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Readers Respond: Your Flu Symptom Experiences

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Updated January 15, 2013


The previous days I have been working hard on running and later a paintball tournament and today when i woke up everything hurt! my skin,muscles,stomach, you name it :( I think I have a flu.
—Guest Adam

my flu

I flew out to visit my grand daughters and ended up with the flu. Two of them had been sick, with cough, congestion, and fever. Now grandma has it. The worst part is the cough, nothing is helping, so not getting as much sleep
—Guest mk


I started with stomach cramping, sore bones and muscles, headache, chills. Just wanted to stay in bed, no appetite. Also no fever,vomiting or diarrhea. No bowel movement 3 days. Pain gone day ten but now I have fever blisters all over my mouth. I remembr my Mom giving us peragoric as kids, boy did I wish I had some. I did go to the heathfood store and got some bitters made from dandelion, ginger and other natural ingediants. This seemed to help the stomach pain. Also picked up some peppermint gels with ginger and fennel oils. Every few days I thought I was feeling better than bam.. cramping again. Guess I will need to find something now for my fever blisters. Anyone else have my symptoms ?

worst flu ever

first day i was fine, started getting a sore throat later on at night. Woke up with a horrible sore throat and headache and went to work. within a couple hours my whole back hurt along with my chest shoulders and neck. It hurt to breathe and I couldn't eat or drink anything. Completely exhausted. Went home and slept and still felt sick. I couldn't move because of the pain and all I wanted to do was cry (way too emotional). Day 3 I felt better and could move and eat and drink but still have body pains and random dizziness and nausea. Still too weak and exhausted to do anything no matter how much I sleep. On day 4 and the symptoms haven't changed.
—Guest SAC

hideous flu

My kids (11 and 13) have been hit by a Mac Truck, after an international flight. All three of us have battled severe, painful, hacking coughs, fevers hovering from 102-103.5, sore, prickly skin, headaches and delirium (briefly). There was a sick baby on our flight, just one row ahead, coughing it's little lungs out. It's kind parents stripped it down and walked it around the plane. No doubt we're not the only family experiencing hell in paradise. We've seen sick, but nothing like this. When my eldest son leaned his head off the side of the bed to retch, all I could do was throw a towel over it and faded away. I barely remembered what happened by morning. Can this really be the flu???
—Guest LCW

Day 8 still tired

I am in Missouri...came down with flu on 3/5/12. Diagnosed with Type a on 3/6/12. Had fever, chills, horrible cough, body aches, eyes hurt. Its day 8 and I still have mucus and a cough but mainly Im just very tired. I have little to no energy and getting tired of being sick. I want my energy back. Fever broke and left Thursday night. Just residual tiredness left
—Guest Tina

my flu

Got flu like symptoms six days ago.Day 1-Woke up with all my joints hurting a pain across my forhead and my eyes hurt when looking around stayed in bed. Day-2 same symtoms as Day1 but with tickly cough loss of appetite and feeling weak. Still in bed. Day-3 all mentioned symtoms still there but now with a headache. Day-4 woke up felt a bit better thought I was on the mend then wham it all hit me again but worse my whole top of my head was very sore. went back to bed. Day-5 pain in joints subsided but now bottom of ribs hurting stayed in bed. Day 6 woke up felt a bit better but now feels like I have cotton wool in my ears and soreness on scalp almost unbearable managed to get to Doctors only to be told I now have a chest infection he gave me strong antibiotics. I still have a very sore scalp alswo a mild ear ache most of the other symtoms are gone but still feeling weak.
—Guest Bill Canning


