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Readers Respond: Your Flu Symptom Experiences

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Updated January 15, 2013

wow, i havent had a flu in years!

My flu symptoms started on a Thursday night with a little bit of coughing. Throughout Friday morning, increasing amounts of dry coughs. And by Friday afternoon, I realized I was done for the weekend... my body started to feel really weak, my head felt congested, and at night I had the worst body aches EVER! One of the worst feelings of my life! I was awakened several times by the aches in my head, back & legs, and could only lie there & take it. I took some tylenol for the pain. I had a class & test on Saturday that I could not miss, so I went to school anyway, and probably failed the test. I am on day four & I still have the "head cold", coughing, sweats, & fatigue.
—Guest jas

Flu? Cold?

It started with my nose, it felt like it was on fire. Then the next day, It was stuffy and runny, and when I got home from school, my back was sore, I couldn't bend over, and couldn't get out of bed, (Has been like this for 3 days now) Yesterday (Friday) I was almost throwing up, I was constantly in the bathroom, I was having heat flashes, and could barely walk due to my light headed-ness. I didnt check my temperature, but I was pale. Now, by back is still sore, my nose is still stuffy, I have a slight cough, my mouth is VERY dry, no matter how much liquids I drink, and I have a pain in my knee, and can barely walk on it. I've also been EXTREMELY tired. No matter how much sleep I get.
—Guest Melissa

Sudden and Evil

Thurs I started feeling strangely cold, actually took a bath, something my wife does every night and I never take them. Friday fever, weak, fatigued, bed ridden. Then strangely felt like I was coming out of it Friday evening, even made plans and woke up literally shivering like I've never shivered before and felt worse Saturday morning then the previous. Ibuprofen has been a live saver in managing the unreal leg aches, I don't wish this on anyone.
—Guest Jason

In Virginia, March 2012

The flu is not the same as a stomach bug. Started two days ago as a dull headache and runny nose/itchy throat and dry cough, and within three hours, had progressed to severe fatigue and body aches with chills. Ibuprofen helped me sleep the first night. The second day, coughing (dry with some production) and mild nasal congestion, general feeling of being run down (this is after taking another dose of ibuprofen). Early evening the second day, severe body aches, headache (worse than first night) and fever (101.3) with violent chills. Woke up in the middle of the night with nausea (eased with several sips of a soft drink). Took another ibuprofen and slept six more hours. Woke without fever and body aches, but weak, no appetite and still have a dull headache, runny nose and dry cough.
—Guest E

Winter Flu 2012

It came on suddenly. Wicked sore throat, fever and headache, body chills, joint and muscle aches. Day 2, leveled me in bed all day. Day 3, still in bed but able to shower and get up to eat. Appetite was fine actually. But, the drained energy and achey feeling was the pits. A week later, I am still sick, recuperating from this funky bug. I took a Z-pack for the sinus infection and coughing. I was worried it may progress into pneumonia or bronchitis. As the doctors advise, just rest and hydrate. BTW, I got the flu shot and had side effects when I got it. I don't think it protected me from getting the flu this winter either. Bot my kids had similar flu bugs last month and one developed periorbital cellulitis. Both needed antibiotics for the worsening symptoms. This was no ordinary flu for any of us.
—Guest Mom in CA

flu texas even after all had flu shot

My son was diagnosed with type B flu on 2-21-12. had fever up to 104 with all flu symptoms. daughter and me got it a little over a week later. we all had our flu shots this year and still got the flu
—Guest stacy

Bleh :(

I'm a 14 y/o girl. I have been battling the following symptoms for the past month. Nausea, fatigue, cramping, sore throat, stuffy nose, migranes and just anything else you can think of!
—Guest jorieheartsu


2 days ago started with a dry cough & stuffy nose. Yesterday i started with headaches and more of a wet cough & now today i got the chills & slight fever :( my boyfriend is also sick too! Hope this goes away fast
—Guest jordan

Having flu-like symptoms

It hit me last Sunday. I am having extreme fatigue, chills, and on and off low grade fever. The chills are much less today, but I still feel very unusually tired. Just before symptoms, I finished and delivered a major project at work, and then had movers at my house on Saturday because I am preparing my country house for renters. Could I just be really fatigued from life? Would it cause me to have chills?
—Guest Diana Gearhart


I started gettin symptoms at work on a tuesday and left mid morning. By 5pm i was down on the couch with a fever of 102 SEVERE body aches and a burning throat. No congestion but coughing up some stuff.I went to the clinic and was told it was the flu. tylenol/fluids. Ive lost 4 pounds and cant leave the sofa. the body aches are debilitating. Its been 3 days and my fever seems to have finally broke but im so weak and sore its the worst I have ever felt. Good luck to all with this one.
—Guest dee

this is the flu from hell!

Day 1: I feel a crazy sore throat coming on, and nothing makes it feel better. Day 2: I call in to work. My 8-month-old son and I are both sick. He has a cough/runny nose and I have a cough and sore throat, no appetite, exhaustion, and I'm losing my voice. Then I'm up all night w/ a high fever, and I'm tempted to wake my husband to take me to the hospital because I feel delirious and just awful. Day 3: No sleep, still at home w/ a sick baby too. Chills, random sweating throughout the day, headache, dry cough, feel so weak I can't get out of bed and can barely care for my son. Sweating all night, drenched in my clothes. Day 4: baby is still sick but my mom (who just got over the flu) offers to watch him. I sleep in 'til noon. Feeling better, but only temporarily. Cough and random sweating throughout the day persists. At night, I can't stop coughing and my head is pounding. Day 5: more coughing, congestion, exhaustion. Haven't left my house since this started. Just wanna feel better.

Flu? Plague? It's finally over!

Just a continuation of my 2 previous logs. Well it wasn't Plague, It finally subsided after 4 WEEKS, and ended around 2/15/12. The symptoms subsided after I finished the antibiotic course. Whether that was coincidence or not, I don't know. I do know it's good to feel well again . Bye!!
—Guest Mike, North California


fever for the last two days, extreme fatigue, body aches, and every time I cough, my chest and head want to explode.
—Guest kylie

flu symptoms

I have not had the real flu for so long I forgot how bad it feels. I was helping my son with the care of his sick children all week, and found out that one of them was sick with H1N1. Friday night 2-24-2012 I started having really bad cold chills, horrible back and body aches like I have never had and a fever of 102. So exhausted I didnt even want to get out of bed. Fever of just under 102 all the next day and headaches. My whole head hurt! Took advil when it became too much to bear. Third day a fever of 101 and a dry cough and still an occasional headache. The pain in my back is horrible and having some pains off and on in my abdomen. And now here I am on the 4th day with a fever of just under 100. I was thinking that I felt better, so I tried to do some work around the house. No strength at all. I felt light headed and weak. and still so achey. After reading others experiences, I am wondering how long It this nasty flu will last.
—Guest Lori

flu or not

Started on flovent for asthma, within 18 day (using it 1 a day) I had a stomach virus, then came down with all the classic symptoms of the flu - cough, congestion, fever, aches, chills, fatigue, no appetite. Stopping flovent and 19 days later - still coughing, feels like a lump in my throat that won't clear. Some congestion but cough is non-productive. DOn't know whether to go to the doc again or let it finish. Thing is we have a daughter getting married in 12 days and I am tired of feeling sick!

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