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When Your Child is Sick With a Cold or the Flu
Get the information you need to know when your child is sick with a cold, the flu or other common illness.
When to Take Your Child to the Doctor - Cold & Flu - About.com
Mar 6, 2009 ... Dr. Shu has some great information and tips for parents when their children are sick. When Should Your Child Go to the Doctor? Dr. Shu: ...
Caring for a Child With a Cold - Cold & Flu - About.com
What do you do when your child gets sick with a cold? Treating a child is not the same as treating an adult. Get tips on how to care for your child with a cold.
Caring for Your Sick Child - School-Age Children - About.com
When your child gets sick with a viral infection, such as cold, flu or one of the many respiratory viruses, you can do several things to ease her symptoms and ...
How to Juggle Work and a Sick Child - Working Moms - About.com
Rarely is it convenient for working parents to stay home with a sick child. When you see your child's nose running, you reach for a tissue but also say a special ...
Sick Kids' Symptom Guide - Pediatrics - About.com
Although there is no treatment for many of the childhood conditions that cause these symptoms, doing many of the things described below should help your child ...
When is a Child Too Sick for School?
It can be tough to know, especially with younger school-age children, whether or not you really are dealing with a sick child. Is he angling for time with mom and ...
Common Home Remedies for Sick Kids - Pediatrics - About.com
Pediatricians often get a bad rap for always wanting to pull out their prescription pad when kids come in for sick visits. Learn some home remedies that many ...
Employee with a sick child (reoccuring) - Calorie Count
I'm the supervisor where I work and I have an employee that needs to leave work several times a month because her child has strep, diarrhea, ...
Sick Child - Gear to Help Your Sick Child Feel Better - Single Parents
When you have a sick child on your hands, you'll do just about anything to help her feel better. Here is a list of supplies and gear to keep on hand so that the next  ...
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