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Readers Respond: How Have Itchy Eyes Affected You?

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Updated May 04, 2009

From the article: Itchy Eyes
Have you experienced itchy eyes in the past? Share your itchy eye stories about how itchy eyes have affected your daily life. Whether you have itchy eyes from allergies, a cold or something else, let us know how itchy eyes have affected you. Share Your Story


My eyes they start iching when i have flu nd i have visited some doctors they say they dont see anything please help
—Guest Zamani

itchy eyess

my eyes is verry itchy for 4 weeks its attack every night and sometimes morning im afraid that it takes me for blindness but i think God is heald me noww
—Guest guest april

Eyes that really itch terribly

I have eyes that itch almost every day of my life
—Guest Vidya

wow my eyes are itchy!

My eyes itch so bad at night that i can't sleep! I wish i could stop itching them but it seems impossible. It hurts really bad. Eye drops don't do squat. Cold compress doesn't do anything either. Insanity!
—Guest Erin


My eyes occasionally itches and examination carried revealed that the pressure is high and no Glaucoma. I was put on cool eye drops. Any it finishes , the itching comes
—Guest Roger Azanya


I'have been having dry eyes for many yrs. and I have been using artificial tear drops. but I never had any itchy eyes ! unfortunately last few months my eyes have been swollen & itchy then I had treatment from my GP !! the swollen is gone still itching it's driving me mad !! please can you tell me any natural remedy for itchy eyes!! thanks ....

itchy eyes

I have itchy eyes now for a good 3 months my doctor changed my heart medication that helped for a little while now one week later that itch is back, i have no allergies. I have an appoit. whith the dermatalogist and then eye doct.
—Guest Anita Bishop

Itchy Eyes

I have found out that most of the time I relieve my itchy eyes by drinking a glass or two of water. I started doing this because my father had the same problem and constantly took eye drops, which offered only temporary relief. I suggested that he drink more water and it worked for him. So, when I was struck with the same problem, I tried it and it works for me all the time.

itchy eyes

my eyes have been itchy and watery for nearly a month now im at my wits end with it. doctor been no help had 3 lots of eye drops for bacterial red eye didnt work. went back told to try allergy eye drops still not working my eyes are so itchy i cant help but itch them. its starting to affect my life going to optometrist tommorow hope they can get to the bottom of it x
—Guest heather marie


Eyes have itched everyday for my whole life. So serious that my eyes are permanently yellow.
—Guest Suffering

Itchy Eyes

I've been getting itchy eyes in the corners for some years. My eyelids turned black now because of these itchy eyes. When i consulted doctors they said its caused by an allergy. I have tried prescribed different eye drops as medication. My faith is in Jesus Christ now because everything is possible to Him.
—Guest Cno

I dnt knw which type

Am 20. I've suffered itchy eyes for 7 years now. . . .once it starts itching,my eyes goes sore red and swollen and sometimes,something grows like boil inside d eyes and it will keep itching. I've used varieties of eye drops but it still will not stop.

asian itchy eyes

I am 60 yrs old I am suffering itchy eyes for 3 weeks first time in my life, no redness around whole eyes too eyes and sticky watery coming day and night, I used refresh plus thinking treating dry eyes but it does'nt work, to avoid rubbing the eyes I used ice cubes to releive the itching, it is so horrible
—Guest fe

Itchy eyes

@ days ago i got the worst itchy eyes ever, even the prescribed eye drops have not helped.. This is the first time I have stayed at the lake in the spring. Eyes have itched before due to allergies, but never like this??????????
—Guest Lucy

My itchy eyes

im 12,and yesterday when i woke up my eyes were terribly itchy.I have allergies but never have had eye allergies.I looked it up,and i dont have symptoms of pink eye but they are so itchy and burn like a bunch of needles poking my eye.Today however,after trying a bunch of treatment and eyedrops,they are even worse!It hurts especially in the corner of my eye.And im not allergic to any pets and no one has had pink eye or a cold recently in my family or at school.Im going to a doctor today,and hopefully they will figure it out and give me medication that will actually work!I cant imagine having eye allergies for the rest of my life i have hade them for 2 days and it driving me crazy!!And ive never had any problems with eye allergies and i dont have bad vision...????
—Guest Kailey

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How Have Itchy Eyes Affected You?

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