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Readers Respond: What Is the Worst Cold Symptom

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Updated June 30, 2009

sick 19 weeks pregnate

i feel like s##t coughing snezzing through up cause of coughing i just want two hide for ever till im not sick and i have chills and a fever

sick and pregnate

ok not cool got dignosed with strep throat that i was getting beeter but wednesday i woke up with a bad cold i keep sneezing and now i been on 4 box of kleenx i just want this to go awayim not hungry and thorughing up cause of my coughing and no voice pleeeease save me form the moutain of kleenexes

No not just a cold

Eyes itchy,coughing so much have scratched my lungs,throat on fire ca'nt sleep not eaten for 2 days,rushed into hospital so dehydrated put on a drip,just wanted to die
—Guest carole

Worst Cold Ever

I feel totally floored. Yesterday it was a nose like the Niagra Falls and aching teeth. Today I'd give anything for yesterday back. My nose isn't as runny but I have this awful prickling/burning/tickling sensation inside my nose at the very top, which feels half like I'm about to sneeze (sometimes I do, repeatedly!) and half like when you accidentally snort chlorine water up your nose. It's AWFUL. I just want it to go away. All I can think about it this horrible, horrible feeling in my nose, which has been here for more than TWELVE HOURS and I bet doesn't go away. I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight and I have to go into work because I've already had two days off. I just want to lie around and be miserable. My teeth and jaw ache too, my eyes and nose are still streaming and my ears are crackling with all the pressure. On Monday I couldn't speak because I'd lost my voice. GO AWAY, COLD!
—Guest Sileas

Watering Eyes & Feeling tired!

Watering eyes - i always have them when i have cold.. often just in one eye (kind of annoying) making me constantly blink. I end up with half my face scrunched up keeping the one eye shut!
—Guest RihStar

Runny Monstrosity

I've recently just caught the flu. Such bad luck. It's day 4 and most of my symptoms seem to be fading. all apart from one... my runny nose! Literally never had such a runny nose in my life! I cannot blow it properly as its too congested. I go to wipe it and not even a minute later it's like Niagara Falls! I've gone through two tubes of toilet roll, over 100 kleenexes and anything I can dry my nose with. my nose currently looks like I'm copying Rudolph. This has got to stop. I'm off on holiday to France on Friday! Friday! This is so not fun. :(
—Guest Emma


I have a cold since Friday. runny nose, watery eyes, my right nostril all the way up my right side straight down the back of my head is burning like crazy. i sneeze ever so often and tht comes with the most terrible chest burn . this is day three , i can't take it any more.
—Guest tani


My nose is running and stopped up, I have a headache, my throat burns, my throat is filled with snot so I almost choked. I feel so miserable.
—Guest brittney


I am a courtesy associate at Walmart, which requires me to bring shopping carts that customers left out back in. Today it's extremely cold and rainy, but to make matters worse I have a cold: blocked nose, banging headache, sore throat is gone but my cheeks and teeth still hurt... Sinuses are kicking my butt. I don't want to call in, obviously because of Walmart's lack of compassion for any of their employees...but if I go in, I know I'll come down with something like the flu or pneumonia. Sorry, but I choose to stay in bed and suffer. I'll think about the consequences of my call-in tomorrow.
—Guest Nakunaru

Can't take it anymore!

Im 3 weeks away from giving birth and I have the worst migraine the has lasted 3 days, burning nostrils, a drippy nose, sore eyes, and sore ears, plus a light fever that comes and goes. Just my luck, I hope it goes away before the big day!
—Guest Erika

Tired of this cold

this cold started with a scratchy kind of feeling in my mouth under my nose, a few days later the nose started running and has not stopped. Blowing like crazy. Now I have a cough. Sick and tired of it.
—Guest Deb

A Very bad Cold

I am a mom, and my son has had a cold, and he gave it to me, only my cold isn't getting any better. I wake up in the middle of the night, and I'm coughing, and blowing my nose, plus I have trouble breathing with this cold. I was running a fever this morning since I was shivering. It's not usually this bad. I get a cold, and normally it's gone within a week, but this one is lingering
—Guest Mary Ellen

im so over this

IT starts with the scratchy throat and tickly burning nose, then you get a runny nose but can barely blow anything out then you wake up the next day SO SORE and cold, then you cant taste or smell anything then your glands swell up, accompanied by sneezing 6 times in a row, my head feels like it weighs 100 lbs and your not hungry at all maybe once a day but ugh i sware when i get sick i get REALLY sick its like clock work, i get bronchitis in september, then a bad cold in january haha invevitable -.- good luck everyone!
—Guest ihatenywinters


i have the worse cold ever...............my nose is soooooooooooo very stuffy, and dripping at the same time, can somebody expain that? I've been blowing for hours, I'm tired but i cant sleep, can i get a witness?
—Guest stephanie

I feel like I'm dying

The worst is my sore throat has traveled into my ear and I'm coughing so hard (despite the 12 hour cough suppressant I'm on) that I've just straight up started puking. My nose is so runny all the time it's become completely raw from me blowing it every few minutes.
—Guest Cat

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What Is the Worst Cold Symptom

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