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Readers Respond: Your Flu Symptom Experiences

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Updated January 15, 2013

exhausted, long and drawn out flu

I came down with the flu a day after my birthday, that was three weeks ago. I got a flu shot and it had already kicked in. All I can say is get a flu shot or symptoms could be worse. It just takes time, rest, fluids, and sometimes a pity party. Joints ache, fatigue, low grade fever, tired, sinus congestion and all the works. I alternate ibuprofen and tylenol for fever. If you think you are getting the flu try to get on tamiflu. Hope all stay well, get well and watch movies when you are up to it.
—Guest suzanne

Is this what dying feels like

Started with a tickle on Saturday afternoon by Sunday morning I couldn't get out of bed, Monday I had fever chills no appetite and no energy and a horrible cough, Tuesday no better still coughing taking tons of meds and sleeping when not tossing and turning, Wednesday went to work big mistake headache from hell at the base of my neck thought I had meningitis it hurt so bad now its Thursday I woke up fine but after working all day every muscle hurts - my butt muscles hurt my eyes hurt, my head hurts, I'm cranky and irritable but that could be menopause..lol
—Guest Brenda

What do i have?

My throat hurts to eat or drink and to swallow.I feel dizzy when i walk and my head also hurts to walk.My nose is runny and stuffy i don't want to eat that much.
—Guest Guest-Isabell

I don't no what's happening

I was at my friends house and she has the cold so I came home and my stomach started hurting. I just thought it would be a short period of time but it wasn't. I was going to eat dinner and every thing just look gross even thought everything was my favourite to eat. So I started watching tv and the pain got lower by my blather and so I went in my room to lay down. While I was lying down the pain was in to places my stomachache my but so I got up to go to the washroom but I couldn't it hurt to much so I went and latex back down and now the pain is in my but
—Guest Solenne

i thought i was pregnant

All my symptoms where pointing to a clear pregnancy or maybe because my period has been so delayed, one night I came home and I felt the urge to puke up, woke up in the morning vomiting assuming it's morning sickness, I feel tired all the time, mad headache, bad stomach cramps, dizzy you name it i have it... its day 3 I can only pray things get better, rest + water + antibiotics = hopefully recover by Friday x get well soon everyone
—Guest Mrs A . M


Last year I got the flu about the same time this year. When I got it last year it was the worst thing ever for me, I hurt so bad I talked the doctor into pain pills for the aches and sore throat, and boy did that help! The rest was the cough sore throat sore everything chest was on fire, it was by far the worse thing I've gone through. So yesterday I wake up and have a little bit of a sore throat, more of a mucous type thing? Then today I wake up with a sore throat and heavy mucous in my chest but sore throat goes away when I drink some water, not messing around so I went up to urgent care and tested positive for type A flu and I'm still scared shirtless from last year so the give me a prescription for Thera Flu I think and I took that and drank a lot of water and green tea and 3000 mg of vitamin C and so far I feel fine but I'm knocking on wood and just praying it doesn't get a lot worse? Don't know how long before it peaks normally but if someone knows plz tell. Good luck all!
—Guest Braxton

What is this?

I started with a cough, stuffed up nose, and super achey body, the slightest movements hurt me, so I took ibuprofen and it helped with the acheyness somewhat, but I couldn't stop coughing, then I was up all night coughing and woke up super achey, stuffy nose, cough even worse, I spent the entire day coughing and my eyes were glossy by the end of the day, I also had dramatic hot and cold flashes, where id be sweating, then really cold. That night I went to bed at appoximately 530 then work up at like 1030 ish. My lower back now hurts so bad I can barely move it, my eyes hurt especially if I move them side to side throat is very raw and red and feel dry and scratchy and hurts.. My neck is tight and sore and I'm still stuffed up.. I'm pretty pale too. And I feel pretty weak.. I'm so tired too, I also notice I don't have much of an appetite and I've lost a noticeable amount of weight within the past 2-3 days..
—Guest Dying

