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Common Cold

What exactly is a cold? Find the answer here. You can discover common signs and symptoms, possible treatments and causes of the cold all in one convenient location.
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What To Do When You Get a Cold
See what you can do when you get a cold to start feeling better faster.

Common Cold Symptoms
Learn about the most common cold symptoms.

The Common Cold
Great basic information on the common cold. You can find different causes, what to expect and what to do about a cold when you get one.

Symptoms of the Cold and Flu
Not sure if you have a cold or the flu? Find out the symptoms of these common illnesses and how to determine whether you have the flu or a common cold.

What Is the Cold/Flu?
Knowing the difference between the cold and flu can be tricky. The symptoms are similar, but there are some very important differences. Find what makes a cold different from the flu.

Signs and Symptoms of the Common Cold
Find out what types of symptoms you may have when you come down with a cold. Are those aches and pains just a cold, or something else?

How to Treat a Kids Cold Without Medication
Find out how to make your child feel better when she has a cold, without using medication.

Adenovirus 14
A new mutated form of cold virus known as the "killer cold," or adenovirus 14, has affected otherwise health young people in recent years. Find out what you need to know about this virus.

How Do You Save Money When You Are Sick?
Do you have tips on how to save money when you are sick? Share them with other readers and pick up a few tips that you may not already know.

What Are the Worst Cold Symptoms?
What do you think is the worst cold symptom? Share your experience and see what others have to say.

Cold Fact Sheet from the National Institute of Health
The National Institute of Health provides a fact sheet about the common cold. It provides information about symptoms, symptom control and prevention.

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