigued, had a slight fever earlier today and coughing like it's my job. Will hopefully be better soon , if not going back to the doctor's...
—Guest Val

flu ha and I had the flu shot!

Iif u listen to my story I have all the classic sign where I got it... it first started off I was feeling fine. went to the GYM anad had a deep cough, it wasnt bad. It stopped then a week later there was this werid chills about 10am shook like no one biz. I wrote to my doc, I knew I didnt make any sence. I got right in the bed 2 hour later there was the sweats FROM HELL. I figured it had broke, I felt better, sorta. I showered ( I work at home and did some work while suckin' on some Gator aid, I brought that by the case, lived on it. and slept. and slept.. u get the point.... but then came the night sweats. I am past meapause but I must of changed my night gownn 3 times. The bed was soaked the pillow was soaked. I am feeling better I am little constitipated with no runs........The doc said it was a major flu 2 weeks is the course.

Sick of it again

When sick of it started I was tired and felt like gravel was in my eyes. Then a runny nose started and sneezes came like a lion out of the jungle. I then found I was getting chills, I believe I had a mild temp and got very stuffed up and could not breathe or sleep. From there it went to making me Dizzy, throwing up, lots of sinus drainage, and a croupie cough. I don't know what it is, but I'm sick of it.
—Guest Sick of it

Whats wrong?!?!

The past couple of days I have felt not myself. I wake up feeling fine then all of a sudden I feel like throwing up but can't seem to. Also I get a fever, lost of appetite, headache, diarrhea, and I can't seem to sleep. I don't know if its the flu or what every time I think I am getting over it, it just seems to come back. I wish I knew what it was I really need answers.

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