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Readers Respond: Your Stories About Exercising and Illness

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Updated July 27, 2009

Have you ever exercised while you were sick? How do you know you are too sick to exercise? Do you see people at the gym who are probably too sick to be there? If so, what do you do? Share your experiences with illness and exercise.


Im almost 17 years old girl..I run and excercise everyday, but last week i was sick..It was just a small fever (37,5 celsius), i had cough and cold, so I thought its ok to do 200 sit-ups...yeah well and the day after my excercise i had high blood preasure and tachycardia.....PEOPLE DECIDE WISELY IF YOU SHOULD EXCERCISE OR NOT!!!!
—Guest Khamza

Scared to gain weight

Well I'm 13 years old. An I workout everyday. And I'm sick right now, I have a really sore throat, a stuffy nose, a weak body, a little bit of a headache, and a sore body too. But I'm scared if I don't exercise I'm going to gain weight, and it's stressing me out so badly.
—Guest Celine

Get Some Rest!

When you are working out, you are breaking down the body so it will build it self back up, stronger. Why break it down further when you're sick? You will only make recovery take longer. It's best to ride out the illness, rest, and then once better, resume your workout. It's just common sense!
—Guest Helen

If You Have a Fever

I usually don't exercise when I'm sick because I feel tired and my muscles are achy. However, most of the guidelines I've read say you should never work out if you have a fever.

Walk About in the Fresh Air

I would avoid the gym if I was sick. It is just wrong to be exposing other people at the gym with our germs. A walk around the block or further if you're up to it would be the way to go. Do it for the fresh air if nothing else. Being cooped up inside can make a sick person feel worse.
—Guest lila

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