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Cold & Flu: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Cold or Flu Quiz - Do You Have a Cold or the Flu
Are you suffering from symptoms of the cold or flu? Aren't sure which one it is? Take this quick quiz to help sort through your symptoms and determine whether you have a cold or the flu.
What Influenza B Means for You
Find out how influenza B is different from other types of the flu and how it might affect you. Learn how the strains of the influenza virus are classified.
Which Type of Sinus Congestion Is Affecting You?
What type of sinus congestion do you have? In order to treat it, you must determine what kind of congestion you are dealing with.
How Long Is the incubation Period for Strep...
Find out what the incubation period for strep throat is and how long you might be contagious if you have it.
Do You Have a Cold or Allergies?
Do you have symptoms of seasonal allergies or a cold? Sometimes it can be difficult to know the difference. Take this quick quiz to find out whether you have a cold or allergies.
Bronchitis or Pneumonia? Discover the Difference
Do you know the differences between pneumonia and bronchitis? Both cause coughs but they are very different illnesses.
Coughing - Causes, Treatments and When To See a...
To determine what is causing your cough and how to treat it, first you have to figure out what type of cough it is.
Make It Stop! How to Treat Your Vomiting
You are vomiting and just want to make it stop. Find out what to do to treat the vomiting and when you need to get help.
What Is the Typical Flu Incubation Period?
How long is the typical flu incubation period? If you are exposed to the flu, how long will it be before you get sick? Find out here.
What Are the 2015 Flu Symptoms?
What you need to know about the 2015 flu and the symptoms it is causing. Find out what to expect and how to protect yourself.
7 Signs You've Got the Flu
Here you will find all the most common flu symptoms. See if your symptoms could be caused by influenza or if they are likely something else.
How Long Is a Cold Contagious?
Does coughing and sniffing with a cold mean you are contagious? Find out how long you should stay at home to avoid spreading your germs to others.
What Is a Viral Infection?
What does it mean when you have a viral infection? See the definition of this common term and what it could mean to you.
Evaluate Fever Symptoms - How to Check Your...
When you have a fever, you need to know what your temperature is. Find out the right way to check your temperature and evaluate your fever.
8 Symptoms of a Sinus Infection
Sinus infections are a common complication after a cold, the flu or other respiratory illness. Learn more about this illness and how it can affect you.
How to Wash Your Hands - Seriously. You Are...
How to wash your hands the right way. Believe it or not, you are probably doing it wrong.
The Facts About Pneumonia Everyone Should Know
Your complete overview of pneumonia, including who is most at risk, causes and treatment options.
How Long Does the Flu Usually Last?
Find out how long the flu can last and what else you need to know about how the flu may affect you. Don't let the flu keep you down.
Evaluate Your Vomiting
To determine the best course of action when you are vomiting, you should begin with how it started. Did it come on suddenly or were you feeling sick for a while first? Determine how the vomiting started and then you can figure out what to do next.
Are Cold Sores Really Caused by Colds?
Do you get cold sores every time you get sick? Is your cold actually causing them? Find out what is going on and what you can do about it.
Can You Really "Catch" Pneumonia?
Wondering whether or not pneumonia is contagious? Did you know there are over 30 different types? See how this infection occurs and how it's spread.
The Most Common Symptoms of the Cold and Flu
The symptoms of the common cold and flu can be similar, but there are some differences. If you aren't sure which one you have, get help figuring it out.
10 Symptoms of the Stomach Flu
Could you have symptoms of the stomach flu? There can be more to it than just vomiting and diarrhea. Find out what you need to watch for.
Are You Sure You Know How to Use That...
You need to know how to use a thermometer if you or your child has a fever. Believe it or not, you could be doing it wrong.
Could You Have the Flu? 2016 Flu Symptoms
Find out what you need to know about the 2016 flu season - symptoms, treatments and prevention options.
What Is the 24-Hour Flu?
Have you ever had a 24 hour flu bug? Most of us have, or at least our friends or family have told us that's what we have. Find out more about the 24 hour flu.
What to Expect With Acute Bronchitis
What is acute bronchitis and what does it mean to you? Learn about the symptoms, common treatments and what to expect.
Who Needs a Pneumonia Vaccine?
Most people know they need a flu shot, but many people should also get a pneumonia shot. Find out if you do and how it could help you.
Can I Have Sex When I'm Sick?
Should you have sex if you are sick? Find out how common illnesses are spread and what the risks to yourself and your partner might be.
The Most Effective Remedies to Soothe Your Sore...
