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Readers Respond: What Is the Worst Cold Symptom

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Updated June 30, 2009


My worst cold symptom is the fever, sore throat and feeling lousy. Could it be flu? I did have a flu shot in Oct 2010. I seem to get more colds as I get older, and they are worse. Especially when traveling. I get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water and eat very healthy. I'm frustrated that I get 2 or 3 colds a year.
—Guest julia

loss of taste smell

im inthe midst of a bad cold, and i hate the fact, ive lost my sense of smell and taste, plus the nasal congestion drives me mad.
—Guest debbie

i hate being sick

i hate being sick, i have a runny nose, my itchy watery eyes, sore throat, ear ache, head ache, body ache! i just lay in bed all day with, not cool!!!!
—Guest lydia marin

i hate this

I have been sick for a couple of days now. I look like I have been crying all day.My eyes won't stop running. They look like if I was really crying its so weird. :(
—Guest am sad

The cold that never ends..

I have been sick for 6 weeks now. I will go a day or two and try to get out and see some sunshine, go to the gym or do something physical and then I'll wake up sicker than a dog. Every time I go to the doctor they proceed with the same answers, you hvae the common cold. Get lots of sleep, take some over the counter med's and you should be fine in no time. Thats never the case. I could own stock in the over the counter drug business for as much money I have spent on remedies that do not work. It is starting to seem like I'll never be better. I got pneumonia two years ago because my doctors passed it off for so long my lungs filled with fluids. I just want someone to take me seriously for a change but I don't know how to get them to.
—Guest Jenny


I have a cold w/ sore throat, stuffy nose, extreme cough, low-grade fever, and watery eyes. Sadly, most of my stuff was packed away for the move. Sudafed not working well, neither is ibuprofin :(. The worst sympton is probably either the coughing or stuffy nose, because random coughing fits hurt the throat, sometimes lasting long enough that you can't breath for a bit AFTER the coughing fit and the stuffy nose gives the inability to breath.
—Guest ME

Stiff neck and very bad sore throat

Been having it since last Friday. I can't even turn my neck or look left right and up. And right now my throat all swollen up like the muscle all tighten up. :( hopefully the antibiotic start working, it been two days.
—Guest Khuong


i have had a cold for 6 days now, started on tuesday and has gotten worse till monday today. Started with sore throat and high fever. Now its ear ache to conjunctivitis in both ears and eyes. I have the sniffles and a bad cough. Im taking Medication for all of it but i seem to be getting worse. WILL I GET BETTER!!!???!!!
—Guest marie

why me!?!!!!

i have a runny nose, sneezing, runny eyes, headache, itchy and soar throat, stopped eating, and i cant stand it why me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest d man

I have a cold RIGHT NOW!

I woke this morning with a runny nose.. Then a while later started sneezing and now I have a stuffy nose :/ I get sick ALOT and i'm trying to take Vit.C tablets to help me get better. Also, my eyes get SUUPPPERRR red.
—Guest ChrissyGee

I have a VERY bad Cold

I hate getting colds, this is what I get : Runny/annoying nose Really itchy/bad throat (also coughing) Stiff neck Feel Dizzy Eyes trying to stay open When in a comfy position can't get up cross-eyed SOMETIMES Not Hungry (refusing food) Hurts when swallowing Sick SOMETIMES It's not THAT bad, it goes in 2 or 3 weeks :)
—Guest Sick Girl

Lasts forever...

I have had a cold for a month now...originally I had gone for radiation treatment (follow-up to cancer surgery)....and I thought, I would finally get a break. Was I wrong, with my immune system on "holidays" and me refusing to stay home for a month to recover, I caught a cold....perhaps, every virus, I came across.........now I am reminiscing about what life was without a cold.....I have everything: stuffy nose (with the occasional runny nose, itchy, runny eyes, tiredness, cold sores all over my mouth, I look like heck.....Will I ever get better???
—Guest Zelia

The piles of tissues

My bed was covered in twice-used tissues at one point. I was afraid of running out of fresh tissues!
—Guest Brooke


the tiredness, headache, runny nose, coughing, sneezing, all of that I can put up with no problem, but the runny eyes makes it impossible to do anything at all and it reallllyy frustrates me! Its just embarrassing and SO SO annoying.
—Guest Natalie

i hate colds!!!

I don't get sick often, but when I do I hate it! The worst part of all is my eyes get watery and start to tear up when I feel like I am about to sneeze, which is all the time! So it looks like I'm depressed because I'm always crying.
—Guest liza

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