Wash hands, stay home if sick

Saturday morning, I woke up with a headache, backache and low grade fever. Next came the runs. My temp went to about 101 that day along with shivers. I did not sleep well at all that night due to body aches and shivers. I threw up once that night, prob due to talking prescription strength pain med on empty stomach. Second day, temp went over 102. My temp is normally 96.3-97.3. So, that was a 5 degree spike. Body pain continued. I took alkaseltzer cold and flu. Sipped that dilluted. Along with some gatoraded, and chicken soup. I read online it's ok to have yogurt. Since I hadn't thrown up and had no congestion, I tried just a little plain yogurt. Runs continued throughout the day. Temp began to drop the evening of the second day. Slept pretty well thru the night, except for a long dream about a turkey sandwich. Woke up third day, temp seems to be normal, but stomach is still rumbling. Starting out the day with plain yogurt and gatorade.
—Guest bella

not quite the flu or the cold

for 4 days I have had fairly intense neck and general body muscle pains. My temp goes fro 101 to normal a few times a day. I am dragging during the day. No vomiting or runny nose. I go from heavy chills to having to change my clothes for heavy sweats during the night. Nyquil day and night gives me 3-4 hours of relief. I do go through some heavy breathing periods. I am 62 and don't remember having these specific set of symptoms. Like phenomena without the heavy cough. I can function but really don't want to leave the house.
—Guest joe

I have never felt pain quite like this

On Friday, upon trying to open my eyes I knew something was wrong. My left eyehad swelled up, top and bottom lid, and had an orange crust. Thought immediately this was conjunctivitis. Used Zovirax ointment and saline to clean. Was feeling very tired all day, went to bed quite early. Next day I woke up with two sore eyes, the left one still swollen. Began cleaning with cold black tea. Puffiness went down by Saturday evening. Took some benylin 4 flu as I had begun to experience sinus pains. Woke during the night in pain, took tablets, fell back asleep. This happen twice. Could not move out of bed on Sunday, sore back, legs, throat, eyes and ears and slight headached. Took nurofen cold and flu and lemsips. Felt better for a while with a hot water bottle at my back all day. By late Sunday night in agony, crying with back and leg pains, nurofen no longer giving any relief so appointment made for the doctor.
—Guest Clare

Oh god help me Dx

Started off feeling really tired, I couldn't seem to wake up, so I laid in bed all day passing in and out of sleep. Around 6 pm I felt really hot, I had shivers and I had to switch from useing a blanket to not useing one over and over. My whole body aches, my head pounds and my vision gets blurry when I stood up. Had no appitite been drinking water and sleeping with a cold pocket. Its 5 am and I been too hot to sleep! It isn't helping that I'm going through a heavy period. Ugh I feel like I'm dyeing :c
—Guest Hoshi

Flu And Headache

I feel like my neck inside burn and also my left hand Too
—Guest Naphtali


My throat is killing me and my nose is so stuffed up. Seriously, this is probably the worst sickness I have ever had in my life.
—Guest katelyn(11 years old)

I wonder

Started on Thursday I had a cough and dizziness. Friday, cough,sore throat,and dizziness and spiked a fever of 99.6.Saturday, all same symptoms of Thursday and Friday with a fever of 100.00 now and chills when I went to bed and could not sleep. Help, what could those symptoms be leading too? Hmmm.....I wonder?
—Guest Trish Johnson

Flu From Hell

Four Months of intense stress leading up two two more weeks even mores stressful. Got home from taking our boat from Big Island Hawaii to Maui where we live. The night I returned I Had an awful sore throat and an ominous feeling I would get sick. Sure enough, next morning I was dizzy coughed up a small ball of phlem that looked like a dark brown over green large pea. Totally gross. Then I was bed ridded, high fever, although I couldnt find the themometor. I was cold then hot and could only become comfortable when I would pass out. TV or food did not interest me. However, in order to homeopathic medicine down I drank a Myoplex drink. Drank Copious amounts of water, literally a gallon a day. The main complaint, my head felt as if it would explode upon pulling myslef out of bed to pee and my pee felt like it was so hot like a representation of my body temperature. Now my sweet 10 year old has it and is sleeping I am recovering after day 3 but I am a fighter.She will go to the Dr
—Guest Alesha Brown

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