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Readers Respond: How Long Did Your Flu Last?

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Updated April 22, 2011

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  • From the article: How Long Does the Flu Last?
    The flu is a virus that hits you hard and can vary in how long it lasts. If you have had the flu, how long did it last for you? Share your experience with the flu and tell others how long it lasted for you. Share Your Experience

    week four

    This is the strangest thing because I hardly ever get sick. It started out with a headache and sore throat, irritability (which is unlike me), then fever around 101 degrees and extreme exhaustion. At points I was coughing up yellowish phlem and then at another point I couldn't breath out of my nose at all. I used Musenex and Vicks for the stuffy nose. I used Niquil to help me sleep. All in all my fever hovered around 100 to 101 degrees the last four weeks with occasional normal temperature. I'd start to feel well, my temp would go down, I'd try to get caught up on some of my work and get zapped again with slightly different symptoms. It's like a tease, it acts like it's going away, I start feeling like it's gone, and then comes back again. I'm on week four, and I'm still not feeling right. I thought I was better on Thursday, tried to function normally this weekend and Sunday started feeling bad again. I'm weak, headache and slight fever near 100 degrees all over again.

    Day 5

    I am on day five and feel better than day one - which I do not remember, I believe because my fever was so high,, but I am SO tired. I have turned into a mouth breather, but only a runny nose now and again. It started with a sore throat and cough - then the fever, aches and pains with not wanting to move. No appetite but I am able to keep foods down if I do eat from the pangs of hunger. I have noticed that I am having tummy issues now though. Have a DR appointment in two days but really hoping I can cancel because it will be gone.
    —Guest Suzanne

    Flu lasted a couple of days

    I had a sore throat the day before the flu really hit me. I woke up and everything ached. I had a headache, chills, fever, vomiting. It was horrible. I took some of the liposomal vitamin C I had made the day before for my sick brother. The next day I felt better; I still had a headache, and a sore throat, though, as well as aches, coughing, and a mild fever. Day after that I had a cough and a raspy voice, but that was it. The cough and raspy voice would last about two more days. After that, I had a cough that would last on and off for about a week, just coughing up phlegm. Yuck!
    —Guest Jessica

    so far.

    I'm going on 4 days. Had a fever 101.9 yesterday at the doc. Feeling sore in my back, calf muscles, the worst sore throat ever. My tonsils are incredibly swollen. The chills and sweats are off and on all 4 days. Mostly chills. However, the doc said my test results came up negative on the flu and strep. But they are treating it like strep. So I'm on an antibiotic now for about a day. And don't feel any better. I'm supposed to go into work tomorrow. But I'm really thinking about going to the ER.
    —Guest kylex

    Week four

    Im just like the person going on 4 weeks , I had all that now all i feel is nausea pretty bad ,achy legs and shoulders, and a little dizzy but the worst is the extreme feeling tired
    —Guest Marilyn

    5 DAYS and still going. . . .

    today is the 5th day of my flu! my left ear can't hear, runny nose, i can't taste, headache and i have no appetite. Its been a while since i had fever and this is the WORST!!
    —Guest June29,2013ian

    How long my flu is lasting

    I've had the flu for about 4 days now, and it started the same as everyone elses: a sudden onset of a fever, body aches, and fatigue. But my main concern is my throat. It's so raw, I can barely swallow. I hope I can get better soon so I can return to work.
    —Guest Fae


    I have had the flu now for 7 days. I have had sore throat, cough, phlegm, sore ribs blocked hearing in my ears, ears popping, slight headache in the forehead between my eyes, fever, night sweats and runny nose. I am taking Tamiflu, Mucinex, acetaminophen as medication. I have no appetite but feel hunger pangs so I am eating home-made veg. soup, and prepared packaged dried chicken soup, green tea, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, baked potato., gingerale, V8 juice, orange juice, cheerios, cream of wheat, cheese and ham sandwiches. If I don't eat I get a nausea feeling. It is all staying down and coming out just fine with no problem there. This is the 8th day and I feel 47% better but still weak and ears are still clogged and ringing and still have cough but not as often. How long will I be contagious and when will all the symptoms go away? Then how do I get my house germ-free again or get rid of this germ?

    8 days and counting

    had all the usual symptoms...aches, fever, congestion, dizziness, coughs, but the worse is the headache!! Im still coughing a bit, slightly light headed and tired too...but this darn headached just wont go away..UGH!!
    —Guest crystal


    Dont know what this is, started wednesday with a headahe. Woke up thursday, with fatigue,cough,dizzines,and the worst body aches ever! Feel like crawling under a rock!! Cant wait to feel well again!! Ughhhh.
    —Guest MW

    worst flu I ever had

    Hit me last Mon. started with chills, then sweating, temp. up and down for four days. Every part of my body ached, couldn't keep eyes open, dizzy, couldn't keep anything down. Had to go upstairs on my butt. I can keep gingerale, gatorade and jello down. I have water and it comes right up. Have talked to my doctor three times. Says there is not alot that can be done. He said sypmptoms could last for four to six weeks. I feel so weak and tired. I would not want my worse ememy to have this.
    —Guest Paula

    going on four weeks..

    It started out with nasal congestion, body aches and fatigue. I can breath clearly now, but have very low energy, dizziness and nausea (almost like acid-reflux). I've have experienced this lingering, rotated symptom condition before, but not to this extent. I'd love to find a supplement that I can take to increase my energy level. It's annoying at this point to say the least.
    —Guest Rosemarie

    flu symptoms

    Iv'e had it for a week and now its in my middle ear and I can't hear right. Always a ringing or a loud roar. I relly hope this doesn't last for another week.
    —Guest Jean

    On day 6

    This is the worst i've ever felt. I had cosackie last year and that only lasted 3 days. My daughter has strep and the flu. I have no energy at all. My ribs and lower back hurt and can't stop coughing. UGH!!
    —Guest yvonne

    8 days and praying for healing

    rummy nose sore throat fever chills sore ribs a cough that made my neck sore .Phlem chest so tight i have asthma using humidifier so not to have another asthma attack i had the flu shot in nov,and have had the pnemonia shot .this is rough and not over yet :( My daughter has it too she has D.S. and has had it over 2 weeks been to the doctor 3 times changed to stronger antibiotics its been rough she has asthma also doing breathing treatments was 3 per day down to 2..
    —Guest southern ky {}

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