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Readers Respond: Did You Get a Cold During Your Pregnancy?

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Updated January 27, 2010

Sore throat

I'm 12 weeks preggo and I fel so sick and sleepy my nose feels clogged all the time I'm always hot and my mouth gets so dry I drink lots of water I never really get sick until u found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks
—Guest Ladyluv


i keep getting sick. thankfully the cold is only really bad for a day... but its been more than monthly. im 16 weeks and i just want to get through the winter. i dont like to take meds while pregnant. ive been taking raw honey w/ cinnamon. im crediting it for keeping the worst of it short. just sucks with work. and having other symptoms like shortness of breath on top of it. hope they understand :(
—Guest mandy

Battling cold after cold

This is my second pregnancy. I also am a mother of a toddler this time around and am pregnant during these wretched months full of being in confined spaces with other sick people. This is the FOURTH cold I have since my four-month morning sickness ended at week 22. I am now 32-weeks and absolutely miserable. These sicknesses have three times turned into secondary illnesses. I've been on antibiotics and steriods three times because my body could not kick it on it's own. I have NEVER, EVER been this sick so often in my life. I usually see my doctor only once a year. These sicknesses ruin my vacation, holidays, etc and mostly are just debilitating on an over-tired pregnant woman trying to take care of her toddler and husband. I do not know what to do differently. I eat healthy and have good support but keep getting sick over and over.
—Guest Sarah

This cold wont go away!!!

Im 6 weeks pregnant with my second child. Im kind of scared ive had this cold for almost 2 weeks and its not improving! Im so miserable im in bed all day sweating and coughing and blowing my nose. Ive done every remedy and nothing works :( went to the doc & she said i "might" have strep throat so im on an antibiotic and my sore throat is better but i still have all the other symptoms! Im so early in pregnancy im scared this sickness might harm the baby. I never dreamed id be this miserable and worried!
—Guest Jennifer

plz help

I'm sick at 34.5 days... cold plz go away...the meds I do need can't, take .taste buds are gone..
—Guest lucky as a penguin


I'm 38 weeks pregnant I'm tired and I have a cold from hell. I have a stuffed nose watery eyes a sore throat a cough and a head ache.. Idk what to do
—Guest Tired


I had a cold for 2 solid months during the beginning of my pregnancy, not to mention 4 months of morning sickness. Now at 27 weeks it seems I am getting sick again, kinda depressing, I feel as though my body doesn't belong to me anymore!
—Guest Amanda

9 weeks and got a cold

I'm 9 weeks and I have a cold sore throat running nose I don't no what to take to make me feel better and right now not feeling that good drs tomorrow so hopefully I can have something so I can sleep
—Guest allie

37 weeks .. With the flu!

Im so grateful for people that have written in with remedies - all ive been allowed to take is paracetemol! My ears are so so so sore, eyes runny, nose runny, raw throat, achey back! I had the flu jab and whooping cough jab two weeks ago and only just got symptoms! Hope this goes away before i go into labour! Right now i feel too weak to do most things :(
—Guest Becki

When will it go away

Im 23wks prego n i started with watert eyes running nose itching ear n throat to wake up the next morning feeling miserable including major body aching ive been drinkn 100%lemon juicewarm chicken noodle soup with Vicks n now i feel a lil better when getting back up d following day Rest is a big factor too so i hope that my advice helps as well n i pray that u all will ger well. Soon includn me
—Guest Deiona

Cold became viral sinus infection

I'm 20 wks pregnant. It started with a sore throat and sneezing (but still plenty of energy), then after a long weekend car trip, it became a full on viral sinus infection. Body aches, extreme fatigue (I slept 16 hours last night), green-yellow nasal discharge (not orangey- yellow, which means bacterial), and sinus pain across my forehead and cheeks. I've found comfort with a heating pad on my face and neck. I've also taken promethazine for congestion. I wish I had started saline nasal rinses sooner, I started after it already got bad, but it might have kept it from getting worse. I use the nasal irrigation technique using just a cup and salt water that I learned in an Andrew Weil book (no need to buy a neti pot). I'm trying to stay hydrated. Here's hoping I'm feeling better soon!
—Guest First timer


I'm 17 weeks pregnant with a horrible sore thoat I keep waking up and my voice is gone. I don't really hve an appetite all I have been drinking is tea or chicken broth it seem to help.
—Guest Cmmarie

sinus symptoms

1week pregnant with pms, fever,running nose, stress. drinking only panado, omega 3,6 and vitamin bcomplex
—Guest mamzo

Oh this is not good.....

I'm 34 weeks pregnant. I was super morning sicknessy sick at the beginning, but now it is coming back. Plus on top of that, I feel the deep aches and pains of a sever cold or flu coming on, raw throat, headache and the general feeling of being hit by a MAC truck. I've been gargalling with salt and warm water all day, it is creaping up on me, I can feel it. They say that flu like symptoms are a sign of labour.... this feels like it really is the flu thou.
—Guest Sarah

8 weeks pregnant

im 8 weeks and 3 days today about a week ago i went in to see my doc i had a high fever and was sneezing and had a runny nose he gave me some antibiotics but since ive been taking them my colds only gotten worst my chest hurts its hard to take a deep breath n im coughin up phlegm and my throat hurts bad this is my first pregnacy so it scares me to be this sick im goin bck to yye docs in the morn
—Guest bri

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Did You Get a Cold During Your Pregnancy?

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