Learn when you should seek medical attention for your sore throat and which sore throat remedies may help.
The 10 Symptoms of Acute and Chronic Bronchitis
There are two different types of bronchitis -- acute and chronic. They are both an inflammation of the airways leading to the lungs, but have different causes and, obviously, durations.
Does Cold Weather Really Make Us Sick?
Many people believe the cold weather will make you sick. Find out how weather affects our health and if the cold can give you a cold or flu.
When Are You Contagious With the Flu?
Find out whether or not the flu is contagious and how long you should stay away from other people if you get it.
Influenza A - The Most Common Type of Flu
What is influenza A and how is it different from other types of influenza? Learn more about the most common type of flu and how it can affect you.
What Are My Treatment Options For Acute...
Learn about common acute bronchitis treatments and get help figuring out which one is right for you.
10 Signs and Symptoms of Pneumonia
Do you know the signs and symptoms of pneumonia? Learn which are most common and what to watch for.
How to Find a Doctor Even Without Health...
No insurance? Are you sick and need to find a doctor? These tips can help you find a doctor when you are sick even if you don't have health insurance. Page 2.
Do You Have a Cold or the Flu? Cold
Your answers indicate you have multiple symptoms of the common cold.
Is Bronchitis Contagious?
Do you know whether or not bronchitis is contagious? Find out if it's something you should be concerned about and learn how it spreads.
The 7 Symptoms of Strep Throat
Strep throat is a very common childhood illness, but adults can get it too. Find out what you need to know about this painful infection.
Can You Get the Common Cold Any Time of the Year?
Do you know what causes the common cold, what the symptoms are and what to do about them? Get the information you need to deal with colds when they come.
How to Choose the Best OTC Pain Relievers for You
You have options when choosing over the counter pain relievers and fever reducers. Find out how they are different and which one is right for you.
The 7 Common Cold Symptoms
Do you know what the most common cold symptoms are? Learn more and find out if your symptoms could be a cold or something else.
How to Put a Stop To Itching
When you are itching, you want to make it stop. First, determine where you are itching and then figure out what is causing it.
10 Cold and Flu Remedies That Don't Work.
Have you heard of these common cold and flu remedies? Don't fall for them, they aren't based on science and they don't work.
What Is the Stomach Flu?
The stomach flu is a very common illness, but is not related to the flu at all. Find out what the symptoms are and what you can do about it.
Everything You Need to Know About the Flu
A complete overview of the flu. Everything you need to know about influenza season, symptoms, prevention and treatment measures.
What Are Bacterial Infections?
Find out what a bacterial infection is and how they can affect you.
Do You Have a Cold or the Flu? Flu
Your answers indicate you have multiple symptoms of the flu.
The 7 Things You Should Do When You Get the Flu
Find step by step instructions on what to do when you get the flu here.
What is a #fever and when should you worry...
You may know fevers make you feel bad, but do you know why they occur? And what exactly is a fever? Get the facts you need about fevers.
Itchy, Watery Eyes? The Most Common Causes to...
There are many causes of itchy eyes and treatment usually depends on the cause. Learn more and see what you can do to get relief.
Which Over the Counter Medication is Best for...
See how over the counter cold and flu medications work, what your options are and which one might be right for you and your symptoms.
How to Choose the Best OTC Cough Medication for...
Learn more about over the counter cough medicine and find out which one is right for you and your cough.
What Is The Difference Between Bronchitis and...
Bronchitis and bronchiolitis are two different illnesses. Find out what they are different and how they might affect you or your family members.
Motrin and Advil: Is There a Difference?
Is there a difference between Motrin and Advil? Which should you use and why? Learn about the differences between Motrin and Advil.
How Long Do Colds Last? Tips to Feel Better,...
Find out what to expect when you get a cold, what you can do about it and when you will start feeling better.
5 Reasons You Might Have an Itchy Face
An itchy face can be annoying and difficult to control. Find out what may be causing the problem and what you can do about it.
Walking Pneumonia
A definition of walking pneumonia. What it is, what causes it and what means for you.
The 7 Secretion Colors of a Cough
Easy to understand definition of the common medical term, productive cough. Including examples of what a productive cough is.
How Long Does Bronchitis Last?
What to expect when you have acute bronchitis. Find out how long it could last and what you can do to get relief.
Itchy Throat? The 4 Most Common Causes to Know
Wondering what is causing that itchy throat? Learn about causes of itchy throats.
Can You Get Sick from a Flu Shot?
Have you ever gotten sick after a flu shot and thought the vaccine must be responsible? Find out what could have happened and why.
