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Readers Respond: Your Flu Symptom Experiences

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Updated January 15, 2013

Evil 'flu!!

My 3 year old had this first, then I caught it. First 2 days, vague rise in temperature, mild sore throat. Day 3, evil kicked in. I genuinely could not get out of bed, my back hurt like I had injured it (but hadn't), temp was 103f, photosensitive, headache, chills+++ during night, sweats at other times. Severe aches and sore neck. Staggering with paracetamol and ibuprofen, which literally takes the edges off things. Appetite strangely ok. Symptoms ease a little by evening, then roar back by middle of the night (perhaps due to medication?). I feel dizzy and fatigued, too. And today, I started being really emotional for some reason, crying at lots of little things!
—Guest Becky

This is awful.

Dizziness, nausea, weakness, 100-102 fever, and the worst part in my opinion: The cold and heat flashes. The other night I felt so cold, I had 5 blankets on me (one of which was an electric blanket) and I couldn't get warm. Now during the day I'm changing my shirt every so often because they're drenched in sweat. I got my flu shot, I don't deserve this!
—Guest TLE


5 days ago postnasal drip began, followed by a sore throat, then moved to my chest, followed by a lot of chest congestion, bad cough, fever of 101.2-101.7. 3 days out thought I was feeling somewhat better. 4th day felt fatigued, and just not well. Now on my 5th day, still chest congestion, some cough. Fever broke, still somewhat tired. Resting at home the rest of this week. Dont know if this is a bad chest cold or the flu but know viral stuff going around right now in our area. Hoping Im on the mend :)
—Guest Judy

swine flu

Swine flu Severe body aches and fatigue, feeling irritated, so samba tired and pains, nausea, loose stool, vomiting
—Guest jan

Flu Symptoms

My Son is 7 years old, on Thursday he woke up with 102 Fever so he stayed home from School! He had a Bad Cough, Dizzyness, Fever that wouldn't go down even with Tylenol and Motrin!! We rushed him to the ER on Thurs Night and we were told that he had the Flu. Its now Sunday and he's starting to feel better finally!! :) Today my 4 year old Daughter have come down with it! Her main symptoms are Fever and Cough!! Mine are Coughing, Fever, Aches no.seriously my whole entire body aches!!! :( My Head is killing me so bad, I didn't even have Migraines like these while I was Pregnant with my 4 Babies!! Horrible!!!
—Guest Amanda

Hopefully the end of the flu for me

It hit me so hard, within four hours, I was shaking uncontrollably and got into bed with the worst sore throat of my life. I then had the highest fever I've ever had for the next three days. I couldn't get out of bed, couldn't move. I have some mocus and coughing that hurts. The sore throat is still there and my lymph nodes are so swollen. My headache is awful but at least the fever is gone (for now....).
—Guest Rebecca

Never been sick!

I have to admit I have never been sick with the flu. I am feeling very ill right now and I know I have the flu not a common cold. I am exhausted, Im at work right now (my big brothers shop when he needs me) and I have nodded of twice. I ache and I have been hugging the radiator since I got here no fun at all :(
—Guest Megan

This is debilitating... I think Flu?

Day 1. I started a cough out of no where, dry cough all day.. My back & chest in pain... No energy, dragging a little bit... Day 2. Very tired, very sleepy... Got up anyway, take kids to school... Pick up kids.... 2pm it begin... 102.6 fever... Got kids food and crashed in bed.... With the worse body ache as if I had been ran over by a truck... Until my Husband came Home and gave me motrim 600 g and lemonade.. I crashed and 7:55 pm I'm sweating... Fever went down to 99.8 I'm a bit better... Wow.. What do u do with this? Go sit @ dr. Office for 3 hrs feeling horrible so he can send u Home and tell u it's the flu?!! Very painful!!
—Guest Mom of 4

My symptoms

Husband has been sick two weeks. Mine started Sunday 2/12 in the eve sore throat on one side, just mild. Tuesday2/14 woke up sick as a dog. Fever of 101.4, chest hurt, coughing, some vomiting and tired. Mainly slept all day and night. Woke up drenched at 5:30 am on Wednesday, but fever broke so that was good. It's Friday now (5th day) and I still have cough, sometimes dry, sometimes a lot of mucus. The last three days I've also experienced headaches and sinus congestion. I have not been achy as others report. Seems very widespread here. Feel better everyone!
—Guest Mary in Oakland CA

flu in canada

I haven't had the flu in 20 years. For the last couple weeks I have had swollen lymph nodes. they would swell up to golf ball size, then go back down again within minutes. other family members have had or have the flu now. Then I started getting queasy, bright lights made my eyes feel like they were on fire, now any lights hurt them, severe headaches, and severe exhaustion. One day I slept for 19 hours! It's been more than a week with the queasy feeling. I feel dizzy constantly. I also have a bit of a stuff nose. When the glands swell, it pushes on my neck and also makes it tough to breathe.
—Guest flu_go_away

You feel like you are dying

It came on over 4 hours. My hubby already had flu. I had a temp of 40 banging headache and a tiredness I'd never felt before. 2 days in I had servere breathing problems ( only 31 at time). Ambulance called diagnosed with swine flu and puemonia as a complication. Had oxygen and steroids and was on antibiotic for a month. I never ever want flu again. If You don't think you had flu then you haven't it's something you can't forget. Colds are a breeze now compared to flu.
—Guest Tina


I am 64 and kept my grand-daughter because mom and dad had to work. She was lethargic but had nasal drainage (7 y/0). I kept her 2 days. On the third day my knees started hurting and here I am 5 days later and my legs, back, hips all ache to the bone. I have been able to eat and no nasal drainage like my grand daughter. Everyday, I hope to feel better but again today my knees and thighs feel like I ran a marathon. Also a tingling sensation. I am a nurse and often try to diagnose myself. I wonder how long I should wait. still hungry. Had flu shot 2 mo ago.I know you can still get it tho.
—Guest barbara

Flu in New Mexico

I have got the flu. My symptoms are: fever, cough, runny nose, headache, extreme tiredness, swollen glands, and stuffy head. It's been four days now. The first day, I just thought it was a cold because I had not fever. The second and third day, I got really sick. Today, I have no fever but am very weak and still have the cough and cold symptoms.
—Guest Beverley

Flu symptoms Nj had vaccine

Had flu shot. Was told it's another strain. Have extreme body aches, 101 fever and sore throat. It's been 4 days was told by doc could last 7 days. Ugh
—Guest Carolynn hansen

Flu? or Plague?

This is a continuation of my last post (Jan 21 to Feb 5). You guessed it, I thought I turned a corner with this thing (2/6/12). Cold sweats during the night and morning, then about noon I started feeling good. (Still doing Antibiotics). Well feeling continued for the next 2 days,(Tues &Wed). Went running Wed night. and started feeling fatigued. Had mild clamyness that night. Today I've been having the cold sweats again. The fatigue is not as bad as last week. This is Thurs(2/9/12)I heard the plague does this kind of stuff,(just joking)! Still feel that the bug is retreating retreating though. Next Monday (2/13/12)will be the start of my 4th week. Stay tuned.
—Guest Mike Northern California

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