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Readers Respond: Your Flu Symptom Experiences

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Updated January 15, 2013


Wow so sorry everyones so terribly sick. For a year iv'e been having the worst head pain. Not a headache, severe head pain. Went to pcp, took x-Rays over n over told me they couldnt find anything wrong. Finally I decided to go to an ENT (ear, nose & throat docter( even though my sinuses, appeared clear he said something was causing the pain. He ordered a CT SCAN. It showed a severe blockage in my rt sphenoid sinus cavaity. And a Tumor behind my rt. eye. Treated me with strong antibotics. It helped some but didnt completly stop the bad pain. He ordered , Surgery as, 1- deveated septum corrective surgery. 2- extraction & debrement of rt Spenoid sinus cavity 3-, removsl of tumor like cyst behind my eye. When the pathology came back it showed I had a incredible huge amount of STAFF inside my sinus cavaity. If I hadnt made my on decision to go to an ENT DOCTOR I probably would have died because the staff was so close to my brain they had to leave some & treat with antibotics. Please dont
—Guest Charlotte

Flu caught and I'm vaccinated

Felt fine Sunday abs was surprised to wake up with a sudden onset of a dry, scratchy cough. I noticed I was sneezing and the coughing started to make my throat sore. That evening I noticed that my back really ached along with primarily my legs. I had all over soreness but I remember my legs and back really bothering me. Tuesday I had a low grade fever, mild chills, fatigue, painful coughing spells and sinus issues. My coughing was sudden, violent and I hurt so bad in my upper chest, especially during and immediately after a coughing spell. I felt ugh better by Friday and able to run errands but tired quickly. Finally, congested cough. Mind you, I was vaccinated. Went through the entire process of the flu. My husband was two days behind me with the same exact flu HOWEVER, he DID NOT have the vaccine and the symptoms effected him more severely he has fought a medium strength headache and is now contending with a sinus infection.
—Guest Kimberli Harris

Still sick

Today is day 10 with this horrible flu. Started out with diarrhea and vomitting. Had a fever of 101. Aches and back pain. Had the diarrhea for 3 days. Muscle fatigue comes and goes. The think that is really hard for me to deal with is the anxiety I am getting with this. I sleep okay but will wake up really nervous and I find it hard to get rid of. Is anyone else having this symptom?? Yesterday I felt I had turned the corner and was almost normal, then bang this morning I get up and I awake a nervous wreck. Then back pain and fatigue come back. This is awful. My husband has this flu too, but he is not getting the nervous symptom as severe as I am. He had symptoms first, he is now on day 12. He has dizzyness that doesn't leave him. When I am feeling better I take care of him, then when I crash again and he is better, he takes care of me. May God help us all, this is the worst flu I have ever had.
—Guest Kitkat

Too soon to know?

I was diagnosed with Type A flu yesterday. Low fever, if any and throat is a little sore. Tired with some body aches. Nothing like the other people on this sight. Have I fought it off or is it going to slam me any moment? A little scared!
—Guest Korie

weird symptom

I been sick for a month now but with symptom that come and go. Fisrt start with pain in the bones and diarrhea first 3 days then start with cold and running nose since then a couple days ago o was sleeping and I wake up after 3am and I was all wet with fever now the fever come just in the night can someone tell me what to do
—Guest miguelg


I seemed to have had a head cold since sunday. Ive had a temp but yet feel cold. I am unable to eat, my body hurts. Nose is running eyes feel sore want to sleep all day and be in the dark. My muschels feel so weak I'm now unable to control my bladder. I'm 29 female what's wrong !!!
—Guest JoJo Ruth


Started out coughing for no reason, no congestion, next day aches and pains all over with pressure in ears and throat and sinus cavities. Fever escalating. Took sinus medication. Next day symptom were worse, increased fever, sore throat, more pressure in ears. Next day went to doctor who said it was URI, I told him it was not but he insisted it was. They did a nose swab and he said it was not ready yet but would have turned positive by now. Before I could get to the drug store he called back and stated it did turn positive and I had the flu. I said but I had the shot in late December. He said it was a different strain from what the shot protected. Go figure.....
—Guest jane

