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What Is NIVW?


Updated December 08, 2013

The term NIVW stands for National Influenza Vaccination Week. It is a campaign put together by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to promote the importance of the flu vaccine for all of us.

NIVW is typically held the first full week of December. The CDC wants everyone to know that the holiday season isn't too late to get a flu shot. In fact, it's a great time! The more time we spend around friends, family and acquaintances the more likely we are to be exposed to germs, including the flu.

Getting the flu vaccine now will reduce your chances of getting the flu this holiday season - and reduce your chances of spreading it to others. Even if you are not in a high risk group, getting the flu vaccine will protect those around you who may be. Since millions of Americans do fall into one of those high risk groups, chances are good you will be around one of them at some point. It's important to remember that flu vaccines take two weeks to provide protection against the flu, so the sooner you get one the better.

During NIVW, the CDC and other groups put together public health campaigns aimed at educating everyone about flu vaccines.

2013 NIVW Activities

Take the Pledge! Pledge to get your flu vaccine and/or encourage others to get their vaccinations this year. Share on Facebook and Twitter and see who else has taken the pledge as well.

Twitter Chat. The CDC hosts a Twitter chat on December 9th at 1pm ET answering questions about NIVW, influenza and flu vaccines. Use hashtag #NIVW2013 and follow @CDCflu.

Find local flu vaccine activities in your area. Local health clinics and organizations can post their NIVW flu vaccine clinics and education campaigns to the CDC's website. See if there are any activities in your area.

Follow About Cold and Flu's Blog During NIVW

Each day during National Influenza Vaccination week, we will post a new blog discussing the flu and flu vaccine for different high risk groups. You can also sign up for our weekly newsletter or follow our RSS feed to stay up to date on all things Cold and Flu year round.

This year's NIVW blogs:


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