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Readers Respond: Did You Get a Cold During Your Pregnancy?

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Updated January 27, 2010

34 weeks pregnant and constant cold

I've had a constant cold for a month now it comes and go when it decides!! Only snag is when I've seen my doctor he has told me I can only use honey and lemon, drink plenty of water and rest!! Another thing is using olbas oil in steaming hot water, this helps with congestion takes pressure from your head.. It makes you think how much we take tablets for granted for anything.. I just keep thinking my baby will be worth all of this when she arrives:).. Good luck to everyone..
—Guest jenny

Head and Chest Congestion at 25 Weeks

I have been out sick from work for the past 3 days. My allergies are flaring up, I have head and chest congestion, coughing, and night sweats. My OB said I can take Sudafed, Tylenol, and Robitussin, but it's not doing a thing for me! I don't know how much more of this I can take!
—Guest celia42

The Neverending Cold

At 9 weeks, I got a severe chest cold and sore throat. It lasted THREE weeks- I couldn't talk or barely even think. I finally had some relief, and now I'm 19 weeks and sick with the same thing again :( All I can recommend is tea with honey for the sore throat and LOTS of sleep. Hopefully yours doesn't last 3 weeks....
—Guest Morgan

39wks pregnant and got a cold!

I tried so hard not to get sick, especially being so close to my due date. Not only am I totally uncomfortable, but this cold is making it worse! I try to get rest, but I'm just can't get in the right position or something.. I can't wait to either get rid of the cold, or give birth Lol.
—Guest Brandie

Feeling Terrible

Im 10 wks pregnant, and to go along with my ALL DAY SICKNESS, HEADACHES, PEEING EVERY HALF HOUR, now I'm sick with a sore throat, sweating, nose running, and ear ache. I have a dr appt Tues, and I will be the first person there.
—Guest Guest Jones

Pregnant sick trainer!

I'm a fitness trainer, just found out I'm pregnant and suffering from" all day" sickness, on top of that I've had re occurring colds that makes it impossible to function during my work day.
—Guest fitness

Just found out.

I went to the doctors two weeks ago because i had a terrible cough and fever and all these other cold or flu symptoms. My nose was so stuffy i couldn't taste anything and i had a horrible sore throat. Well they said it would run its course. A week later I realized my period was late and I had some stomach cramps. So three positive tests later, back to drs to find out i have a respiratory and sinus infection plus a uti and around two months pregnant. I just cant shake this. It doesn't feel like its ever gonna go away and i cant sleep plus im so miserable from the night sweats and nausea that when i think i can sleep im either up to the bathroom to throw up or pee...
—Guest Chelcee

Too many colds

I'M 25 weeks pregnant and I'm on my 4th cold! I only get a cold maybe once every few years...this is insane! I'm so sick of being sick!
—Guest Cp

Bad cough

I'm 16 wks pregnant and can't sleep with this horrible dry cough that I've been having for a week now. I'm really picky so I don't like tea or honey I so don't know what to take it's times like this I wish I wasn't so picky.
—Guest maria


I'm about 12 weeks pregnant and didn't start getting a cold till i got fired from work for a completely stupid reason. Can maybe the stress help keep you from getting better? I am not really sure what to do and i really don't want to say anything to my husband because he will absolutly FREAK out. This is also the same man that thought my morning noon and night sickness wasn't normal. I want to try and get this cold before it gets to be a problem.
—Guest munchyie


I am 8 months pregnant and have had a cough, sore throat, and headache for about a week. I am already in the miserable stage and this isn't making anything better. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow so we will see what she says.
—Guest taylor

very ill

i'm 4 weeks pregnant and i have this terrible cold, sore throat, terrible headache, running nose and dry cough and i've just bought honey and lemon so i'll see from there if it's going to help me.
—Guest neo

Reacurancing Cold...ERRR

Hello! I'm 21 wks pregnant and I've tried just about everything i can possiably take and do for a cold. It goes away then comes back. Just when i started to feel better i got a cold sore then im working on trying to get rid of that and then i got a sore throat. I recently woke up with another cold sore this morning and also have a sore in my nose from blowing it all the time and it hurts so bad to blow and wipe it! When am i gonna catch a break. I'm not a sick person usually and this is my 2nd pregnancy (i had NO colds or anything with that 1, it was a breeeze)! Hope everyone feels better and if anyone has suggestions please post.
—Guest Jenny

not feeling well...

I'm 16weeks and I have so bad cough and colds, especially dry coughs in the morning ...can't help it ..am not usually like this before and am worried now I'm getting sickly in my pregnancy..
—Guest jm83

Chest Cold at 33 weeks

I am 33 weeks pregnant and I have a terrible chest cold. I just saw my doctor Thursday and I was fine. Friday I had a slight cough but nothing serious. Saturday morning I woke up and my throat and chest was killing. Today its Sunday and it seems a lot better than yesterday. I've been getting plenty of rest, drinking lots of water and my regular diet of six small meals a day but I added more friut (oranges). Last night I layed a vicks vapor strip on my chest. Now I'm going to try drinking some hot water with lemon and honey. Hopefully that will help my sore throat.
—Guest Crystal

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