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Common Cold Symptoms


Updated May 16, 2014

Do you know the most common cold symptoms? While every cold is different, certain cold symptoms are very common and occur with most colds. Learn the most common cold symptoms so you can decide if you have a cold or something else.

1. Congestion

Cold Symptoms
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This could be a stuffy or runny nose, or a "full" feeling in the head. Sneezing is also common with colds.

2. Watery Eyes

Eyes could be runny, or you may just feel like you have more tears than usual.

3. Itching in Nose, Throat or Eyes

Itchiness or a feeling like you need to scratch inside your nose, throat and eyes is common with a cold.

4. Feeling Tired

You may feel like you have not had enough sleep or you just don't have the energy to do everyday activities.

5. Fever

Fever is rare in adults, but may be more common in children. If your fever goes above 101 degrees, it is probably more than a cold and you should contact your doctor.

6. Cough

You may have a dry or productive cough. If you are coughing up green or yellow mucous and it is painful to cough, you should contact your doctor. You should also call your doctor if you are coughing up bright red blood or bloody mucous. This could be a sign of a more serious condition.

7. Headache

Headaches are very common when you have a cold. Congestion puts pressure on the sinus area causing your head to hurt.


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