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Readers Respond: Did You Get a Cold During Your Pregnancy?

Responses: 72


Updated January 27, 2010

im sooo sick :/

I have had the nastiest deep phelgm producing cough, runny nose, stopped up ears so bad I can barely hear and my Dr says nothing but tylenol. I'm 4 1/2 wks pregnant and very high risk. Due to 3 miscarriages and I'm only 24.
—Guest marie v

Lucky Duck

I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and nevertheless I am extremley congested with a really bad sore throat, it's now to the point to where I can't breathe out of my nose or mouth real good. This is the forst time I've been sick one time throughout my whole pregnancy adn I could have her at anytime...This scares me to death the it will cause complications!!
—Guest Marshall

Not Again!

I'm 7 weeks along and have been sick on and off for 3 weeks. I thought it was seasonal allergies, but not so sure mow. I've had a really bad sore throat, it hurts to swallow. I have to sneeze so much, I try to stay close to the bathroom, because I tinkle a little some times. My head is stuffy, and the congestion is horrid, it even coats my throat when I sleep. Sleeping isn't good, with the cold and the call to the throne. My head hurts, my eyes water, and my ears hurt, and some times itch. It's not like my allergies, my head isn't stuffy, my chest is. I have had a low grade fever on and off. I just hope it doesn't continue like this through out the whole pregnancy.
—Guest Mrs. Joyce

20 weeks pregnant and sick with a cold!!

im 20 weeks pregnant does me being sick affect the baby??? ..Im not takeing nothing to cure my cold ! but what is it that one can take cause my throat is hurting and i have a stuffy nose ughh hate it....
—Guest becky

Sick in December 2011

I'm 26 weeks, second pregnancy and 40 years old. I caught a cold 6 days ago, runny/stuffy nose, malaise, sore throat - it's now moved into my chest and I have a cough and hoarseness. Using lemon with hot water really helps break up the congestion, acetaminophen for aches, warm mist humidifier at night and hot showers all help. I can handle all the symptoms except for the fatigue/faint feeling - that's the worst and the one symptom that lingers! My resting heart rate now that I'm pregnant is much higher in the high 80's/low 90's but being sick it's over a 100. I work full time and don't have any sick leave left so any time I take is unpaid - which I had to do last week. Got my flu shot when I was 3 months so hopefully I will avoid getting the flu.
—Guest Rose

2 week cold and 25 weeks pregnant

I had this for 2 weeks and its getting worse I went to my ob and they gave me some cold meds but hot non caffeine tea works if you have a chest cold like I do plus my cold made me almost go into pre term labor and I had to stay in the hospital over night but everythings good now
—Guest keia

2 week cold and 25 weeks pregnant

I had this for 2 weeks and its getting worse I went to my on and they gave me some cold meds but hot non caffeine tea works if you have a chest cold like I do plus my cold made me almost go into pre term labor and I had to stay in the hospital over night but everythings good now
—Guest keia

Getting worse

I'm 18 weeks pregnant and have a viral chest infection, sore throat and all other cold like symptoms for the past four days. I have been drinking lemon and honey boiled in lemonade, which is soothing and tastes ok too, but I'm getting worse. Today I was sent home from work which is a pain as I don't get sick pay. A colleague has recommended i try warm honey, lemon and a clove of garlic boiled together. She said it tastes awful but it really works so I think I'll have to give it a go. Hope you all feel better soon.
—Guest Lisa

almost over

Im currently 35 weeks pregnant I just got rid of a cold a couple weeks ago and here comes the chills and the head congestions. Eeh..... can't wait to go to the doc tomorrow I wants the works one thing I do know my baby girls is kicking along so im know she's ok. Hope u ladies feel better! Drink some tea with lemon and honey I know benedryl and regular robotussin with no added stuff to it and rest tell your boo to cuddle and your all great.
—Guest shaunblazzing

8weeks pregnant with a cold

I've been having this cold and runny nose for about a week now and its driving me crazy no sleep or anything because of this. what should i do. there's no medications to take so I'm just stuck. I just hope it don't hurt my baby.
—Guest baby bowie


I Am 23 weeks pregnant and I already got rid of morning sickness at 15 weeks. But recently I got a bad cold. Throwing up was involved, blood coming out of my throat I was coughing really bad. Stuffed nose. And to top it off... I pee when I throw up... My cold is so bad... I hate tea. And honey but I will drink anything just so my baby is ok and for me to get rid of this horrid sickness!
—Guest Angel

4 weeks pregnant and sick!

I found out 3 days ago that I'm pregnant and started coughing, sneezing, running a fever, and miserable just 1 day after finding out! I have taken Tylenol to keep my temp below 99.5 and my Dr prescribed me Clindamycin 300mg claiming it is safe? I'm scared to take anything but this cold has got to go!
—Guest Ashes84

sick and tired!

Okaii soo I'm 16 weeks pregnant nd for the past few days I've been stuck with a sore throat that's really killing me and a stuffy nose..on top of that everything I ate so far since last night has.been making me throw up :/ I really hope I get better fast its not fun to be sick 24/7
—Guest johanna

Cold and cough

I got cold and cough during 10th week now I am 16 weeks and still have chest congestions I do not feel a clear throat at all..
—Guest Ann

Almost made it!

I work in a drugstore so I was certain I would get a cold during my pregnancy. I went out on leave one week ago at 39/40 wks. Never had any sickness at all until yesterday. Now I can go into labor literally any day and am battling a cold. I was petrified of labor before and this just intensifies that. I am really upset that I wont be able to bond with my baby because I might give her my cold.
—Guest Erin R.

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