Can Robitussin and Motrin Cause Heart Attacks...
Is it actually dangerous for kids to take Motrin and Robitussin together?
What’s the Difference Between a Cold and...
The common cold and the flu are both respiratory illnesses with similar symptoms, find out what their differences are.
6 Tried and True Cold and Flu Remedies
What can you do to treat a cold or the flu when you get sick? Try these 6 favorites from an experienced nurse and mom.
7 Remarkably Common Viral Infections
Many illnesses can be defined as viral infections. Learn about some of the most common minor illnesses that are categorized as viral infections.
What Is E. Coli and What Are the Symptoms?
E. coli is a food-borne illness that often causes vomiting and diarrhea when it infects humans. Find out more about this illness - what the symptoms are, how to treat it and how to prevent it.
The Key to Breathing Easier? Choosing the Right...
Humidifiers can be a great way to feel better without medication when you are sick. Figure out how to choose the right humidifier for your family.
Can I Use Flonase or Nasacort AQ for My Cold?
Nasal spray corticosteroids such as Flonase and Nasacort AQ are very popular medications, but can they give you relief from your cold symptoms?
Is Your Pet Making You Sick?
Have you ever wondered if your dog made you sick or if you gave your cat your cold? Find out if your pet can make you sick and vice versa.
Should You Get a Seasonal Flu Shot?
Flu shots are an important part of protecting yourself and your family from influenza. Get answers to your flu shot questions and determine if they are right for you.
How to Determine if It's a Cold or if It's...
Trying to figure out if you have a cold or allergies? Find out the difference between the two and see what you can do to feel better.
Know The Signs: When Is a Fever Too High?
Your guide to fevers. At what point is it too high and what should you watch for if you or your child has one?
Could That Cough Be Something Serious? When to...
Most of the time you don't need to worry but there are some coughs that are serious. Find out when you should see your doctor for a cough.
Could You Have the Flu? How To Know For Sure
Feeling sick but not sure if it is really the flu? Check your symptoms and find out if you have the flu.
Know When to Go to the Hospital For the Flu
Find out when you should go to the hospital with flu symptoms and when you should stay home.
What To Do About Your Sore Throat
If you or your child has a sore throat, find out what the possible causes could be and what you should do about it. Many things can cause a sore throat, so learn more about them all.
Stomach Flu vs Seasonal Flu: What's the...
What is the difference between influenza and the
Should You Be Using a Saline Nasal Spray?
What is saline nasal spray and should you use it? Find out if this product could help your cold or allergy symptoms.
Is Your Child Having Trouble Breathing?
It's not always easy to tell when a child is having trouble breathing. Look for these signs and find out what to do if you see them.
Mycoplasma - or Walking Pneumonia: What You...
Learn about mycoplasma pneumonia including what the symptoms are and your treatment options. This common illness is also known as walking pneumonia.
13 Signs Your Fever is Serious
If you are concerned about a fever, find out at what point you need to see a doctor or health care provider.
Pneumonia Treatments
Wondering what your pneumonia treatment options are? Find out what you can do and what treatments you might expect if you are diagnosed with pneumonia.
When to Tell If Your Vomiting and Diarrhea Is...
Do you need to see a doctor for vomiting and diarrhea? Learn more about these unpleasant symptoms - when you can treat them at home and when you shouldn't.
Can Cinnamon and Honey Cure the Common Cold?
A frequently shared social media post claims that a combination of cinnamon and honey can cure, among other things, the common cold. Could it be true?
What Is Viral Pneumonia?
Viral pneumonia is one of the most common types of pneumonia. Caused by any number of viruses, learn more about this infection and what you should do if you get it.
Can Fevers Cause Brain Damage?
Many people are concerned that a fever will cause brain damage, especially if left untreated. But is there any truth to this claim?
What You Should Do When You Get the Stomach Flu
Think you have a stomach flu? Check your symptoms so you know what is causing it and what you can do about it.
Why Do You Get Sick More Often When You Are...
Learn why you might be getting sick more often while you are pregnant and how to take care of yourself so you can feel better quickly.
Will Vicks VapoRub on the Feet Stop a Cough?
Will Vicks VapoRub help with coughs if you put it on the bottom of your feet? Find out if the science supports this theory.
What Is Guillain-Barre Syndrome and What Causes...
Many people have never heard of Guillain-Barre syndrome. Although it is very rare, it is one of the most dangerous side effects of the flu shot, so anyone who is considering getting a flu shot should know what Guillain-Barre syndrome is.
Should You Exercise When You’re Sick?
