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A Word on Prevention

It is so frustrating when you keep getting sick and can't figure out why. Maybe there is something you can do to stay healthy. There are many simple things you can do to prevent yourself and your family from getting sick.
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Wash Your Hands
Learn how to wash your hands the right way and prevent the spread of illnesses.

Cover Your Cough
What do we mean when we say "cover your cough"? It's an important step in stopping the spread of germs. Find out how you should be covering your cough and why.

How to Prevent Colds and the Flu
All the best ways to prevent the cold and flu. There are many things you can do to prevent multiple colds and the flu every year. Find out what they are.

Prevent Common Illnesses
Are you tired of being sick all the time? If you wish that you could somehow prevent the frequent illnesses you keep getting, check out our tips on how to prevent common illnesses.

Staying Healthy at Work
Find out how to stay healthy at work, even when it seems like everyone else isn't.

Dr. Bill Sears Discusses His Flu Prevention Tips
Learn how to avoid the flu with these flu prevention tips. There are many things you can do to avoid the flu this flu season. Get flu prevention tips to help keep your children and your family healthy. Get ideas from Pediatrician Dr. Bill Sears to prevent the flu.

Staying Healthy While You Travel
Whether you are traveling for work or pleasure, getting sick is probably not in your plans. While every illness may not be avoidable, there are some steps you can take to stay healthy while you travel.

What to Do When Party Guests Arrive Sick
Have you ever hosted a party or gathering and had guests arrive who were sick? It can create an uncomfortable situation. You don’t want to be rude, but you don’t want to expose yourself or your other guests to their germs. So what do you do? Find out what to do when party guests arrive sick.

School Health and Your Family
When the kids are in school, health should be one of your top priorities. Of course, learning is important, but lots of children in one place means lots of germs. Following these tips will help your kids stay healthy and will make school health a top priority for your family.

Maintaining Good Health in College
Going off to college means more freedom from parents, a first chance to live on your own and learning to be responsible for yourself and your own choices. Part of personal responsibility is making sure you take care of yourself and stay as healthy as you can. These tips should help you, or your college student, maintain your health in college.

Do You Have a Clean Home?
Do you have a clean home? It may be dirtier than you think. Find out some surprising places you might find germs and get some tips to help you keep a clean home. Keep yourself and your family healthy.

Who Needs Multivitamins?
We are faced with advertisements for multivitamins everywhere we look. But do we really need them? Find out who needs multivitamins and who doesn't.

Throw a Party Without Getting Sick
If you are hosting a party, especially during cold and flu season, you may want to consider these tips before your event. They may help you be sure that all your guests come and go with their own germs.

Preventing the Flu at Work
Get tips on preventing the flu in the workplace and encouraging employees and coworkers to get their flu shots.

Why Do Hospitals Restrict Sick Hospital Visitors?
During cold and flu season, many hospitals restrict visitors to those who are not sick and over the age of 12. Find out why hospitals restrict sick visitors.

How to Save Money When You are Sick
Plan ahead and you can save a lot of money when the cold and flu germs hit your house. Find out how to save money when you are sick.

Healthy Monday Campaign
How can you get healthy and prevent both chronic and infectious diseases? Try the Healthy Monday program. Designed to change the way we think about our health, Healthy Monday challenges us to make health a priority EVERY Monday.

Hand Washing Products
Who knew there were so many products available to help you wash your hands? Take a look at some of the best hand washing products out there and see how they can help your family wash their hands more efficiently and cut down on the spread of germs.

Lysol No-Touch Soap Dispenser
If you have ever been concerned about a germy soap dispenser, the Lysol No-Touch Soap Dispenser may be just what you are looking for.

Daphne Oz on How to Stay Healthy During Cold and Flu Season
See what Daphne Oz has to say about keeping your family healthy during cold and flu season.

How to Prevent the Flu Without a Flu Shot
See what you can do to prevent the flu if you can't or won't get a flu shot.

Cold and Flu Video Tips from About.com
Video Tips from About.com on cold and flu topics. Find out flu vaccine information, cold medication tips and how to protect yourself against cold and flu viruses.

How Long Can Cold and Flu Viruses Live Outside the Body?
Ever wonder if a virus could be living on your desk at the office? Great information about how long cold and flu viruses may be able to live in the environment and how to protect yourself.

Hand Washing Is Important For Kids, Too
Washing your hands is the most important step you can take to prevent illness. This is equally as important for your children. Kids put their hands everywhere and should be encouraged to wash their hands often, especially after using the bathroom and before eating.

Protect Yourself from the Flu
This interactive toolkit will teach you ways to protect yourself against the flu this winter.

How the Aqueduck Can Help Your Kids Wash Their Hands
If you are looking for a way to help your little kids wash their hands without breaking your back, the Aqueduck may be just what you are looking for. Find out how the Aqueduck faucet extender can help with your kid's hand washing and see what I think about this product.

Germ Guardian - Germ Guardian Touchless Soap Dispenser
Germ Guardian - Germ Guardian Touchless Soap Dispenser

Can Your Cell Phone Make You Sick?
How dirty is your cell phone? Could it actually make you sick?

What Is the Text4Baby Program?
Learn about text4baby and see if it could benefit you or someone you know.

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