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Kristina Duda, R.N.

What Are Common Flu Symptoms in Children?

By January 13, 2013

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The flu is bad enough when we get it as adults but watching your child go through it is often even more difficult. If you have ever had the flu yourself, you know how terrible it is and how horrible it makes you feel. Trying to care for your child when he has the flu is difficult because there is little you can do to make him feel better and he probably doesn't understand why he feels so bad.

The flu doesn't always affect kids exactly like it affects adults though. They may not be quite as exhausted and miserable as most adults are when they get sick or they may experience a few different symptoms that aren't common in grown ups. So what should you be looking for if you think your child has the flu? See our list of common flu symptoms in children and find out what those symptoms mean for your child if he gets sick.

You'll also want to make sure you know the signs that your child is having difficulty breathing. If a child is having a hard time breathing, he will almost never gag and act like he can't breathe. The signs are often subtle and can be easily overlooked. Because the flu is a respiratory illness, it can cause serious breathing problems very quickly. Make sure you know what to look for and what to do if you notice any of these signs in your child.


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