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Reader Stories: How Do You Entertain Your Kids When They Are Sick?


Updated April 09, 2010

When kids get sick with a flu, the cold or some other illness, they tend to get bored. What do you do to entertain your kids when they are sick? There are plenty of times when they don't feel like running around but also don't want to sleep all day and you have to figure out what to do with them. Share your tips for entertaining your kids when they are sick.


Well I just find a box of crayons and a couloring book and let her coulor. I also put her favorite T.V show on, it's called Cat in the Hat, Max and Ruby, 3- 2- 1 Let's go, and Yo Gabba Gabba. She lov…More

Puppet Shows

I took a cereal box and cut the front and back then I put construction paper to decorate it.After that I took the night stand and put the cereal box on top.then I took my old red table cloth and cut …More

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