Yay Tamiflu

I woke up yesterday coughing, my chest was killing me, I was freezing (had 102.8 fever), headache, back, neck, and legs weak and hurting. No runny nose or sore throat. I went to urgent care as friend had tested positive for H1N1 the day before. I as well as my boyfriend tested positive as well. We were given Tamiflu. Today we both woke up soaked from sweating the fever out. Both of us have had normal temp all day. Feeling better but still coughing. Still weak and achy but definitely getting better. I was a bit scared to take the Tamiflu as I've heard a lot of negative things but was more scared to get any sicker so I took it. I am very glad I did. Like I said I'm not feeling 100% but I know I would have gotten much woes without it. I definitely agree with others in saying that if you are showing any symptoms at all please be responsible and stay home.
—Guest Central Florida

sick as a dog

Ugh. Started with a tickle in my throat. A small cough. Then my throat got sore a day later. The next day i had a fever of 104. My cough got increasingly worse as my temp got higher. I took a nap. I woke up and I had so much sinus pressure I couldn't open my eyes. I just laid there and cried for awhile until I fell back asleep. I woke up and researched my symptoms and found this website to ramble on about my woes. Only day 3 of this! My ears are feeling unusually bothersome too. Ugh. The idea of this bug lingering around with me for the next 2 weeks. NO FAIR. And to top off the cake. I have 2 children, 9 and 6. They are healthy. For now......
—Guest Alli

Worst flu

It started 2wks ago. Soar throat(felt like I was swallowing broken glass), high temperature, cough, general weakness and loss of appetite. My cough was worse at night therefore I couldn't get enough sleep. I saw my doc who said I had developed bronchitis and prescribed antibiotics for a week. The cough got better and I thought I've eventually overcome this dreadful thing! But NO...before I knew it, I had this funny headache, but wasn't weak so I decided to bake a cake... Make myself busy! That was yesterday 17/01/2014.went to bed early but woke up with chills.. Hot under the duvet and cold without it! So this thing is back with a vengeance. Never felt this way before.
—Guest Bangi

Bad Flu Virus Winter 2014

I am now recovering from the worst case of flu I have ever had. Started out as a 2 day migrane, then vomiting, and after day 5, subsiding a bit. I had a flu shot in November and it's January now, thanks to the doctor who insisted I have it! I might be in the hospital had I not.
—Guest Paula

never ending flu

Started on a Monday afternoon with a cough but no other symptoms, cough persisted into Wednesday when i started, sneezing, having a sore throat, head ache and body aches. Came home and had 102.5 fever. Went to bed and barely slept from the congestion, pain and shivering. The pain in my lower back was brutal. Thursday I couldn't move from bed other than to make tea and go to the bathroom. Friday dragged myself to work (103 fever). came home and collapsed. My fever finally broke Wednesday a week after it shot up to 103! I am still coughing and feeling very weak and tired. When will this all go away? I want to get well! PS> got swabbed and I have H1N1
—Guest sarah

Smacked down

It was Saturday after noon and just got some great news. Feeling great. My girlfriend says she has a sore throat and noticed I did as well. By 2 am we were both flat out moaning in pain completely destroyed with swollen glands under neck and mine were even under my arm pit. For 3 days we couldn't even move except to feed ourselves and our pets. I thought my brain was swelling my skull hurt so badly. Every joint, organ, was on fire and oddly enough a hot bath would somehow cool me down. Slept with fan on low under heating blanket. Couldn't even speak to each other or would cough for 20 min straight. Drank water bottle after water bottle and finally 3 days later we can stand. We took ammoxacillian the 1st day as well as Night Time cold AS....still the sharp pain under my temple paralyzingly scary. Thought I had a brain tumor
—Guest Actor

my "flu" experience

I've never had the flu, I am a 55yearold female. Never had a flu shot. January 11 and 12th I felt exhausted, I wasn't at work, so I didn't think to much of it. But on the 5th, I was falling asleep in church. But I still went about my day, just thinking I need to get back in the groove again after the holidays. I woke on Monday, Jan 13th, felt the sickness in the back of my throat, down my back and in my stomach. I responded to this with lemon honey water, salt water, homemade chicken soup etc....Monday night my chills were so bad, I had 4 layers of clothes and a scarf, hat, and the heat up 5 degrees more than normal, a little chicken soup and the fever broke. Each day I felt better, and the fever would come back at night, the 15th I thought for sure I was better, Now, the pm of the 16th and I feel it in my chest, got chills and 102 fever., I have no nasal congestion) Going to the doctor tomorrow.
—Guest 55andneveraflu

3 Days long, one felt like my death bed!

Two days of muscle soreness. Next day, chills all day, fever by evening at 102. Next day thought I would die. Sharp head pain across forehead into temple area. My left eye socket hurt and left ear hurt. Finger joints hurt. Ached everywhere. Hurt to open eyes. Next two days fever not as high but other symptoms continued. During the 3 days took Tylenol and Nyquil. Could not last the 6 hours between doses, closer to four hours between. Finally woke up on fourth morning and felt better, no fever. Still achy three days beyond that, chest hurts when I take steps and off and on nauseous. Still not eating normally, lacking the full appetite. This is at one week mark, Thursday to Thursday. No cold symptoms through it at all but had a bad sinus cold which cleared up two days prior though muscle aches had already begun.....
—Guest Lynne

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