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Readers Respond: Your Flu Symptom Experiences

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Updated January 15, 2013

Flu or Cold

I haven't got the vaccine. I've been have a running nose, feeling cold, headache,tired, violent coughing, voice change( like at one point my voice got deeper,raspy and it sounded like I as losing my voice)and I'm kinda losing my appetite. I don't know if It's a cold or the flu because I've never been this sick before(Its pretty rare for me to be sick). Can someone reply and tell me if its a cold or the flu. I haven't puked yet but I feel like it.
—Guest Meg

One time

What is wrong with me realy flu in summer runny nose stomich pains sore boddy cant sleep headaces sneasing feeling cold then sweating hot have fever red eyes
—Guest Mieja

hi flu

i have a runny nose,every time i cough it hurts my throat,andi speak weird from this.
—Guest zc

I think I have the flu

My body ace from head to toe I cut sleep I keep gettin hot then cold I have bad chills my head hurts extremely bad I cut e as t only drinks liquids I feel real bad
—Guest turquoise

will i ever get my energy back?

Started w/ a bad headache and feeling very tired. Chills for a day, lots of sneezing, runny nose. Now week two still extremely tired and have back and stomach ache plus headaches. Will I ever feel normal again?
—Guest Brenda

chillin in Ohio

It's been 4 days since the chills started and shortly thereafter came the body aches. No congestion, coughing or intestinal problems at all. Feels like I"m freezing then frying. Cold with blanket off and boiling with it on. Weirdest flu I've ever had. Need to get back to work but don't want to share this with anyone! Have woken up for last three nights soaked in sweat. Temperature has been between 100 and 101. Wish this would go away! Felt a bit better yesterday and took car in for tire rotation to see how I would handle being outside. Gone only short time, felt good. Came back home and bang, right back into the chills and weakness again. Wrong move on my part! Only once before have I had anything like this with fever, chills, and body aches but no congestion/intestional problems. This is a weird one to say the least! By the way, I did get the flu shot but it evidently doesn't cover this strain... too bad!
—Guest bhb

flu bug

I've had the flu for 4 days my throat is sore I've been having frequent hot flashes my body aches so bad And i seem to be going pee alot more
—Guest monique

worst ive EVER felt

Had a bit of a cold last week, nothing major then on friday afternoon I get a sudden fever, im freezing and cant get warm, I call my husband to come home as cant look after the kids... my whole body starts aching but especially the lower back, hips and thighs... nights are the worst. Im taking day nurse and night nurse and ive had to add ibuprofen to that coz wen the meds wear off its hurts so bad!!! Its now Sunday, I still ache, still have runny nose, im very thirsty and nothing is quenching it, I cant do anything...just getting out of bed and walking 4 steps makes me tired.. I just want this to end, ive never felt anything like this.... I am definitely getting the flu jab nxt year, I never want to go through this again! Im hoping the end is near :-(
—Guest willow

Possibly Flu

Came into work 7:30a - Felt just fine. About 10a I started feeling really tired, arms, chest, and shoulders started to ache, kind of dizzy, slight stomach ache, feel hot & cold at same time, feels like something stuck in back of throat (or maybe it's nausea), also back of head and neck started to hurt, but no headache. Now I've developed a slight dry cough only happening here and there.
—Guest Holl

sick tired

Started about a week ago. A tickle in my throat and today I am feeling weak and cold. My head hurts, throat hurts and my ears are starting to hurt. Is this the flu? Any recommendations to get rid of this?
—Guest trish

Flu like symptoms but not an actual flu?

Aching all over, vomited early this morning (roughly around 3-5am) been constipated all day, When I move around the pain is much worse, when I lay still the pain is just the same, it's in my abdominal area, my joints ache, I'm only 23. I can't sleep but I'm super tired. I sleep about an hour or less and I wake up with these extreme pains, I know I'm likely blowing it out of proportion BUT, I haven't been sick in 8 years at most, literally. I have a very strong immune system. I did not get my flu shot I don't trust it because the government tampers with that stuff.
—Guest Joshua

Pretty rotten feeling

One family member spent two days wandering around saying how awful they felt and that there sinuses were playing up. On the Thursday two more of us came down incredibly sick in the early hours of the morning. Quick trip to dr's verifies it is the flu and both prescribed tamiflu to get rid of it. Thursdays symptoms were feeling nausea, sore joints, dry cough not very often, headache and feeling like fainting/dizzy. Symptoms were not constant and came in waves. Friday symptoms stayed the same plus extreme pain across the chest and back areas and the cough has become flemmy sounding. An occassional sneeze but no runny nose. Today is Saturday, coughing up very gross looking flem and all the symptoms remain except for the dizzyness that has passed. Supposed to be back at work Sunday night. Am hoping for a miracle. Have doubts that the antibiotics are doing anything - I'm going over to codral if I am still sick on monday when the tablets run out.
—Guest Mike


My husband has had a fever mostly at night for about 5 days. Only at night he gets chills sweats headache. Please anyone out there ever go threw this????
—Guest ash

Got Flu and Had Flu Shot

I got a mild case of the flu even tho I had a flu shot. It started with 2 days of freezing chills over the weekend. Monday I went to work but felt BLAH. Tuesday I had a temperature of 100°F+ and had severe calf muscle aches. Wednesday, no temp. but stayed home as a precaution. Thursday back to work, but tired. Since then, I have had muscle aches that roam around, sometime in the upper back, sometimes lower back, elbows, wrists, legs, you name it! I have a headache on and off also. UGH! I have a little bit of a cough, nothing out of the ordinary for me. Wish the weather would warm up!
—Guest Ozzie

my lord whats going on

I woke feeling a little sick with a stuffy nose then i started feeling hot but i was cold i started getting a head ache then really tired i feel asleep for about 3 hours woke up feeling a little better but then i kept getting chills and feeling hot and cold and i woke up about three times at night to today i feel dizzy my body aches i have a head ache im shaky i dont want to eat ughh
—Guest normal person

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