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Readers Respond: What Is the Worst Cold Symptom

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Updated June 30, 2009

My ears and throat!

I normally get a cold once of twice and year..but when I do..THEY'RE SO TERRIBLE. My throat feels like it's on fire and my ears are just in plain out pain! CAN I JUST SNEEZE, PLEASE!?
—Guest FrostBitFlowers

Feeling bad

Got a good but this one is much weaker than my last cold about a year ago. I was on a cruise in the Caribbean. After about one day on the sea my symptoms started. For a whole day I was stuck in my tiny room bed ridden. The next day I was not much better but mustered the strength to go pet some dolphins and stuff. I couldn't taste any of the food and it pretty much sucked. Worst cold ever was when I visited my brother. We went to his favorite Greek restaurant. I got the seafood special. Never get the seafood special. I got deathly ill and everything was just running straight through me. On top of my digestive illness I got a cold. For 4 days I was not able to eat, I was super dehydrated and having an awful cold....I seriously thought I was going to have to go to the emergency room. After days of misery I got better but wow was I sick.
—Guest sickntired

feeling lousy

My headache is my worse symptom.it feels like my head istwice its size.and clogged up!
—Guest debbie

I can't handle this!

I have had a horrible cough for over a month now, it is still going on my now I have a runny nose and my ears won't pop! That isn't the worst part, the worst part is my face hurts and my eyes are swollen and ichy it keeps me up all hours of the night! Worst cold I have had in a long time.
—Guest Ayla

I guess im sick with a cold or something

feeling kinda weak dizzy. hurts to swallow feel's like my lungs are burnt and my nose is running constantly. have to keep a towel around to wipe my nose every few seconds. sigh i just want to get better already!!
—Guest Dark Force User


So I get the runny nose- not too bad after you go through a whole trees worth of toilet paper, it's the ickyness I hate. You know when you sneeze and the snot (sorry to be gross) goes everywhere and then you feel as though you can't touch anything incase you infect it with your germs. Icky. Does anyone have runny eyes when the colds coming out? Hardly know anyone who does but my eyes go all red and looks like I'm on drugs. Don't get me started on the rash underneath my nose. It's the 21st Century- how have colds not been erased yet? They're horrible but so common that no one gives sympathy or treats you differently- still expected to go school/work even though you feel like death warmed up. Insanity.
—Guest Abby

Congestion and Ears Refusing to Pop

I have gotten a cold just recently, and my nose is all stuffed up, I am getting a rash under my nose from blowing it, and my ears will not pop. It's really annoying, and it's been only two days!
—Guest George

I hate being sick

My throat has been hurting for 3 days. My eyes are watering a lot. I can't breathe through my nose and when I blow my nose it just seems to get worse. I start school next Monday and its Wednesday. I hope it doesn't last long and I wanna get over it by tomorrow. Its really annoying and i had to wake my mom up at midnight to get medicine and she had to work the same day. I hate this feeling and my mom hates when i have to wake her up. Help!!!! My life is suckish right now. And to make it worse, I'm 12, I can't see because I have to get new glasses and my vision is super bad without my glasses. Ugh!! I hate it.
—Guest pretty girl jai

Feeling rubbish

My nose has been running constantly the past few days, but today is the worst. My chest is killing me and I can't catch my breath kinda scary and painful worst thing to deal with ever!
—Guest Jade Baker

A common cold? Or allergies?

I just when on a camping trip for three days and the day we left my nose was running like crazy! My eyes turned red and they watered so much i felt like i was crying! Whenever I blow my nose, it just cloggs up so i can't breath! Ugg! How long will this last?!
—Guest Madi

Help I can't breathe!

Ok it has been 2 months I have been congested, some nights wake up gasping for air because I'm totally blocked . I think it may be allergies but I took the quiz on this site and its saying a cold . I've felt run down for the length of this and when I wake up in the morning I sneeze forever ! The only relief has been sinus meds at night but I hate to keep taking them... Could I really have a cold Last this long ? Hmmmm....
—Guest ET

Kill me now

I have a cest pain and a sore throught like its burning a runnie nose every 2 seconds I wipe my nose and every time I sneeze once I can't stop for a whole minute. I have school tomorrow and have to go trying to convince mum to let me stay home.
—Guest Shannon


It started when I was on my way to some where and my dad got me medicine but it didn't help. The medicine just made me sleepy. Then the problem wasn't so bad it was just a stuffy nose and I was dehydrated. When we were on our way home it got way worse! I couldn't even breathe. Then my mom put a humidifier in my room, I elevated my head, and got myself warm. The next morning when I woke up I thought I was all better but then I snuffled and notice I was super dehydrated, had a headache, and every time I breathe hard in or out I coughed and my throat started getting worse. That was the bad part. The good part is that I get to stay home, watch tv, and my mom won't make me make my own food. She would do it for me or make my dad or brother do it.
—Guest Sam


Feeling rotten , leaking nostril, chesty cough that affects my bladder my ribs, sneezing and wheezing, pressure around and under eyes and to top it a when I'm sickl my excema breaks out all over my face and lips so now I look a sight and can't abide how I look!!!
—Guest misery

The pain

I can bear the sneezing fits, I can cope with the headache and blocked sinuses. I can manage the streaming from one or both nostrils and my eyes. I can even just about cope with the loss of sleep through coughing and the exhaustion but I really, really struggle with the inevitable flair up of my rheumatoid arthritis that starts on day two of the cold and lasts about three weeks. Then the stomach problems caused, if I'm not really careful, caused by the pain killers. Yep. The joint pain is DEFINITELY the worst symptom.

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What Is the Worst Cold Symptom

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