When you get sick, do you wonder if you should exercise or not? It may depend on your illness and symptoms. Figure out how to know what to do.
Did You Know? There are 6 Types of Ear...
There are sixl different types of ear infections. Learn about them and what treatments they may need.
What Causes Itchy Skin?
Itchy skin is more than just a minor annoyance for many people. It can get so bad that it interferes with daily life and makes it difficult to function. Depending on the cause, the itchy skin may be difficult to treat and control. Find out more about the causes of itchy skin.
Why Was My Flu Test Negative?
Find out why your flu test might have been negative and see what you can and should do now.
What Is Respiratory Syncytial Virus?
A common, but potentially very serious illness, RSV is a respiratory illness that can be very dangerous for babies - particularly premature infants under 2 years old.
Common Types and Causes of Pneumonia
Did you know there are multiple types of pneumonia? Learn more about them and how they could affect you or someone you care for.
Should You Take Ibuprofen for Your Cold or Flu?
Millions of people use ibuprofen to relieve pain and reduce fevers, but is it right for you? Find out more about this common over the counter medication.
Surefire Signs Your Cold has Turned Into a...
When you have a cold with sinus pain and pressure, how do you know if it has turned into a sinus infection? Find out what to look for and what to do.
The Many Causes of Stomach "Flu" (None of them...
Learn about the causes of stomach flu and find out more about this common and unpleasant illness.
When to See a Doctor for Abdominal Pain
When should you see a doctor for abdominal pain? Abdominal pain is a very common symptom that often needs no treatment. But there are also some very serious conditions that can cause abdominal pain and may even be an emergency. Find out when you should see a doctor for abdominal pain.
What Happens If You Get a Flu Shot While You're...
Are you sick and want to get a flu shot? Find out why you shouldn't get a flu vaccine if you are moderately to severely ill.
6 Ways to Get the Flu
Feeling like you need a sick day? 6 things you can do to make sure you get the flu. Or you can do the opposite to try to stay healthy - your choice.
What You Need to Know Before You Buy Robitussin...
Robitussin DM is an over-the-counter cough suppressant and expectorant. Learn how Robitussin DM helps control your cough.
How Active is the Flu Near You?
Flu activity changes all the time, especially during flu season. Find out how bad the flu is in your state or around the world.
4 Ways to Treat Your Cold at Home
Get tips and ideas on treating your cold at home so you will feel better faster and avoid a trip to the doctor.
Bacterial Pneumonia
Do you know what bacterial pneumonia is and how it will affect you if you get it? Find out more about this type of pneumonia and what your options are if you get it.
Should You Use Mucinex for Your Cold or Flu?
Mucinex is an over the counter cough medication that helps to break up chest congestion. Learn more about Mucinex including who should and should not take it and what the potential side effects are.
Overdosing on Cold and Flu Medications
Can people actually overdose on cold and flu medications? How much is too much and what do you need to know about the potential dangers of taking too much cold and flu medicine? Get the information you need about overdosing on cold and flu medications.
How Long Does the Stomach Flu Last?
How long does the stomach flu last? Find out what to expect if you get it and what you can do to feel better.
Will Allergy Medications Even Help With Cold...
Should you take allergy medications for a cold? Find out if those antihistamines will actually do anything for your cold symptoms.
Can You Use Rubbing Alcohol to Bring Down a...
If you or your child has a fever, should you use rubbing alcohol to bring it down? See if this old remedy actually works and if it's safe.
5 Reasons You Should See a Doctor if You Have a...
When is a sore throat just irritating and when does it warrant a trip to the doctor? Find out when to seek medical attention and when to stay home.
Should You Be Concerned About Scarlet Fever?
Learn about the symptoms of scarlet fever, how it is diagnosed and how it is treated.
6 Ways to Stop a Cough
Are you looking for relief from that irritating, bothersome cough? Get our top 6 tricks for stopping your cough.
Can Decongestants Help You?
Find out how decongestants work to relieve your cold, flu or upper respiratory infection symptoms.
How to Treat Your Itchy and Watery Eyes
Itchy eye treatments based on what is causing your symptoms. When you should be concerned and what you can do to get relief.
Can Zicam Cold Remedy Help Shorten Your Cold?
Zicam cold remedy is a homeopathic medication that claims to shorten the duration and severity of the common cold. Find out more about zicam cold remedy.
4 Common Cold and Flu Complications
These common complications of the cold and flu can leave you feeling pretty miserable. Here, we look at some of the most common cold and flu complications.
