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Where Can I Find Free Flu Shots?


Updated September 24, 2010

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Question: Where Can I Find Free Flu Shots?
Answer: Whether or not you are able to get a free flu shot may depend on multiple factors. These could range from where you live, to where you work, to your financial situation. We will look at a few options so you can determine if you might be able to get a free flu shot this flu season.

Where You Live

Many communities and local health department offer free flu shot clinics at some point during flu season. Check with your local health department or your local community's government office or website to see if there are any free flu shot clinics in your area.

Where You Work

More and more employers are realizing that offering free flu shots at the office is a good idea. It allows a greater number of employees to get the vaccination, both because they don't have to pay for it and because they don't have to get it on their own time. It also cuts down on sick days because fewer people will actually get the flu. So in reality, it may be better for the bottom line. Check with your employer to see if they will be offering free flu shots at your office this year.

Your Financial Situation

If you do not have health insurance, you may qualify for a free flu shot. CVS Caremark is offering $5 million in free flu shots to people without health insurance at CVS pharmacies and Minute Clinics for the 2010-11 flu season. Other pharmacies or local governments may offer similar programs.

If you are unable to locate free flu shots through any of these resources, you can try the American Lung Association's Flu Vaccine Finder to find a location where you can get a flu vaccine. However, these locations may charge a fee, so check with them first before you go.

If you do have health insurance, it could cover the cost of your flu shot. Check with your insurance provider before you pay for it out-of-pocket.

There are many places that offer flu shots. They may not all be free, but if you know where to look, you should be able to find a flu shot this year if you want one.

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