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My Tiny Hands "Please Wash" Sign

Product Overview

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Updated October 23, 2011

My Tiny Hands

A stylish sign to hang on your child's stroller or carrier that will remind people to wash their hands before touching your child.

My Tiny Hands
Developed by a California mom who was tired of people touching her baby without washing their hands, the My Tiny Hands "Please Wash" sign is a simple product you can attach to your child's stroller or car seat. It is a simple and effective way to remind people to wash their hands before touching your child.


The sign reads "Please wash your hands before touching mine." It is made of a durable silicone rubber material and includes an attachment ring that will clip on to most strollers or carriers.

The sign is an octagon shape (like a stop sign) and is 3.5 inches tall and wide.

Signs are available in:

  • Red with White Writing (English or Spanish)
  • Pink with Black Writing
  • Blue with White Writing


"Please Wash" signs are available through the My Tiny Hands website for $7.95 each.

Guide Review


This product is simple but absolutely effective. I wish it had been available when my children were babies!

As a nurse, I have always tried very hard to keep my children away from germs. One of my children has multiple chronic medical conditions and a weakened immune system, so keeping him healthy is not an easy task. I am not a confrontational person and have always found it difficult to ask strangers not to touch my child. There just isn't an easy way to do it.

I think this sign offers the perfect solution. The slogan is direct but not rude, and if you put it on your child's stroller or carrier, it won't be missed. There is no need for an awkward conversation when someone wants to talk to (and then touch) your sweet child. And if for some reason someone is offended by it, well, that is their problem. At least you have protected your child from their germs!


My only complaint would be that some children (like mine) may be tempted to pull the sign down. The plastic ring that attaches the sign to the stroller has an opening that allows it to slide over the stroller visor or carrier handle. I can definitely see my very strong little boy tugging it right off the stroller.

For most people, this won't be a problem. Many kids won't notice the sign or won't care that it's there; others will probably just leave it alone. But if you have a particularly determined child like mine, you may have to get creative to keep the sign in place. Personally, I still think it's worth the to avoid a few of those germs.

Something to Feel Good About

The "Please Wash" sign alerts people to wash their hands before touching your child when you hang it from a car seat or stroller.

My Tiny Hands

In addition to providing protection for your own child by using this sign, you can also feel good about purchasing this product because the company donates a percentage of its profits to the March of Dimes every year. The March of Dimes develops programs and conducts research to prevent and treat premature birth, birth defects and other threats to the health of babies.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. All opinions provided about the product are my own. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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