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Pneumonia is a serious lung disease that can follow a cold or the flu. If you are experiencing chest pain and have a productive cough, find all the information you are looking for about pneumonia here.

All About Pneumonia
Learn about pneumonia and find out what you need to know to prevent it or what to expect if you get it.

Types of Pneumonia
What you need to know about the most common types of pneumonia.

Pneumonia Treatments
See what your pneumonia treatment options are based on the type of pneumonia you have.

Symptoms of Pneumonia
Pneumonia is a very serious illnesses that kills thousands of Americans every year. It is important to know the symptoms of pneumonia so you can get early treatment. It is especially important to watch for these symptoms during flu season.

Pneumonia - Your Pneumonia Story
Pneumonia is one of the most common and potentially serious complications of an upper respiratory infection. Millions of people get pneumonia every year. If you or a loved one has had pneumonia, share you story and tell others how it affected you.

Bacterial Pneumonia
What you need to know about bacterial pneumonia and how it might affect you.

Is Pneumonia Contagious?
If you aren't sure whether or not pneumonia is contagious, get the answer here.

Viral Pneumonia
What you need to know if you have or think you might have viral pneumonia.

Pneumonia Shots
Most people know they need a flu shot, but many people should also get a pneumonia shot. Find out what a pneumonia shot is and who needs one.

Mycoplasma Pneumonia
What you need to know about mycoplasma pneumonia.

Fungal Pneumonia
What you need to know about fungal pneumonia.

Aspiration Pneumonia
Get the information you need to know about aspiration pneumonia.

Pneumococcal Pneumonia Info from The National Institute of Health
The National Institute of Health provides information about the most common type of pneumonia, pneumococcal pneumonia. Find great information about what to expect when you are diagnosed with this disease.

Fact Sheet About Pneumonia Vaccine for Adults
Find out the facts about the pneumonia vaccine for adults. Important information provided by the CDC about what to expect from the pneumonia vaccine.

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