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Over the Counter Medication - FDA Approved

Here you can find information about cold and flu medications that are available over the counter and are regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration.
  1. Allergy Medications (9)
  2. Congestion Medications (4)
  3. Cough Medications (9)
  4. Fever and Pain (7)
  5. Multi-Symptom Medications (6)
  6. Natural and Herbal (10)

Infant Cough and Cold Medications Withdrawn
Find out which infant cold and cough medications were withdrawn from the market in 2011 and why.

Medication Changes at the Pharmacy
There have been some changes in cold and flu medications at the pharmacy recently. If you can't find the medications you usually buy or are a little confused, find out what has been happening and why.

Overdosing on Cold and Flu Medications
What you need to know about the dangers of overdosing on cold and flu medications.

Top Single Symptom Cold and Flu Medications
There are so many medications available to treat your cold and flu symptoms, it can overwhelming and difficult to decide what to buy. Find out what the best single symptom medications are to treat your cold and flu symptoms.

When to Take Medication - How Do You Decide When to Take Medication
How do you decide when to take medication when you are sick? There are dozens of cold and flu medications available, what symptoms cause you to take them?

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