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Readers Respond: Your Flu Symptom Experiences

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Updated January 15, 2013

Is this the flu

I have a soar throat a migrian and I fell like like I'm going to puke I also have a fever
—Guest Gsmaster

I don't get it!

I feel light headed and my head is very hot. I feel dizzy also. I'm so cold so I put a blanket on, but at the same time I'm getting so hot again!! My throat hurts a little ... But I can't check my temp... Oh and btw I'm 13 and it's 1:25 am.. Idk what to do!!
—Guest Girl144

Help me

I have a massive headache i feel like vomiting and I have a temperature in also shaking and I can't sleep, I'm waking up every hour it's really pissing me off now
—Guest Rach

I'm so glad I'm not alone

It started off with shaking uncontrollably. Then my skin began to ache and nobody could touch me. I would get very cold and shiver violently, and after my boyfriend had held me and warmed me up, I would get a very high fever. My head would feel dizzy all the time and generally I would need help to the bathroom. I can drink even though I feel sick during and after, but I can't eat. I realised that I can't eat otherwise I get terrible diarrhoea ... Even if I don't eat I still get it, but nowhere near as bad. I think I'm getting better-ish ... Still popping painkillers like there is no tomorrow, but some of the starter symptoms have stopped.
—Guest Melissa

Is this weird?

All I seem to have is a little fever and burning tired eyes. Would this be the flu? I had no sore throat, or cough or even a cold.
—Guest Kim

I don't know what I have

I have no idea whats wrong I'm shaking but I'm not cold I'm also sweating, I have a headache and feeling dizzy I also have red eyes and runny nose? Please help
—Guest Lol1235

Is this the flu?

Yesterday I had lots of ice cream to eat. Maybe too much. Then in the evening my throat start hurting. I haven't slept a minute this night. And now I'm feeling worse than yesterday. I have a head ache. And my throat hurts so badly when I swallow. Why?!
—Guest Christina

my flu symptoms

well, it started off with the nose leaking. Then my stomach started to hurt like knives stabbed right through my stomach. Then off with the headache like a migraine someone trying to hammer my head in a vibration feeling. I assume that the only reason why I feel like this now, is because when I go outside for about 1 hour, I feel fine. But then when the air conditioning kicks in,it feels like the weather has changed. Then I start feeling sleepy. I wake up the next day and I start to sneeze and then my nose drips. My eyes get bloodshot red and tears start to develop. Different weathers can make you sick for weeks or even longer.
—Guest riccardo


Started off feeling weak in the afternoon Wednesday. Thursday morning throat was so bad I couldn't even swallow. Was so weak and my skin was even sensitive. Everything achey. Next day congestion hits. In bed for 4 days like this now it's Sunday evening and the fever is just passing im still weak and dizzy with congestion and headache.
—Guest Steve

thought I was preg til I read these

Soo tired bad shakes come n go I just keep getting in the shower then rush to bed n blanket to keep warm ,keep feeling like I need to throw up but can.t unless I force it but that only helps briefly gotta wrk tom dunno what to do I just want to sleep n my side is so achey
—Guest Jem

Whats wrong with me? Seriously help

I have not been able to breath clearly through nose or mouth they are both blocked but my noes keeps running I keep sneezing and coughing I have a bad sore throte and I get headaches dizziness hearing problems vision is blury and when I eat I nearly throw up.
—Guest Leoni

Flue ? It worse ?

It started with a soar throat but thought nothing if it because I haven't had water in te past days . Then when I went to sleep I woke up with cevier back pain ... My body temp went to burning , to freezin .. And so did te way I feel . I can't sleep unless I'm hot and cold ... Or have a head pack on for my back .. Even then when I get warm and take it off I freeze again ... My body has been achey .. Iv had te chills . Sharp pains in my left lung and side and pelvis pressure on the left side . What is this ?
—Guest Nakesha

Don't know what I have

Woke up feeling like I had the flu, took tempature, said I was normal, was tired and sick and dizzy all day long, then later on in afternoon all of my joints started hurting really bad up to my spine to my toes
—Guest Fernandez

Please help

I haven't been able to eat properly for the past week because it just makes me so exhausted and feels like everything makes me full. I've woken up with really bad aches all over and abysmal headaches but haven't been sick at all. My throat is very sore no matter how much water I drink, and I feel I can't drink tea or warm drinks to make me feel better as they just make me feel really full; like food. I feel I've got such low blood sugar but I still can't eat well. Please help me, I've lost about 4 pounds over 2 days. I really don't want this to carry on! I find it difficult to sleep because of this. I've had no fever though.
—Guest Ellie

whats wrong with me

Pain in ribs,mostly right comes and goes,when eaten or drink feel sick but not sick,headaches feeling cold then hot,weakness heavy legs cough
—Guest sharpAmy1997

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