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Readers Respond: Have You Been Diagnosed With Bronchitis?

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Updated March 31, 2011

From the article: Acute Bronchitis
Have you had bronchitis? Tell others about your experience with bronchitis. What were your symptoms and how did you feel? Share Your Symptoms

first time having bronchitis

This is the first time I had bronchitis it started with a lil cough and cold sweats then got worse over the days I was prescribed a 5 day antibiotics and im on my 4 day im able to eat now still have a cough a lil but the one thing im concerned about is I keep getting the chills and I start sweating like crazy when I move around is that normal when u have bronchitis??? and Its been almost two weeks
—Guest Crystal salinas


I've been getting bronchitis every two months for the past year, here is what has helped me. Drink lot's of water to keep the mucus thin, use Listerine a couple of times a day when you feel a cold or bronchitis coming on, it kills the germs in your throat before they drain into your lungs. I take a 1000 mg of vitamin c a day when I am sick. I put a warm heating pad on my chest and that helps open my bronchial tubes, DO NOT GO TO SLEEP WITH A HEATING PAD ON YOUR CHEST, YOU COULD BE BURNED VERY BADLY. I rest a lot when I'm sick that helps and I keep a humidifier going in the winter and I put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in it. Drink hot tea and soup that helps.
—Guest jo

Severly Tired

I have had bronchitis a lot in the past 5 years or so. I'm 25. I'm a "sickly" person in general, a simple cold turns into a really bad sinus infection (even after septoplasty) and bronchitis any time I get the flu. This time was/is awful. I woke up a week ago with a lot of drainage in my throat causing pain, I went to work anyway. Throughout the day I had non-stop coughing along with some mucus coming up. I went home after about 3 hours of work and took a nap. When I woke up, I had such a burning in my chest I felt like my lungs were on fire. I went to the doctor - bronchitis. They prescribed a z-pack (although, in my experience it doesn't work for me anymore). A week later all I want to do is sleep. I was out of work for that half day and the next day. I went back to work the rest of the week and today (Monday). I'm so fatigued that I can barely function today. I'm a project manager - life at my work doesn't go on without me. HELP, I've already had a huge latte :)
—Guest Crystal


I was diagnosed with bronchitis 2 weeks ago it has subsequently turned into pneumonia. I have now been off work for nearly 3 weeks and I am now feeling better as long as I don't do anything which is a bit restricting. I still feel very tired and breathing is a bit uncomfortable ut everyone tells me it takes a good 3/4 weeks to recover so in a way that is reassuring - will definitely try green tea as I have nothing to lose - thank you :)
—Guest Alison


im sick with acute bronchitis , the flue shot did not help at all. i have been treated by my family dr. ,and also a specialist who gave me injections of steriods and predisone.not sleeping well and keeping wife awake coughing all night .i told her ill sleep on the couch tonight ,so one of us can get some rest.ive had pneumonia 4x in the last 3 years to put it milidly this sucks
—Guest bob

Sick for 6 weeks

Started as a cold the sneezing and nasal congestion started mid-day and got worse as the day went on. The next day the congestion went right into my chest and I developed a very aggressive wet cough. I left work early I was so exhausted just from talking. I took Mucinex which did help to thin out the mucus and I coughed non stop for the entire 12 hours. Over the next two days I slept most of the day because I was so exhausted, when I was awake I had nonstop violent coughing attacks that left my ribcage and muscles sore. Just breathing in I could hear crackling in my lungs. I continued using Mucinex during the day for two weeks and I did cough up quite a bit of mucus when I used it. Over the next four weeks the chest congestion slowly improved each day, but I was absolutely exhausted at the end of each day. Sixth week I was out of town at a meeting and my colleagues could see I was still very weak, pale, and congested. 2 weeks later I fell very ill with the worst flu of my life.
—Guest jen

i have a cough and my spit is white with

I have sore legs had the cough for few months I'm tired more and I am feeling dehydrated
—Guest karen

Have bronchitis now..

I always seem to get bronchitis, at least twice a year, sometimes more. It's Monday now, but sat morning I noticed a cold coming on, then Sunday night, full blown bronchitis. I feel tired and weak, slight fever, my lungs hurt, coughing up some mucus. Ugh I hate it. I wish I could be a person who gets a 'normal' cold that doesn't turn into this. Mine usually lasts about 2 weeks, but feel better in a week or so where I can function ok. My biggest fear every time this happens is it will turn into pneumonia, but thank god it hasn't. Praying it doesn't this time!
—Guest KristinaDiane

Bronchitis and exhaustion

I am recovering from acute bronchitis which lasted 3 weeks in my case.It stared following a cold which I've not treated well and during which i've carried on pushing myself to work and travel. My main symptoms initially were a dry tickly,painful cough with a degree of pleurisy and pain between ribs when coughing and lying in bed.Then after a few days in addition I started having episodes of intense exhaustion and breathlessness with chills and sweating bouts sometimes.I would find it difficult to even walk a small distance outdoors.It all lasted over 4weeks gradually getting better and then relapsing sometimes too.Even though I've reached almost 5 weeks since my initial cold has started,still having coughing episodes but these are not as troublesome. It has taken me ages to recover,I reckon it's mainly beecause I have not been able to rest properly and take care of myself due to having small children and other family concerns. I never had a fever.It's been my worst illness as an adult
—Guest Corina

Had bronchitis since I was young

I have grown up with bronchitis and know im 21 and have been sick for the pass 2 months. It sucks nothing seems to work. Tammy ill try the green tea and hope to feel better.
—Guest Jhoana

Have You Been Diagnosed With Bronchitis

I was diagnosed with acute bronchitis today but the Dr. recommended anti biotics. I am a bit concerned now after reading this.....
—Guest Vyoung


I have had it twice and It is hard to get rid of..I found that green tea did wonders for me and to this day anytime that I get a cold I alway's go for the wonton soup and green tea..It just helps :)
—Guest Tammy

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Have You Been Diagnosed With Bronchitis?

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