9 Flu Symptoms in Children
Flu symptoms in children can be different from those in adults. Find out what to watch for in kids and what you can do if your child gets the flu.
Wheezing: What It Is and Why You Should Care
If you or someone you know ever has any type of breathing problems, you need to know what wheezing is - a common sign of respiratory distress.
When Should Your Child Go to the Doctor?
Dr. Jennifer Shu answers parents' questions about when to take their children to the doctor during cold and flu season.
Exactly What You Should Do When You Get a Cold
When you get a cold, do you just ignore it or do you take time to recover? Get tips on what to do when you get a cold so you feel better faster!
Why Everything Hurts When You Have the Flu
Should you be concerned about body aches and muscle pain when you have the flu? What you can do to get relief and when to seek medical attention.
Myth or Fact: Should You Feed a Cold or Starve...
There is a common saying that you should feed a cold and starve a fever. But is there any truth to this phrase? Find out here.
Should You Use Antihistamines for Your Cold or...
Learn how antihistamines work and how they may help relieve your sneezing, itching and runny nose.
When to See a Doctor for Congestion
Are you concerned about how congested you are and wondering if you need to seek treatment? Find out when to see a doctor for your congestion.
Should You Go Into Work Sick? 5 Ways to Help...
If you are not feeling well and trying to decide whether or not you should go to work, this is the piece for you. Get help deciding if you should call in sick.
How Long Does Pneumonia Last?
Find out how long pneumonia can last when you get it. There are differences depending on which type you have.
Cold vs. Flu in a Simple Chart
Comparing the symptoms of the common cold and seasonal flu in a simple, easy to read chart.
Can You Get a Flu Shot if You Have a Cold?
Wondering if you can get a flu shot with a cold? Find out when it is safe to get your flu vaccine and when it's not.
Everything You Need to Know About Ear Infections
Ear infections are very common after colds, especially in children. Find out what you need to know about ear infections, including symptoms, diagnosis and treatments.
Should You Use Benadryl for Your Cold or Flu?
Benadryl is an antihistamine used to treat runny noses and other symptoms of allergies and the common cold. Find out the side effects, recommended dosage and the benefits of Benadryl.
Can Honey Soothe a Sore Throat?
Can honey soothe your sore throat? Find out if this common remedy can make a difference if you have a sore throat.
Home Remedies to Treat Your Cold and Flu
Looking for home remedies to feel better? We have plenty of cold and flu treatment options for you to get your back on your feet quickly.
Can Cinnamon and Honey Really Cure the Flu?
Is there any truth to the claim that has spread on social media that a combination of cinnamon and honey can cure the flu?
What’s Causing Your Itchy Nose?
Do you have any itchy nose? Find out what is causing that irritating itch in your nose.
Busting the 7 Biggest Myths About the Flu
There are many cold and flu myths that have passed through friends, family and strangers alike. How do you know what is fact and what is fiction?
B.R.A.T.: The Best Diet When You Have a Stomach...
What is the BRAT diet? Find out why you need to know about the BRAT diet and whether or not you should follow it.
Should You Take DayQuil Cold and Flu?
DayQuil Cold and Flu is a multi-purpose medication used to treat several symptoms of the cold and flu. Find out if DayQuil Cold and Flu is right for you and your symptoms.
Nonproductive Cough
Learn about the non productive or dry cough. What does it mean and how do you know which type of cough you have?
When Exactly Is Flu Season?
Do you know what time of year is considered flu season? Find out when flu season occurs each year in the United States and what you should expect when it arrives.
Is Your Child Coughing? Watch Out for These 12...
Kids get coughs quite often, and most parents just want to make the coughing stop. But when should you use cough medications? And which ones are safe? Find out all about cough medications and kids.
How Long Do You Need to Stay Home With the...
Stomach flu symptoms can last from 24 hours to several days or even a week. So how long do you need to stay home when you are sick? Find out here.
Probiotics: A Cure for Stomach Flu?
Do probiotics really help when you have a stomach bug? See what the science shows and find out if they can help you.
There are many types of flu - do you know the...
Learn about all the types of flu, how they are classified and what they mean to you.
Could Your Child Need Two Flu Vaccines?
Have you been told your child needs two flu shots this year and you want to know why? Learn which children this applies to.
But it's hot outside! Can it really be the flu...
Although most people get the flu during cold and flu season, many wonder if it's possible to get the flu in the summer. Find out if it can happen and how likely it is.
Diarrhea Treatments: Make It Stop!
If you are dealing with diarrhea, you probably just want to know how to make it stop. We have all of your diarrhea treatment options here.

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