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Readers Respond: What Is the Worst Cold Symptom

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Updated June 30, 2009

Ah ah ahhchooo!

I am like a tap on full at the moment all my tissues are disintegrating from either my streaming nose or watering eyes ... don't want to get my tissues mixed up! I keep getting mahoosive sneezing fits like thirty one after another. I'm so tired and lethargic but when I lay down my stuffy nose means i can't breathe so I'm stuck upright drinking warm fluids to keep me hydrated. I have lost all sense of smell and taste as well having a pounding headache, my body is so cold i keep getting all shivery, hoping the tonsils aren't going to start playing up ... I want my health back!
—Guest Miss sniffly

My ears are hurting!!:(

My ears are hurting and I took a pain reliever pill, Guess what? IT'S STILL NOT HELPING!!!! My throut feels like friggin glass!!!! I am on my period again and that also hurt!!!! I have body aches! I can't do chores!! My mom told me not to go to school, and i cry because i am in a lotta PAIN!!!! I called my mom to come pick me up from school but she didn't believe i was sick, so i suffered the headache at school.. and i felt like screaming at kids and felt like crying so I did when I got home! I wish my friends and family cared because THE COLD IS HORRIBLE!!!!
—Guest Alyssa


i have a cold on super bowl sunday. i dont even care about anything. cant taste or smell the food, sneezing and tired itchy eyes, my nazal pssages are swollen to the max
—Guest brian

Save me from this torture

For the past few days, I have been plagued with the most hellish cold I have ever come into contact with. I have to stick a tissue under my nose LITERALLY every two minutes, and I have to keep moving and make sure my head is elevated, otherwise my sinuses fill right back up! I hate it! I also keep crying because my nose keeps tingling, and I have MONSTER bags under my eyes because I have been so sleep-deprived. I know that tomorrow morning is going to either be the morning where I wake up almost 100% cured from it all, or it is going to be that type of morning where I wake up, and my symptoms have gotten 10x worse....Here's to hoping for the first one!
—Guest Kaitlyn

Cold or flu

I had my flu shot 4 months ago, I now have a sore head, a cough which brings up clear flem and running nose. No fever yet.
—Guest Dan


My lips and nose are rubbed raw from blowing my nose constantly. Every time I breath in or out, it feels like my throat is on fire and it tries to close off. It's like there's a big infected hole between my nose and throat that burns when air passes over it. I can barely talk. I work in food service and you can't call in sick unless you are in the hospital or you have someone to cover your shift. It's embarassing having people get irritated I can't talk louder. I'd rather them be irritated that I'm sick and making their food so I can go home.
—Guest MEL

The most miserable cold

The third day of having my cold and I feel like i'm gonna go crazy. I'm so stuffed up that my head feels like it's going to explode. My nose is burning, throat is swollen and painful. Headache and no energy, ears are bothering me nonstop. Trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, and my chest is congested therefore i'm coughing. I WANT THIS TO BE OVER!!!
—Guest FML

Colds suck

So it started with a EXTREMELY bad sore throat, on xmas ): and then i got a really bad stuffed nose. I was blowing my nose, and my ears popped. My ears hurt so bad when i touch em now. Also i lost my voice due to scratchy throat, this is the worst cold ive EVER had.
—Guest Rachel


I have had a runny nose for probably the past 2-3 days not that bad but it's really irritating to have to wipe my nose every single minute of the day also my eyes are watering like mad
—Guest May

sick of being sick

this is the worse cold ever had,blocked nose,never ending cough,itchy nose acheing all over had it 5 days now got antibiotics for my chest as suffer from astma but don't think they will do any good,just no energy not been able to do anything is a pain.just want to feel better,feeling sorry for myself
—Guest christine

I always get bad colds

Everytime I get a cold, it is a full on cold. It started out with a scratchy, sore throat and itchy watery eyes. Now I have sinus pressure, runny nose, ear aches, and my eyes are so irritated I can't go 5 seconds without blinking! Cold and allergy medicines aren't even working!! I have had this cold for 6 days, and I'm going to a concert in 3 days so I better be feeling better by then!!
—Guest Meredith

Head cold

My head is so stuffed with pressure of snot. I could have someone kick it off now. The body aches and soar throat are out of this world. Pray God heals me very quickly because I have a swim meet in a week!
—Guest Dolphin

Over It!

My nose is watering like a tap & I've gone through 2 boxes of tissues during the night -scares me to blow it anymore it's so red & sore, both eyes are watering & itchy, I Got hardly any sleep, had tissues shoved up my nose all night. My head hurts, I ache all over & if somebody wanted to kick the head off my shoulders right now.........I'd welcome it.
—Guest Susie


I had a scratchy throat last night then woke up today with a partially blocked nose =[ ! My heads slightly sore and it's hard to try keep my eyes open as i feel so tired....Colds are the worst!
—Guest Mazza

Don't feel well

I have a cold at the min with a blocked nose that keeps running sore head sore throat an no energy at all
—Guest Guestnow

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