Started yesterday with mild back pain in the afternoon at work which turned into severe back pain by the evening. Fever of 100.2 at 730 pm turned into fever of 100.6 by 5:30 am. Took nyquill pills every 6 hours with ibupruofen. Fever went down still have back and leg pain stuffy and runny nose deep cough, occasionally coughing up mucus. Exhausted and eyes hurt. Many hot showers and baths that just don't seem to be helping. Hardly any appetite which is unusual for me. Hope this goes away soon I feel like I'm dying. Hope you all get better soon. Lesson learned - take vitamins and get flu shots. Every year I get sick but its because I don't protect myself or my immune system.
—Guest sam

may be the flu

I've been running for a race, so I just thought the terrible soreness and tiredness was from the working out so much, but i was doing it as normal, all of the sudden I felt like I was hit by a truck, couldn't get up from bed, I was exhausted, didn't have the energy I usually get after a run, plus I was so congested and had the head cold so I wore a hat to go to sleep at night, have been real cold even when the weather have been fair, but surprisingly enough I haven't gotten a headache, its been a week
—Guest RCB

flu symptons

Day 1 i woke up in the middle of the night with chills and fever.day 2 i had tea w/lemon and honey and a tylenol felt a little better went to work by the afternoon i had fever again bodyaches headaches.day 3 in bed with all the same symptons its horrible i hadnt gotten sick since 2009 if i could remember.i always got a cold but not the flu.
—Guest leo

first time with the flu! :(

having read the above posts, i think what i have is the flu. My joints ache, im sweatting then shivering. I cant find my thermometer and so cant determine if I have a fever or not but it sure feels like it. I've never felt so tired and strengthless, i struggled to open my laptop because it felt so heavy. I'm starving but even the thought of plain bread is making me feels nauseous. I can hardly move full stop. My friend has had the same thing and she said she got one day where she could barely see. Heres hoping I dont get it to the same extent!
—Guest rosa

Oh Lord I felt like what a zombie would

Feb 27-3 2012 First I had a tickle in my Throat and I usually get a head cold after that. But this time my sore throat went away but I was left with a little chest congestion. Two days later I couldn't move well. My joints hurt so bad I didn't know what was going on. It got worse in the day and at night I couldn't get comfortable. I had an odd cold and clammy sweat but never a fever to my knowledge. After 5 days I started to get better although my joints still ached a little. This was very scary to me and I've never had the flu. I wonder if it might of been the H1N1 virus? Now I feel bad because my sister n law, my niece, and my mother are I'll. I wonder if I gave it to them. However, they exhibit more cold like symptoms. God bless them and anyone who is ever ill! Chicken Soup for the Soul- forever.
—Guest Jake

Weird flu, no one knows what it is

I was part for a show at my school, and we presented it for a week(last week) since then many people that was in that show have the same cold (including me) only people who were im the show. I am a 15 year old girl from Canada, Ontario... This is some of the symptom: The back of my lag (the part after the knee) hurts, in pain. And I'm often dizzy and I can't stop coughing. I cough around 24/24, and my parents tried everything, even making me eat honey to help, and it doesn't. Yesterday my temperature was 37.4 Celsius, around 99.32 Fahrenheit. And today I decided to stay at home today because yesterday i was really badly sick. Today my temperature is 38.4 around 101 Fahrenheit. I just want to know which flu I have and if I should see the doctor... Thank you :)
—Guest Alexandra

2nd day

My whole body feels like it was put in a dryer with bricks. I feel beat up and totally fried. I have a fever of 102 and my head hurts really bad. When I swallow, the pain goes through my throat and it makes my head throb so I am having a hard time drinking anything. I almost fainted today at work so I was sent home. This came out of nowhere, really. Yesterday I was walking dogs and everything! Last night before bed though I had appetite loss and I was feeling a tiny but feverish and a little achy.I went to bed early. When I woke up I thought I was dying!
—Guest Yikes

My flu symptoms?

I have just recovered from what I believe was a flu virus. I had mild fever, pain in the joints (especially the legs), fatigue... but more surprising, swelling on my face (eyelid fold and forehead). I have never experienced this symptom before, which scared me! All my GP would do is advise me to take paracetamol. I ignored his advice. Instead, I took pure honey mixed with black seeds oil
—Guest Messy

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