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Answers to Your Flu Shot Questions

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Updated December 09, 2013

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Answers to Your Flu Shot Questions

Flu Vaccines

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Answers to Your Flu Shot Questions

Graphic representation of an influenza virus.

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Answers to Your Flu Shot Questions

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Many people have flu shot questions and concerns. Whether you aren't sure if you should get a flu shot or you aren't sure if they are safe, get the answers you are looking for.

The Basics

Flu Shots 101
What you need to know about the flu vaccine - who should get them, who shouldn't, and common side effects.

FluMist - the Nasal Flu Vaccine
FluMist is another flu vaccine option for those who aren't crazy about shots. This flu vaccine is a nasal spray, but it's not right for everyone.

Your Flu Vaccine Options
There are now many more options for flu vaccines other than the traditional flu shot and nasal spray vaccine. Find out more about these options and which one might be right for you.

How Flu Vaccines Work
Learn how flu vaccines are made and how they work. Also, see why we need to get one every year.

Who Needs a Flu Shot?

Flu Vaccine Recommendations
Flu vaccines can benefit all of us, but there are some people who need them more than others.

Are Flu Shots Safe During Pregnancy?
Putting anything other than food in your body when you are pregnant can be a scary thought. You want to be sure you aren't going to harm the baby or yourself. So should you get a flu shot if you are pregnant?

Flu Shots for People with Heart Disease
People with heart disease have to take extra steps to stay healthy. Getting the flu can be very serious for someone with heart disease, so getting a flu shot every year to prevent it is important.

Flu Shots for Kids
Kids generally aren't big fans of shots. The poor things have to get so many vaccines already; do they really need a flu shot every year too?

Flu Shots for Older Adults
The flu kills more older adults (over age 65) than any other group each year. Flu vaccines are essential for older adults, even more so if they are living in group settings.

Flu Vaccines for Those in High Risk Groups
Are you in a high risk group? Find out who is at high risk for complications from the flu and why the vaccine is important for you if you fall into one of these categories.

Flu Shots for Caregivers
Even if you aren't high risk yourself, if you care for someone that is, getting a flu vaccine is very important. You need to protect not only yourself, but those you care for as well.


Flu Shot Safety and Efficacy

Do Flu Shots Work?
So many people just don't believe that flu vaccines work. They think they are a waste of time and are more dangerous than they are helpful. Get the facts here so you will be educated and informed.

Flu Shot Side Effects
Like any medication or vaccine, flu shots have side effects. However, they are typically mild and don't occur at all in a majority of people. Find out what to expect when you get your flu vaccine.

Who Should NOT Get Flu Vaccines
There are a few groups of people that should not get a flu vaccine. Learn who needs to avoid them and how you can protect yourself from the flu if you fall into one of these groups.

What Are Common Flu Vaccine Reactions?
Think you might be having a reaction to a flu vaccine? Find out what it can and can't do.

Are Flu Shots Safe for People With Egg Allergies?
Contrary to popular belief, many people with egg allergies may actually be able to get flu vaccines. See why and talk to your health care provider to find out if they could be safe for you.

Can You Get the Flu From a Flu Shot?
One of the most common complaints I hear about the flu shot is from people who believe that they got the flu from the vaccine. But is that even possible?

Why Did I Get Sick After a Flu Shot?
It is possible to get sick after getting a flu shot, but it's not necessarily because of the vaccine. Find out why you might have gotten sick after you got a flu shot.

Does the Flu Shot Prevent Stomach Flu?
Confusion about symptoms of the flu lead many people to believe that getting a flu vaccine will actually protect them from the stomach flu. Unfortunately, the stomach flu is a completely different virus from influenza - the virus that causes the seasonal flu.

Can You Get the Flu Vaccine With a Fever?
If you are running a fever when you go to get your flu vaccine, there is a chance you will be turned away. Find out why and what you need to know about when to get your shot.

Can You Get a Flu Shot With a Cold?
Unlike with a fever, you may be able to get your flu vaccine when you have a cold.

What Will Happen If I Get a Flu Shot When I'm Sick?
No matter what your illness, if you are sick when you get your flu vaccine, you could be dealing with this. Learn how flu vaccines work in our bodies and how being sick can interfere with that.

What is Guillain-Barre Syndrome?
Most people have never heard of Guillain-Barre Syndrome, but it's something you should be aware of if you get the flu or flu vaccine.

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