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Readers Respond: How Have Itchy Eyes Affected You?

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Updated May 04, 2009

From the article: Itchy Eyes
Have you experienced itchy eyes in the past? Share your itchy eye stories about how itchy eyes have affected your daily life. Whether you have itchy eyes from allergies, a cold or something else, let us know how itchy eyes have affected you.

red painful eye lids

my eye lids are red and swollen and hae been doe a montH.It is awful, My doctor gave me Pataday eye drops and an antibiotic. Still having pain and cant wear makeup.HELP
—Guest nancy

Swollen itchy eyes

I have a cold and my eyes started to get itchy and red then they got swollen i don't know what it is but what ever it is i hate it
—Guest Mariah

Itchy eyes

@ days ago i got the worst itchy eyes ever, even the prescribed eye drops have not helped.. This is the first time I have stayed at the lake in the spring. Eyes have itched before due to allergies, but never like this??????????
—Guest Lucy

My itchy eyes

im 12,and yesterday when i woke up my eyes were terribly itchy.I have allergies but never have had eye allergies.I looked it up,and i dont have symptoms of pink eye but they are so itchy and burn like a bunch of needles poking my eye.Today however,after trying a bunch of treatment and eyedrops,they are even worse!It hurts especially in the corner of my eye.And im not allergic to any pets and no one has had pink eye or a cold recently in my family or at school.Im going to a doctor today,and hopefully they will figure it out and give me medication that will actually work!I cant imagine having eye allergies for the rest of my life i have hade them for 2 days and it driving me crazy!!And ive never had any problems with eye allergies and i dont have bad vision...????
—Guest Kailey

itchy eyes

My eyes have been itchy for about two weeks now I have tried eye drops, but I have gotten no relief.
—Guest Heather

Itchy eyes

My eyes have been itching for months and it's driving me crazy! It's not red but just itchy but when I rub it it hurts . :(
—Guest Jess

My Itchy Eyes

My eyes have been itching for the last month or so. At first I thought it was dry eyes, but then went to my doctor and was diagnosed with my allergies causing the itchy eyes. Tried a prescription eye drop from the doctor, but no relief. I know I'm allergic to ragweed, but it's now November and you would think ragweed would be gone. However for Ohio this has been a very unusual year.
—Guest Lydia Thomas

ithcy eyes

had problem for several months,visit two doctors with no relief
—Guest hines

itchy eyes

my eyes itch that much that have to rub them, but last week i ended up with a really bad eye infection. it doesn't matter if it's summer or winter and i don't have pets. it's driving me mad.
—Guest lily matthews

itchy eyes.

I've been having itchy eyes like for the past 4yrs. The itching is usually unbearable during warm weather..It makes my eyes all puffy and bloodshot, been trying out a lot of treatments and none has worked so far. I've tried out drops and other prescriptions too.. and its killing me.
—Guest Tima

itchy eyes

i have been having an itchy eyes for the past 2years now, now am using glasses no solution...
—Guest adetope

Itchy eyes

For the past two months i have itchy eyes with some redness at times been to Dr. had some drops did not work, the Pharmacist gave me other drops still do not work, Dr. said it was allergies but nothing seems to work. I often have a greenish matter at the corner of one eye.
—Guest Florence

itchy eyes

my eyes itchy really bad everyday some day they itch more then others. its been for 2yrs they have need really bad it drives me crazy ..
—Guest kimberly

My eyes

My eyes started itching in the corners I'm only ten and I'm going to the doctors soon if been having white spots apeering by my eyes and I don't know why or what they are please help aaaaaawwww itchy!!!!
—Guest Meg


I have been getting an itchy eye and lots of eye buger and its a little bit red and really sore by the corner of my eyes and I rub them a lot.
—Guest brianna

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