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Readers Respond: Coping With Your Congestion

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Updated January 26, 2010

Congestion is one of the most common symptoms of the cold and flu. Many people try to manage their congestion without medication. If you’ve tried options such as humidifiers, saline sprays or other non-medication treatments, share your experience. What’s worked? What hasn’t? Share Your Tips

It was gross but helped immensely..

I've had a virus for two weeks, and even though I've gotten better, my nose would not clear.. I just did this a minute ago so maybe it will help others: I used a sinus rinse such as Neilmed Sinus Rinse, and used half the bottle for one nostril and the other half for the other. Then, (don't cringe!) I blew my nose over the sink, pulling the snot out and rinsing it until I couldn't anymore. Bam! Clear nose.
—Guest Snot-Free Guest

ear infection

after having a terrible week of horrible allergy symptoms i developed an ear infection. I forgot how incredibly painful they are. Not able to see a doctor so im doing everything i can to get rid of it. Its been along time since ive felt this. I think its spreading into my other ear too. :(
—Guest kibby


the cough sonds like muckise and it can stay for a long time it is contages and one day u can have a cold the next you can be coufeing brounkites but if u cought to hard blood may come out the syptos can be cold muces heard in thort when cough sore thourt
—Guest guest

Helps me...

Generic Chlortrimeton (old type of OTC antihistamine) makes me feel like I have no cold. Drink lots of water, too. Musinex with lots of water as soon as I stop continuously nose-dripping keeps me from getting bronchitis.
—Guest Stacy

Deal with sinusitis

My problems with sinus symptoms started many years and kept getting worse. Nothing I did for a cold helped at all, it always turned into sinusitis. Finally, in my old age, I asked for allergy testing. The results were not terribly impressive, but I went with the injections, anyway, starting in January of this year. What an improvement they have made! I only caught one cold this year and have not developed sinusitis at all. Allergy injections were definitely the right course for me when nothing else worked.

sinus misery

i've had the surgery. didn't help. best thing is saline rinse, as warm as you can stand it.
—Guest guestjan

Nothing works

I've become tolerant of the antihistamines and the decongestants, and any kind of spray or sinus rinse makes the whole thing worse. My insurance won't pay for surgery unless I make myself ill with meds. I give up and resign to living with constant drainage and sinus pressure.
—Guest agemini68

I hate colds

I hate colds! They're so nasty, for me it's a sore throat every time, then body aches, fever, and stuffy nose. Let's not forget a headache for a few days. I hate colds! I take asprin for the fever and headaches. But most of the time I take easy and drink enough water.
—Guest guest

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Coping With Your Congestion

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