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Readers Respond: How Long Did Your Flu Last?

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Updated April 22, 2011

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  • From the article: How Long Does the Flu Last?
    The flu is a virus that hits you hard and can vary in how long it lasts. If you have had the flu, how long did it last for you? Share your experience with the flu and tell others how long it lasted for you.

    8 days......1:37 AM

    Well today is the 8th day I've had the flu and it looks like I'm not getting any sleep! It started out after I was watching my 9 month old god daughter who was sick....then I had a headache and sore throat, the sore throat became worse by my chronic cough. Despite my efforts with soothers, Vicks, cold and flu tablets the cough is getting worse. So bad I can't sleep. My voice is cutting in and out due to damage of coughing so much and so hard. Doc put me on anti-biotics as the flu could turn into a sinus infection. So desperately want the coughing to stop, doesn't look like it will. Coughing up yellow phlem and having a constant blocked nose isn't fun. I don't usually get the flu....and when I do it only lasts a few days tops no where near close to 8! :(
    —Guest Alyse Walker

    flu length

    today is day 13 of my flu symtems i havewoke up with soar ribs but its easyed off now 2 hours later and im feeling ok still got a tiny headache but no where near as bad hopefully this is it over and done with . my partner has had is 15 days and she picked up secondary chest infection but she is way on the road to recoery.
    —Guest dan

    hard to say..

    Difficult to answer the question, since I STiLL have it. What I haven't been able to determine is if this started as one, little "bug", that hasn't run it's course..and I am re-infected with another "bug", or what. I have had flu symptoms since the last week of October, and it's now January 16th..so, quite a while.

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