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Readers Respond: Your Flu Symptom Experiences

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Updated January 15, 2013

From the article: Flu Symptoms

Flu symptoms are not the same for everyone. The same virus can affect different people in different ways. If you have ever had the flu, I want to hear from you. Share your experiences with the flu and tell us what your flu symptoms were. Tell your story and let others know that the flu is definitely not just a bad cold.

When I was 17, I got the flu on a band trip. I had a fever of 103, I was exhausted and had a bad cough. But I was determined to march in the Fiesta Bowl parade. I did, but when I got home I discovered that my flu had turned into pneumonia! It can happen to anyone. Share your flu symptom stories. Tell Your Story


So yesterday I woke and was really..... Weak? So I stayed in bed for awhile and couldn't fall back asleep then this morning my throat was hurting terribly and I couldn't swallow!!!!! My mom kept me home and now I'm shaking and cold and can't get comfy!!!!! What do I have??
—Guest Girl1965


i rarely fall sick as well. Usually before i have a cold, ill feel the symptoms a few days earlier. But this time, thsi cold literally came out of no where. I was fine friday night, woke up saturday morning with running nose, congestion, teary eyes and a headache. the last timei feel sick was novermber. This is really annoying, im at home now missing work becasue of this . There must be a cold virus around or something.
—Guest annonymous

Flu or what

I went to have a colonoscopy and EGD on Tuesday. Went in fine. Came out feeling like my body was not by a truck. By evening I was shaking. The last time I had the flu was 31'years ag. Pregnant with my daughter. Yesterday was the first day I left my bed from Tuesday. Thought I was alright. Last night same as before. Chills, slight fever. Cold, hot limbs like spaghetti,when I sneeze it feel like my Back is about to bust open. I'm also a type 2 diabetic and on a few meds. I don't even wanna eat nothing. I had a grapefruit with a bottle,of water. Nothing really,solid,since Tuesday.
—Guest Judy


whole body pain causes by flu cough and cold head aches and too tired
—Guest fely

Worst feeling in the world

I hate this flu. I can't even focus. My ears hurt and sometimes I get sweaty then cold. I get the worst headaches and my throat is about to give.
—Guest Makayla

What can i do?

Few days ago i felt dizzy, weak, my head hurted, i had the shivers, and had a fever. I went home and took some medicine. Now i feel like throwing up everytime i cough, i need to keep drinking water at night, I cough like 4 times every 5-8 seconds (sometimes sneeze) i get hot at night, my abdominal area hurts when i wake up and cough. The coughing is getting a bit better but i will go to school tommorow and i dont know what to do. I dont wanna throw up by accident in school. Thank you
—Guest lizette

Flu Ughhh

Got the flu a week ago Thursday. Yes - that was about 10 days ago. I had 102 fever/ chills felt like I was gonna die!! Went to the ER on Sat. morning. Doc informed me I had upper respitory and GI flu. Laid in bed and on couch all last week. Now I am finally eating again. LOST 15 lbs. And am feeling small progress daily. I am still just so tired - and it feels like I still have a low grade fever that comes and goes. All of you going through it - I will end - even though I thought it wouldn't. Any body at where I am now? Word of encouragement?

Idk wat to do

I have been sick for about a week an a half headache fatigue nausea light headed can't focus sneeze coughing white an green mucus up throwing up weak and on top of it I'm. 5 months pregnant idk wat to take to feel better and I can't drive myselfto the dr bc I'm afraid ill pass out
—Guest Sick momma


I woke up in the night, my throat hurts when swallowing, my body ached(from my sides), i felt cold, and i was exhausted. And now, a few hours later im writing this and i still feel all these symptoms. WHAT DO I HAVE?!?
—Guest WHY!


It started yesterday and my body feels like it on fire and I hurt all over. I haven't a temp yet but I am having really bad hot flashes. My chest hurts and burns so bad. I am having a hot flash right now. I feel I could go naked and it still wouldn't cool me down I have no clue what's wrong with me
—Guest Nancy reeves

Day 1 possible flu (really bad)

Feb 27, 2014 day 1. I got home from school and had a little snack. Nothing too bad for my stomach. Just a couple of pudding cups. I play on my laptop for a couple hours and then it hit me. I got a really bad headache and chills. An hour later I was throwing up and I had diarrhea. I have had diarrhea 3 times so far. This only started a few hours ago. An hour after I threw up more diarrhea and now I am in pain when walking and I have terrible balance. Abdominal pain and chest pain is pretty bad. Hurts like hell. I can barely breathe without pain. Hope this is over soon.
—Guest HamburgerSlayer

3 Weeks of illness now have the Flu

I started off with a minor cold, stuffy nose coughing, I noticed my ears were blocked and went to the doctor who said I have an ear infection and gave me antibiotics, was feeling lightheaded for the second week and then 3 days ago I got muscle aches but no fever started to feel really fatigued so I got tamiflu been taking it for 2 days and starting to feel a little better, never get sick like this its really taken me off schedule, hope you feel better!
—Guest - RI

3 weeks of the flu

i've had the flu for 3 weeks now and it won't seem to go away it might be the fact im always cold because the windows in my house are always open( thanks mum), it takes me 5 minutes to get down stairs because im so sore and i've been up until 3/4 in the morning because of the cough it feels like it is taking a mental effect on me, im lacking motivation and i just want to stay in bed all day, but my mum always gets me up, iv missed a lot of school work.
—Guest ruairaidh

Exactly like Guest Ozzie

Ozzie and I share the exact story. I had my flu shot very early (August). Sunday at work felt chilled to the bone, came home and took to bed. 102 temp. Numbness and tingling in my fingers. Bilateral mid-back pain, chest pain, stomach cramps. After the chills finally passed, the sweating started. Body was on fire. Stripped off all the clothes and blankets that I couldn't get enough of a few minutes earlier. I went to work Monday, feeling yucky, but I managed. I was off Tuesday, rested, no issues. When I returned to work Wednesday afternoon the chills and numbness in my fingers returned. I had to go home mid-shift. Two more cycles of fever and chills. Sweated all night. Bedding and clothing soaked. Today I'm feeling much better, but still clammy. Stomach hurts, crampy. Going to rest today and hopefully return to work tomorrow.
—Guest Camille

Chest congestion for a few weeks

I had mucus clogging up my lungs making it difficult to breathe for 2 to 3 weeks now. I finally have a cough that crackles. I have a headache and a slightly sore throat. During all this time I had no fever and still don't which is why I didn't go to the doctor. They don't give out antibiotics unless you've got an infection. So I'm just waiting for this to pass. I feel miserable but the bills don't stop coming just because I want to sleep for 12 hours straight, so I go to work anyway when I wake up. My back and chest ache, but in hoping all the chest congestion finally comes loose and gets the heck out of my lungs. I'm tired of being sick.
—Guest Stacy

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